How to dropship lithium battery goods from China

Have you ever met electronic goods like digital watches, blue-tooth speakers stuck at the airport when dropship them from China via China Post ePacket or other courier services? Have you ever rejected by the shipping agent when you ship lithium battery goods from China? Why? Because the lithium batteries being listed as contraband goods by IATA (International Air Transport Association) due to batteries are combustible and leaky items threat the flight security. Thus the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the Notice on Strengthening the Safe Air Transport of Lithium Batteries in Packages shipping from China, which explicitly prohibits the air transport of items with batteries, especially lithium batteries. Because our mobile phones, laptops, and cameras are all equipped with lithium batteries, and mobile power is also a lithium battery for rechargeable batteries. In order to avoid accidents and protect the safety of passengers\’ lives and property,  power bank is also a lithium battery for rechargeable batteries. In order to avoid accidents lithium batteries for electronic devices such as mobile phones or laptops are prohibited in packages shipping from China. How to dropship lithium battery goods from China?

In fact, the battery goods can be dropshipped from China, but it need to meet the airline\’s requirements for dangerous goods shipping. For example, the battery goods need to be packaged respectively under certain quantities. Exceeded parts need to be divided in several packages and need to declare for customs clearance in details. Lithium batteries in portable electronic devices such as cameras, laptops, camcorders, etc., which are installed in equipment and have a lithium content of less than 100 wh (watt hours), can be carried around or handled; lithium content is 100 wh but not more than 160 wh. Lithium batteries must be approved by the airline and carried. Spare batteries must be individually insulated and can only be carried in hand luggage. Lithium batteries exceeding 160wh are strictly prohibited.

How do we ship lithium battery goods via international courier service? It based on each period, each courier service under the air freight rules whether it can be shipped battery goods or not. 86Deal specializes in serving domestic and international foreign sellers engaged in online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Dunhuang, and Alibaba, and cooperated with Hongkong Post, China Post, Swiss Post, Royal Mail, Singapore Post and International Express DHL, UPS, TNT , FedEx as well as other line deals to provide professional logistics and supporting services for lithium battery goods dropshipping from China.

What do we need to pay attention to when ship battery goods via international courier service? As long as the supplier or shipping agent could provide a MSDS report for the battery goods and them are being perfectly packed separately, the lithium battery goods can be shipped via international courier service like DHL, FedEx etc.

There following are the packing requirements for the lithium battery goods:

  1. Each lithium battery need to be packed respectively, each box maximum pack 2 batteries; the inner box need to be sealed tightly and there\’s no sound when shake the inner and outer box, single box battery weight cannot exceed 10 kg;
  2. The power bank must be packed according to the pure battery packing standard. Maximum 2 power banks in one box;
  3. Outer box packaging requirements: outer packaging must be tough and clean, plastic bags and file packs as well as other soft packaging are not allowed, carton ears cannot be cut;
  4. Document requirements: The waybills, checklists, MSDS and invoices are marked with the type of battery (lithium battery), type (PI965-PI968), power (current * voltage);
  5. All the batteries need to have a battery type, model, voltage and capacity, power can not exceed 100WH. The calculation method of the power: The capacity AH* voltage V is less than 100WH, dry battery is packed alone, one does not exceed 10 kg;
  6. The battery within 2.7WH does not limit the number of batteries but one package cannot exceed 2.5 kg;
  7. 2.7WH-20WH battery need to be packed in the inner box, an inner box of 8 batteries, can not exceed 10 kg;
  8. 20WH-100WH battery also need to be installed inside the box, an inner box can only hold 2 batteries, weight can not exceed 10 kg.

You are welcome to inquiry if you need to dropship lithium battery goods from China.


China Post Airmail ePacket E-ems which is the best way dropshipping from China

The shipping cost is absolutely one of the biggest concern when dropship from China as the shipping cost doesn\’t cheap. Small business especially the beginners who drop ship from China prefer the cheapest way for goods shipping from China to keep their goods price more competitive. Among all the courier service shipping from China, China post airmail, ePacket and E-ems are the most popular dropshipping delivery courier widely used in the cross border eCommerce business. Which is the best way for goods dropshipping from China among China post airmail, ePacket and E-ems?

Advantages and disadvantages of China post airmail for goods dropshipping from China


Low shipping rates. China post is the cheapest way for goods dropshipping from China, the shipping rates is low and first weight is 50 g, continue weight is 1 g;

Worldwide delivery. China post airmail takes advantage of the post office worldwide to deliver goods, as long as there has a post office near you, the package can be delivered.

multiple dropshipping platform supported. China post airmail currently support Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Wish as well as many dropshipping platforms, small business could import and export orders freely.


Slow delivery. The cons of China post airmail for dropshipping is that the goods delivery usually takes more than 1 month, sometimes it may take around 3 months.

Unstable. Since the delivery takes too long time, the package lost rates is higher than other courier service.

No compensation. You cannot get compensation once the package lost.

In addition, there are also weight volume restrictions for China post airmail dropshipping from China.

Advantages and disadvantages of ePacket for goods dropshipping from China


Affordable. ePacket is designed for cross border dropshipping business. It starts with 50 g then continue with 1 g, the shipping cost as low as 0.02 yuan/g to 0.09 yuan/g based on different countries;

Faster delivery. Compare to China post airmail, ePacket delivery is faster, it usually takes 10 to 20 working days delivery worldwide;

Can be tracked. Like EMS and other courier service, ePacket also have tracking number to track the goods delivery status.

In addition, ePacket can be perfectly integrated with eBay, Wish and Aliexpress platforms, easy to operate.


Country restriction. Currently ePacket only supports goods dropship from China to USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore and other 29 countries, which means it doesn\’t available all countries in the world.

Thus if you want to dropship with ePacket from 1688 and Taobao you should check whether your clients country under ePacket delivery range, also you can select your target clients based on ePacket delivery countries as they are the most active countries dropship from China.

Except the country restriction, there are also weight volume restrictions of ePacket. You may check carefully then confirm goods volume weight before dropshipping.

Advantages and disadvantages of E-ems for goods dropshipping from China

Similar to ePacket, E-ems is also designed for cross border eCommerce shipping from China, but it focuses on heavy weight with large volume goods, it\’s a kind of supplement of ePacket.


Fast delivery. Compare to China post airmail and ePacket, E-ems is the fastest way for goods dropship from China, it usually takes 5 to 10 working days for goods ship worldwide.

Larger weight and volume. Unlike the 2 kg weight restriction of ePacket and China post airmail, E-ems supports 20 kg to 50 kg goods shipping from China with bigger volume.

Besides, it is relatively stable and safe due to its fast delivery compared to China post airmail and ePacket. It also can be integrated with Wish, Shopify and eBay, Aliexpress platforms.


Country restriction. E-ems only supports dropship from China to 18 countries include USA, Canada, UK, Spain, India, Taiwan etc.

High cost. Compared to China post airmail and ePacket, the shipping rates of E-ems is high.

When you choose E-ems dropship from China, you should check its delivery countries and shipping rates to evaluate the dropshipping cost.

After you compared the pros and cons of China post airmail, ePacket and E-ems, you may know the best way for goods dropship from China.