Advantages and disadvantages for shopify seller dropshipping from Aliexpress VS 1688

The reason why dropshipping so popular in the ecommerce business mainly because it is easy to start with low risks. According to research, 33% of the worldwide ecommerce industry is using drop shipping as a primary inventory management model and China has emerged as the top dropshipping supplier. By dropshipping from China, you can quickly get your ecommerce website up and running while lowering financial investment. Aliexpress or 1688 ,which platform source is better when dropshipping from China? Lots of shopify sellers ask me the same question once we launched 86deal as a Chinese dropshipping fulfillment agent. Once you know the advantages and disadvantages for shopify seller dropshipping from Aliexpress VS 1688 you will know which source is better for you to dropship from China.

1688 focuses on the wholesale and procurement business in the Chinese market, through professional operation and comprehensively optimizes the business model of enterprise e-commerce. At present, 1688 has covered 16 major industries such as raw materials, industrial products, clothing and apparel, household department stores and small commodities, providing a series of supply services from raw material procurement-production and processing to wholesale dropshipping. On April 12, 2018, Alibaba 1688 held a summit in Guangzhou and launched its cross-border exclusive market platform, the first time the transcript was disclosed, as of the end of March, nearly half a million SMEs passed the 1688 cross-border platform. Providing services to AliExpress, Amazon, Wish, eBay, Lazada and other platforms in 220 countries and regions; within one year, the transaction scale and buyers of cross-border exclusive markets have grown more than 4 times.

Aliexpress is another subsidiary of the Alibaba Group which mainly focus on the overseas market. It launched in 2010, it has become the destination one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms for users outside of China, it caters more to the international market and is available in English and 15 other languages. In addition, this platform differentiates itself from the B2B platform Alibaba by selling items in smaller quantities as opposed to selling in bulk.  Aliexpress acts as a marketplace for sellers, consumers and dropshippers. They use this site to list products from Aliexpress sellers to their own shopify websites. In this way, each product that the reseller lists on their own website is being marked up by a percentage from the original wholesale cost.

What\’s the advantages and disadvantages for shopify seller dropshipping from Aliexpress VS 1688?

Pros dropshipping from Aliexpress

Easy to start. Aliexpress provides 16 languages which is easy to understand and there\’s no legal requirements for dropshipping. Which means you can sell worldwide at home no matter where you are.

Little or no starting cost. With Aliexpress you don’t have to pay any entry fee to dropship, and no additional payment required of you in the whole process of dropshipping. It is easy for startups.

No inventory required. Shopify seller do not have to stock goods for sell, once got orders buy from Aliexpress and ship to clients directly with free shipping to earn the difference price.

Customer care. Aliexpress customer services your store offers gives it an additional value and help build reputation and trust among your customers.

Trending Product Ideas. Aliexpress updates hot sale goods regularly based on its platform data in different countries, with it shopify sellers can easily find trending products and related goods for their stores.

Cons dropshipping from Aliexpress

Inventory Issues. With no inventory, investment and cost, you will find many competitors doing the same.

Supplier Errors. If the supplier doesn\’t ship on time, the customer is gonna scream at you, not at the supplier.

Shipping & packaging error. A consignment if not packaged well and handled with care leads to high returns. And high returns rate is detrimental to any business.

Quality issue.  Since all products on Aliexpress are sourced and shipped from China, it becomes a real hassle to return your customer’s order to the original seller if there has a quality issue.

Pros dropshipping from 1688

Lower goods cost. As a shopify seller you can always find goods at lower price on 1688 compared to Aliexpress, and you can get even lower price once you wholesale from 1688 which could help you have more profit margin.

More goods categories. Basically 1688 have at least 10 times bigger goods inventory than Aliexpress, you can have more wider choices for your shopify store.

Better user experience and customizable branding strategy. The 1688 agent offers different dropshipping fulfillment service to help shopify seller improve user experience with quality check as well as branding customization service.

Less efforts on dropshipping. Once shopify sellers choose 1688 agent to help them fulfill the orders they only need to focus on marketing to increase traffic and convention rates to improve the sales, the rest job can be done by the dropshipping fulfillment agent which will improve the efficiency and lower down cost greatly.

Cons dropshipping from 1688

Moq requirements. when shopify seller dropship from 1688, it may have MOQ requirements if the supplier doesnt support cross border dropshipping;

Fulfillment cost. The shopify seller may have language, payment and shipping issue when dropship from 1688, the dropshipping shipping fulfillment services cost extra.

Delivery takes longer time. Due to the 1688 supplier need to ship to fulfillment agent warehouse, it may takes longer time for agent ship the packages to clients, but the delivery time can be cut by many measures.

After we compared the pros and cons shopify seller dropshipping from Aliexpress VS 1688, we may know the difference includes:

Languages. Aliexpress have more than 10 languages while 1688 only in Chinese. It is easier to start with Aliexpress;

Payment. Shopify seller could place order directly on Aliexpress via paypal or credit card, but they cannot pay directly on 1688;

Shipping. Aliexpress supplier can ship directly with ePacket, DHL as well as other courier service while 1688 need to ship to clients via agent.

Cost. Alixpress is cheaper for shipping while 1688 need to include fulfillment agent service fee, however, 1688 is cheaper if shopify seller work stable with the agent for large volume orders.

User experience. The fulfillment agent could help shopify seller check goods quality before shipping which could lower down the goods return rates with less disputes. Meanwhile, the agent could help shopify seller customize packaging and labels for better user experience.

In all, dropshipping from Aliexpress is better for shopify starters, while dropshipping from 1688 is better for professional shopify sellers who already have daily orders and good profit margin.

86Deal dropshipping fulfillment services include:

Sourcing. 86Deal could help shopify dropshipper source reliable suppliers who offers exactly the same style goods with better quality and lower price on 1688 Taobao.

Bargain. 86Deal could help dropshipper compare different suppliers and bargain the best price based on the order to meet the seller budget.

Purchasing. Once confirmed the goods quantity, price, color, size, stock, shipping terms and fee, 86Deal with place order on 1688 to get the goods ship to 86Deal warehouse in 3 to 4 days.

Quality Check. Once goods arrived 86Deal warehouse, the staff will check the goods quality and packaging, and pick out the goods with flaws return to 1688 suppliers.

Warehousing. After Quality check, the goods will be listed on the warehouse shelf await for shipping. 86Deal offers 2 months free warehousing service for shopify dropshippers.

Printing order. 86Deal staff will print orders once the goods ready for shipping after the shopify dashboard integrated with our system via shopify app.

Consolidate order. After orders being printed, staff need to pick up different goods on the shelf then consolidate them in one package for shipping.

International Shipping. Once the good packed and stick printing order, it is ready for shipping. Due to the ePacket countries restriction, 86Deal can only dropship from China to 37 countries in the Asia, EU and North America.

Upload tracking. Once China post pick up the packages, 86Deal will upload the tracking number to shopify dashboard, meanwhile, the clients will get an email notification.

In addition, 86Deal also provide add on service such as label and packaging customization service,  furthermore, we could push daily financial report to shopify seller to show every penny of the dropshipping cost. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in dropshipping from 1688 with fulfillment agent service.