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7 ways to select best seller products for Shopify dropshipping

Best seller products means profits to each dropshippers, but how to select the best seller products for Shopify dropshipping? It is troublesome for most new shopify sellers. In this article we listed some useful Shopify product selection strategy including product selection tools, how to find best seller products in Shopify store and some hot products experience. The article will share with you how to select the best-selling products for Shopify store, what are the successful Shopify stores on the market and their product selection strategy, crowd positioning as well as product characteristics.

What is Shopify product selection
How to choose products for Shopify store
Keyword selection strategy
Crowd selection strategy
Advertising product selection strategy
What are the product selection tools
Product selection should focused on distribution or boutique
What is the best seller product on Shopify store
What are Shopify’s hottest items

What is Shopify product selection and how to select products for Shopify dropshipping

Generally, whether it is a Amazon store or shopify store, the first thing you faced is what to sell, which is the product selection. At present, there are mainly the following operating modes on Shopify:

  • Mass shop mode, that is, grocery shop, this is the most typical shopify shop with the largest base.
  • Vertical boutique B2C model
  • The brand Shopify store is more suitable for maker teams with their own product research and development capabilities or business transformation factories.
  • Drop shipping mode, also called “drop shipping mode”, does not need to make stock inventory and mainly focus on traffics.

Regardless of the model, Shopify product selection is the most critical issue.

  1. Study Amazon and Aliexpress Best Seller category products, and also look at new arrivals;
  2. Research the products with a total sales volume of at least 200 on AliExpress and a score above 4.6;
  3. Research the sales of oberlo sub-categories in the climbing period, and the score is also good;
  4. The new products on tiktok, there are many new and unique things on it that can give you inspiration;
  5. Observe the Facebook feed, you can swipe it every day, and you will see many dropshipping seller advertisements in the feed;
  6. Observe the Instagram feed, the principle and operation are the same as Facebook. Through these methods, we can find more promising products.

Keyword method of Shopify product selection strategy

Shopify product selection can be carried out by targeting keywords. The core logic is to find core keywords with high search volume but low competition, and then enter the market to make this product. It must be said that this strategy is the most difficult, because I believe that 80% of the keywords are already a sea of blood. Since it is very, very difficult to find the remaining blue ocean market, it can be found only through reasonable means and methods.

Before researching product keywords, the first thing to be clear is that all keyword tools need a keyword reference. For example, you can give these tools a website and let them tell you what keywords the website has. You can also give these keyword tools a core word and let it tell you what are the derived keywords for this core word.

Firstly, you need a SEMRush account. The free version should also be able to use the keyword tool, but there are restrictions. So you can try a paid account.

Open SEMRush’s keyword tool Organic Research, then enter as your keyword source. You can use other languages such as, but I think the data from the US station is sufficient. Why enter Amazon’s official website? Because Amazon has a lot of keyword traffic in Google. Most of these keywords are product products, and they span major industry categories, making them a very good keyword benchmark.

After having this keyword benchmark, set the keyword difficulty KD to be less than 40 and the search volume to be greater than 1000. I do not object to you setting a higher search volume and lower keyword difficulty. But now that the Internet has reached the age of maturity, we need to be more rational and realistic. Almost no keywords have a competitive difficulty lower than 40. Then you will come up with a series of keywords. These keywords are potential blue ocean product words. The blue ocean commodity terms mentioned here are only relative comparisons. To describe it more rigorously, it refers to words with a degree of competition of less than 40 and a monthly search volume of more than 1,000.

This is a way to find products with less competitive pressure and good search volume. By finding the core keywords, and then choosing this category of products to build a Shopify store. Then advertise or target SEO for Google.

Audience Group Selection Strategy

There are three main issues to be solved when choosing products for Shopify store: Who chooses for? What to choose? How to choose?

For whom? This is mainly to consider the audience of the product, that is, who will buy it and who needs it?

What to choose? When choosing products, you must pay attention to the seasons. For example, in the big winter, if you buy short sleeves and electric fans, the public will not be able to buy your order. Be sure to appear in front of customers when they need it, so that the probability of closing a transaction is high. You also need to consider inventory pressure, whether there are enough goods to support you on sale. Homogenization refers to whether it has been launched on the platform before, and the popularity of the previous compaign.

How to choose? When selecting products, you need to grasp industry information and understand the current hot sales. Also consider whether the price of the cost of goods can set a profitable price. Consider the product selling point, whether your product can attract the crowd you choose. Finally, the quality of goods is directly related to the return rates.

So no matter what customer group it is, they have some brands or products they like. This group must have certain characteristics. If you are a business person and know a lot of white-collar workers in suits and leather collars, then you need to think about a question about what they usually have in common. Then from these common points, find the product with the lowest competition and the highest profit, and complete the task of product selection.

Suppose you have accumulated a group of drone players through various channels, it may be a youtube channel, or it may be a Facebook chat group. So how do you choose products now and find the most suitable profitable products to promote to these people?

So we chose the dronefly Shopify store as a reference, they cover a lot of drone products and related accessories, and we just want to use them as a benchmark for selection, a starting point for thinking. Next, let’s take a look at the low-competition and relevant product keywords on the store.

Then through the Organic Reasearch tool of SEMRush, the domain name is dronefly, the guaranteed search volume is 1k, and the competition cannot exceed 60. Finally got the following keywords.

What attracted me the most was the dji mavic mini accessories. Since it is the accessory series of mavic mini, is the cpc high? Only 0.33. Then this keyword can also be regarded as a product selection, or it can be said to be a product selection clue. Some people will consider choosing to dig deeper, for example, it is very clear which mavic mini accessories it is. While some people have sufficient supply chain and funds, they will consider directly making multiple products.

This product selection strategy is not “whatever the competition is good, I will sell “, but “I know this group of people and what they are interested in. Then in this range, I am positioning a product with relatively low competitive pressure , Cut into the market and realize profitability.” One thing to know is that if you have very strong customer relationships and fan retention, you don’t necessarily have to sell products with the least competitive pressure. However, products with less competitive pressure have fewer sellers, and generally speaking, profits will be much higher than other products.

Advertising methodology

Advertising can also help select products, this model is not unfamiliar at all. It is nothing more than finding inspiration for selection in popular advertisements. So how can you find attractive product advertisements? It must be said that the best way is to check facebook, youtube and instagram more. Because these three traffic channels are indeed very, very many advertisements.

When choosing products through advertising, you will often choose unique products in the blood sea category. In other words, it is more about micro-innovative products than brand new fields. These products are often very eye-catching and have a very high advertising click rate, which is more suitable for the combined operation mode of shopify and facebook.

Another important thing about selecting products through advertising is to pay attention to the like rate and number of reviews. Many people will ignore this. Don’t blindly choose a product because it’s cool. Sometimes these ads are just special effects ads, but in reality there is no such product. This is very common in COD mode. Another thing to consider is your own supply. Not all products can be found on 1688 or Alibaba. So if your expectations for the product are too high and the supply resources cannot keep up, it is useless.

If you think that the ad selection is just watching ads on social media, then you are very wrong. Many medium and large websites will make regular reports, such as Shopify official, Big Commerce official, etc., and also make market research reports. You know, these reports are actually advertisements of their companies, which are used to promote to the public, which products have opportunities, and then encourage more e-commerce players to join their base camps to open stores and start businesses. These market research reports are nothing more than advertisements presented in the form of a report description. And we can get very useful information from these reports.

Shopify product selection tool

Adspy. Shopify selection can be achieved by monitoring advertisements on various channels.

Poweradspy. Advertising data helps to select products.

Semrush. Keyword data assists in finding the blue ocean product market.

Ahrefs. Keyword data and external chain data mining market opportunities.

Shopify News. Subscribe to Shopify’s newspaper to get official Shopify news, which often has new niche market product recommendations.

Some Shopify selection tools will encounter a problem that cannot solve the supply chain, so you must proceed according to your own situation, and then choose the appropriate tool for product development. Some selection tools are just a source of information, a channel for obtaining leads. As a product developer, you need to understand that product leads are just the beginning. You need to pay a lot of extra effort for this product selection.

86Deal provides one step Shopify dropshipping order fulfillment service to help you solve the supply chain issue so you only need to focus on product selection and marketing.

Product selection should focused on distribution or boutique

Another question about product selection is whether to focus on distribution or boutique? I don’t think this is a problem, it is a foregone conclusion. Standing in the current trend, the living space of the distribution mode is getting smaller and smaller, and it is not suitable for new Shopify sellers. Not to mention the number of SKUs and advertising plans that need to be managed in the distribution model. Most people cannot do it well. I think the most important thing to do shopify and independent stations is to choose a suitable branch, a sufficiently clear niche market.

What is the Shopify best seller product

Shopify best seller products are product styles with high conversion rates. Many sellers spend their best efforts to select products just to develop a best seller product. In the Shopify store, several obvious characteristics of hot sale products are as follows:

Product ads have a high click-through rate.

Product landing page conversion rate is high.

The purchase payment rate is high.

The return rate is low.


Can be shipped to most countries in small packages.

The product supply chain is stable.

What are the best seller products on Shopify

One of the more straightforward strategies to find Shopify best seller products is to find them in the Shopify stores of your competitors.

Here is a little trick, you only need to enter /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling in the domain name of any Shopify store

You can get the best-selling products in this shop and rank first.

For example, now you are interested in a competitor Shopify store, the domain name is “”, an Shopify store for household goods.

Want to know what his Shopify’s hot items are, and which products are the main force?

You only need to enter in the navigation bar. The top selling products are all the best seller products on this store.

In short, The product selection is the foundation and soul of a store. Whether it’s a Shopify or a WordPress store, you need a core product. Shopify product selection is a comprehensive consideration of style, audience, supply chain procurement, keyword search and advertising costs. Therefore, the selection of products must be careful and considerate.

1688 Taobao Private Label Clothing Dropshipping Service

Along with more and more private label clothing brands on Shopify and Amazon as well as eBay successfully making good profits, the private label clothing brand are more and more attractive to online ecommerce sellers no matter beginners or experienced dropshippers. The clothing market is one of the biggest in all the online platform thus there are lots of segments for you to explore with private label brand. For example, children clothing, men’s clothing, women’s clothing are very big category, we can choose baby clothing 0 to 36 months, XL size or trainning clothing, underwear for women clothing category, or streetwear especially focus on the youth hip pop people, golf clothing for leasure life people.

However, when we planning to start private label dropshipping business which doesnt mean we can run immediately unless you professional dropshipping experience with enough funds at the beginning. Thus it is very important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of private label clothing dropshipping business.

Pros and cons of private label clothing dropshipping

When you customize clothing from Chinese clothing dropshipping suppliers and then put your logo on them before you sell, you have a private label. Doing business this way can lower product unit costs and lead to higher profit margins.

Another great upside of using a clothing dropshipping supplier or factory is that you can determine the quality and exact specifications of your clothing style. In some ways, this control leads to unmatched exclusivity. If you want to separate your clothing store from your competitors, creating a private label is one of the easiest ways to do so.

Assuming everything goes right with your clothing label, you can also build a strong customer base.

People become dedicated to clothing brands that provide the products they love. As long as you make the clothing store with helpful products that have sound quality, chances are customers will grow attached to your brand and repeat purchase in your store instead of your competitors.

Undoubtedly, one of the largest drawbacks of private labeling clothing is the moq clothing order quantities and quality as the dropshipping supplier will not help you private label the clothing for few quantities due to the cost concern, also if you do not have stable sales or didnt have good marketing strategy, there will be lots of stock inventory. You need to be sure that your clothing have stable sales daily or monthly and find a reliable clothing dropshipping factory or supplier to help you achieve your goals.

A lot of businesses trip up when the clothing dropshipping supplier becomes unreliable or fails to produce clothing meet your quality specs. Thus it is very important to find a trustworthy private label dropshipping agent when you dropshipping from China.

Private label clothing material list

When you decide to launch a private label clothing dropshipping business, it is necessory to know the material list, it not only includes label, size tag, hanging rope, logo tag, but also include packaging bags, logo sticker, coupon card as well as thank you card etc.

When you plan to do the private label clothing dropshipping you may need a full set of marketing design on the label, tag, packaging, sticker and thank you card to serve your marketing purpose, since they are all customized, the printing factory all has MOQ, you may not necessary to customize them all, just based on your budget to design them, determine the size for each of them for quote.

How to find Chinese private label clothing dropshipping supplier

How to find Chinese private label clothing dropshipping supplier might be a big headache for currently Aliexpress dropshippers. For one thing, Aliexpress sellers usually do not offer private label service, for another thing the clothing dropshipping suppliers all have high MOQ on private label clothing. Furthermore, private label clothing cost higher at the beginning. What should you do if you want to do the private label clothing dropshipping business from China? Find a fashion clothing dropshipping agent instead. After years of clothing dropshipping experience in biggest fashion clothing city Guangzhou, 86Deal served hundreds of clothing dropshippers and accumulated reliable clothing factories resources, 86Deal released private label clothing dropshipping service to help clothing dropshippers easily dropship private label clothing from China 1688 Taobao.

86Deal 1688 Taobao Private Label Clothing Dropshipping Service

Set up the private label clothing dropshipping service is easy but it is very hard to find reliable clothing factory with exactly the same design, material, size and quality with reasonable price to help you get enough profit margin. 86Deal private label clothing dropshipping service include sourcing, purchasing, quality check, labeling, repacking, barcode, inventory warehousing, order printing, pick pack, international shipping and tracking upload as well as package tracking aftersale. If you have best seller clothing products, we can help you contact factory to customize private label clothing to meet your material quality, size and price requirements.

Store integration. To start our private label service, we will need admin access to integrate your store to update orders. Currently our ERP system supports Shopify, e

Sourcing. We mainly source and filter the clothing dropshipping supplier from 1688 Taobao based on your orders, and sourcing the printing factory for the label, tag, packaging, card for cheapest price and minimum MOQ;

Purchasing/Sample. Once we confirmed the clothing material, color, size and stock or delivery time with 1688 Taobao dropshipping suppliers, we will order them. If you have best seller clothing, then we will need to order sample before bulk wholesale orders;

Quality inspection. When the warehouse received the clothes, we will need to check the clothing material, workmanship, color, size, quantities to reduce aftersale issue and improve user experience. If the clothing from new supplier, the warehouse we need to measure the size to match the clothing size on your store. The clothing has flaws or stains cannot be removed will be returned for exchange or refund;

Stain remove service

Labeling. If the 1688 Taobao clothing supplier do not help you label before ship to warehouse due to too less order quantities, 86Deal warehouse could help you label after QC.

clothing sewing machine

Repacking. After sewing label 86Deal warehouse will help you repack with your packaging bags and stick size label.

Barcode. 86Deal warehouse will print and stick barcode for each repacked clothing based on the SKU in shopify store, thus make sure each clothing style has unique SKU.

Inventory stock. During the barcode step, 86Deal ERP system will add inventory for each clothing based on SKU above. After that we will put them on the warehouse shelf and mark shelf ID in the ERP system and update clothing inventory info. We can also help you create an account to check the real time inventory in our ERP system, you can easily check the items stock quantities, one the way to warehouse and out of stock.

Pick Pack. Once the warehouse people update the inventory information, the ERP system will show the orders complete for shipping, then warehouse people will pick up the orders complete, print order ID and receipt name as well as the order list, confirm barcode via PDA, take photos as evidence. During packing step if you ship sweater or coat which has big volume, we also could help you compress the volume to save shipping cost.

pack pack service

Consolidate service. After warehouse picked the orders and confirmed the SKU color, size and quantities in the order, then it will be consolidate packed to measure package weight and volume.

In order to provide faster and more stable service shipping from China to EU and USA, 86Deal mainly ship via 4PX, Yunexpress and Yanwen for the small packages, usually 5 to 14 days during COVID19, stable and cost effective, we also offer courier service FedEx, DHL and UPS for 3 to 5 days delivery.

Tracking upload. In the pick pack step our ERP system will generate tracking number and print shipping label to stick on the package, then click fulfill to return tracking number to Shopify and other shoppingcart system.

You can also check 86Deal dropshipping service procedure for more details.

How much does 86Deal charge for private label clothing dropshipping service and how long time it takes to fulfill?

Unlike other Chinese order fulfillment agent, 86Deal charge 25 yuan service fee per order which including nearly all the service listed above, then we charge 3 yuan/pcs label service fee, if you need to compress the package you will need to pay extra 1 yuan per bag for compression bags, and we have minimum 150 to 200 orders per month requirements due to the cost concern.

Thus if you want to start private label clothing dropshipping business, the total cost includes clothing price+domestic shipping from supplier to warehouse+label packaging material cost+service fee+label service fee+international shipping cost. please feel free to contact 86Deal if you interested, we can help you estimate the total cost.

Since the whole private label clothing dropshipping service procedure has more than 10 steps, we usually take 1 to 2 days to fulfill orders once the clothing arrived our warehouse.

Does beginner qualified for private label clothing dropshipping business?

86Deal nearly received new Shopify clothing dropshipping inquiry every week with private label service requirements, frankly speaking we do not suggest beginners to try private label clothing unless they have stable sales and complete private label marketing strategy. Here we list 2 mainly conditions for you as a reference.

Firstly, although we could help you start private label dropshipping with 150 to 200 orders per month, you should at least have 10 to 20 orders per day or 400 to 600 orders per month, stable sales help you reduce the potencial stock inventory risk;

Secondly, the clothing in your store should be at least 25 usd or above or your avarage order value should be exceed 40 usd as the private label clothing cost is definitely more expensive than you dropship from Aliexpress at the beginning. You should have enough profit margin to private label the clothing. Currently 86Deal private label clothing clients average order value exceed 70 usd, some already exceed 150 usd thus they have very big space to private label clothing and get enough profits for their business.

Thirdly, for beginners no need to do private label clothing dropshipping only because other clothing brands make big money, we should make it as a target and divide into small targets move forward step by step, until you accumulated enough experience and clients with stable sales, you can plan the private label clothing brand with your own marketing strategy to maximize the private label clothing function on your store.

After the 3 steps you are welcome to inquire 86Deal private label clothing dropshipping service, we can not only help you dropshipping from 1688 Taobao, but also help you customize best seller clothing from local clothing manufacturers to reduce the cost.

Shopify dropshipping|Google releases 2020 Halloween costume trend insights

Halloween is the traditional and also one of the most popular festival in the year, it is also the beginning of the hot sale season in the year, for Shopify sellers no one would like to miss the hot sale carnival. Google has released the latest version of its annual “Frightgeist” Halloween trend. According to a Google search campaign, the campaign provides insights into the most popular costumes and the overall listing of the costumes provided by the website. This year, Google said that the current rise The costumes are:

Cobra Kai

Dungeon Master

The Mandalorian

Space Cowgirl




Inflatable shark


Sanderson sisters

So, if you want to stay trendy during Halloween events, these might be worth a look. In addition, Google also provides an interactive map that introduces the most popular clothing trends in the United States. Of course, Halloween will look very different in 2020, because the new crown epidemic will limit the way people celebrate and participate in events. However, if you are looking for ways to relate to current key topics, then Google’s Frightgeist may be a good resource, and it is also related to marketing tying and topic promotion.

The following is the complete content:

In 2020, several classic couples: Bonnie and Clyde, Lilo and Stitch, and Cosmo and Wanda of “Fair Gonzo” became the three most searched couples for the second consecutive year. If you want to change it, options such as “Lydia and Beetlejuice” or “Coraline and Wybie” have been added to the list.

Bonnie and Clyde
Lilo and Stitch
Cosmo and Wanda
Coraline and Wybie
Lydia and Beetlejuice
Mario and Luigi
Woody and Jessie
Angel and Devil
Phineas and Ferb
Sharkboy and Lavagirl

What is cuter than a cat wrapped in a taco or a corgi dressed as a dinosaur? The most searched pet costume last month will surely give our pets some snacks on Halloween.

Cat taco
Corgi stegosaurus
Woody dog

Lion, tiger and little shark, my goodness! Little animals can become the perfect costumes for children this Halloween.

Baby shark
Baby Yoda
Baby pumpkin
Boss baby
Baby dinosaur
Baby Olaf
Baby chicken
Baby tiger
Baby bat
Baby lion

In addition to the halloween custumes, there are also many other products related to the festival can be used for bundle sell, in this way you can only increase the Shopify store sales but also get a very good start of the hot sale season for your dropshipping business.

86Deal provides one step order fulfillment service to help Shopify sellers dropship from China, with 86deal dropshipping service you only need to focus on the product select and marketing, we will automate the rest jobs from China.

10 ways to select niche product for Shopify dropshipping

There are many new Shopify sellers may wonder why should I choose niche product for dropshipping, the niche market is only a small part of the big market. In other words, it is to find the niche that people need. The more specific the niche, the better. Don’t choose weight loss, travel, food, etc. this kind of industry is very large and covers a lot of small markets. Choosing this kind of market directly is undoubtedly a direct match with industry giants. What we have to do is: choose a market with high demand and low competition from many small markets for dropshipping business.

In the past the most profitable niche markets are:

  1. Health niche: weight loss, treatment of insomnia, acne, etc.
  2. Wealth niche: lottery, gambling, jobs, etc.
  3. Self-improvement: fitness, makeup, dating advice, etc.
  4. Based on hobbies: hunting, fishing, cosplaying, etc.

Finding a niche market is not the same as finding a keyword: you need to research the entire market, not just the keywords. Keyword research only shows you Google search volume. But you cannot understand the level of competition, your customers, your products, and whether you can make money.

When we select products for dropshipping, the products must return to human desires. The desires for love, sensory pleasure, material enjoyment, self-confidence, social accomplishment, and self-realization are global, at least in the current culture. Everyone pursues happiness and desires satisfaction. The basic human desires are neither seasonal nor short-lived. Let’s look at how to choose specific products from these basic humanities from various directions.

Love and friendship

People want an intimate romantic partner who can share emotionally and physically, and someone who loves and supports them. Back to the real material life, how to integrate these intangible things into a tangible product? One of the things that can immediately come to mind is, for best friends, search for the word gifts for best friends, on the google picture Search, go to facebook, instagram, pinterest, amazon to search, see what these websites are selling, and then absorb some information from the products on the market and add some of your own ideas.

Social accomplishment

People want to be liked by others and want a good figure. In the final analysis, they are beauty products.

Material comfort

People are always in pursuit of money. This aspect is more difficult to directly associate with tangible products, which are generally in electronic digital form. When we obsessed with a hobby, will unknowingly spend a lot of time clicking on relevant information on the Internet, unknowingly being “advertised”, unknowingly spending a lot of money, but the whole process is willing and satisfying; Tips: No To sell daily necessities, daily necessities are not attractive on FB or Instagram. Looking for hobby-related products, such as golf, fitness, and sports, people can’t help but share their hobbies with their friends.

fishing equipment dropshipping

Let’s take fishing for example,fishing rod, fishing reel, fishing line, fishing hook, bait, buoy, folding chair, fishing box, fish guard, fishing bag, bracket, clothes, shoes, umbrella, hat, lamp etc. There are still lots of products related to fishing for you to choose.


People like entertainment and humor. Everyone likes to laugh, and tangibility is some novel and funny creative products.

Self-actualization and self-fulfillment

People want a balance between the two existences, and want their own existence as a social individual to be at peace with their spiritual and emotional inner existence. People try their best to create meaning in life and inject a sense of purpose into their lives so that they can feel complete. The profit of this product is relatively generous. I think of people who want to develop their spiritual life or spiritually improve themselves. When I think of yoga, the tangible products I can think of are yoga peripheral products, such as essential oils, candles, and Buddhist products. There are definitely many related products. You have to enter the idea mining mode to understand the universality of human commonality and the spiritual needs of human beings.


Public figures’ gimmicks, hit dramas, celebrity scandals, spoofs and other recent explosions, such as Trump’s ridiculous Twitter.

Diet to lose weight

This is a big market, given the obesity problem in the United States. This type of product is what I think is Evergreen. It will never be saturated, but you need to dig, you need to do your research, and add your own creativity.


This is also a big market. There will always be kitchen products you can never think of. For example, the popular garlic press on Amazon. There will always be a market for the direction of creative kitchen appliances.

Dating and couple

This piece has gifts for husband, wife, and gifts for boyfriend and girlfriend. People want to have a partner and make good use of this psychology. This product is also a big cake.

Online games

This can be classified into the entertainment, but because it is too important it is worth opening a different category. Speaking of games, I think of personalized patterns. Providing special patterns is a very good model, and personalized custom pattern services are a good direction. We also made bad money through this service. For example, if we sell a niche golf, I will sell a small category at the same time. Products related to this niche are added with individual creative elements. You can also print on other products. Personalized patterns related to golf have increased additional purchases, increased customer unit prices, and increased the number of effective shop visitors.

The niche products will be outdated, but the ideas and methods of choosing niche product will not be outdated so quickly. This article allows Shopify beginners to have a basic criterion and direction when choosing niche for the first time. On this basis, you can go to other websites. Search for products, compare these directions and elements, and know when you choose. The more you know about the niche, the more you will understand people’s needs and pain. Without in-depth understanding, it is difficult to make good products.

Black Friday Best Seller Products for Shopify Dropshipping

Black Friday is no stranger to Amazon sellers, one of the most anticipated festivals of the year. It is no exaggeration to say that on the occasion of Amazon’s Black Friday, sales of a good product can reach several times the previous sales. Sellers are now preparing for the battle and looking forward to its arrival. For Shopify sellers it is also the best selling season of the year. In this article 86Deal would like to share with you some trending products in 2020, as well as the most popular products and recommendations.

Let’s take USA for example, the most popular five categories with excellent product sales are Home (home furnishing), Wireless&Electronics (electronic products), Auto (auto parts), Pet products (pet products), and Home Improvement (home improvement). According to the above summary, in fact, the best-selling categories are all around people’s daily life, that is, mobile phone cases, tempered film, and mobile phone data cables under Wireless&Electronics (electronic products). Strap series, Bluetooth series, earphone series, mobile phone holder series, wireless charging line series. The above categories are basically monopolized by leading sellers in the industry. Most of these categories require relevant qualifications. Some Shopify beginners are more difficult to do. If you are interested, you can also try to find some niche product to sell.

Trending products for dropshipping


Sweeping robot

Consumer concerns: smart cleaning methods, whether it is convenient to disassemble and clean, battery life, cleaning area, suction, low noise, whether to support smart home

Suggestions to sellers: sweeping robots have high requirements for product technology, such as no manual intervention, autonomous navigation systems and memory systems, and the price range is very large.

Compliance requirements: To meet the certifications of UL in the United States, CE in Europe, and PSE in Japan, please consult Amazon Seller Central for details.

It is a hot-selling product throughout the year, with a price range of US$150-600.

Hand-held vacuum cleaner

Because most of the foreign residences are apartments and villas with a large area, it takes longer to clean by yourself.

Consumer concerns: suction power, weight, ease of cleaning, battery life, low noise

Recommendations to sellers: The weight of the product should not be too heavy when choosing the product, it will become sour after a long time, which will cause a bad experience for buyers, and it is easy to get bad reviews. The garbage storage space should be large enough, which is also one of the important selling points for the cleaning power of pet hair. Most people keep pets abroad. At the same time, the multi-purpose intelligent electric mop with one machine is on the rise, and sellers can consider the development of the product selection direction to broaden the category.

It is a hot-selling product throughout the year, with a price range of US$40-400.

Bedding textiles (gravity thermal blanket)

Hot products: quilts, blankets, pillows, pillowcases

Consumer concerns: superfine fiber, machine washable, anti-static, good breathability

Its hot selling month lasts from September to March of the following year, with a price range of 20-200 US dollars.

Wireless&Electronics dropshipping

mobile power

Consumers’ concerns: milliampere hours, number of supported key devices, charging speed and duration, examples of sad charging devices, examples of application scenarios, list of products in the package, overcharge/discharge and high temperature power failure protection, product size, shell material, Portability

Advice for sellers: Because the market is chaotic, the safety and capacity of the selection is very important.

It is a hot-selling product throughout the year, with a price range of $10-50.

Wireless charger

The demand for wireless chargers is on the rise in 2020, and this trend will continue to rise, and the market prospects are good.

It is a hot-selling product throughout the year, with a price range of US$10-50.

Tripod head

What self-media people love, as short videos enter people’s lives, everyone likes to record vlogs, and the demand is great. Many people go out to play and take selfies.

Main product features that consumers pay attention to: camera pixels, anti-shake performance, lightness, image quality, adaptability, maximum shooting angle, waterproof, battery life, remote control, and related accessories.

Suggestions for sellers: Understand the corresponding technical thresholds and difficulties according to the needs of buyers, and prepare for new products to compete with well-known brands.

It is a hot product throughout the year, with a price range of US$100-200.

Headphones/in-ear headphones

Main product features that consumers pay attention to: size, weight, applicable people, applicable environment, audio connection method, sound transmission/noise reduction technology, audio quality, maximum use time, charging method and time, standby time, waterproof rating and wading Environment, ergonomics, comfort, etc.

It is a hot product throughout the year, with a price range of US$20-100.

Bluetooth Speaker

Main product features that consumers pay attention to: size, weight, applicable people, audio connection method, sound transmission/noise reduction technology, audio quality, maximum use time, charging method and time, standby time, waterproof level and wading environment.

It is a hot-selling product throughout the year, with a price range of US$40-150.

Auto accessories dropshipping

The auto accessories dropshipping mainly focus on light weight products like key chains, hanging ornaments, tire pressure detectors, car tools etc.

Pet products dropshipping

People like to keep pets such as kittens and puppies. Because they are not at home during the day, they will use a monitor to see what they are doing and whether they are safe. In order to prevent emergencies, it is to protect the pets themselves.

Home Improvement

LED strip

American residents like to decorate homes, parties and the like, so decorative light strips are indispensable, and the demand is relatively large.

Recommended products for Shopify dropshipping

Indoor sports (aerobic exercise, anaerobic/stretching exercise, home sportswear)

For example, spinning bikes, treadmills, skipping ropes, fitness mats, yoga mats, fitness poles, tension bands, sports pants, sports tops, T-shirts, yoga pants, knitted pants.

Consumer concerns: whether the sports equipment is easy to install, weight, length, adjustable, waterproof and non-slip, product quality, easy to store and store, material, washing method, size, and functionality as the entry point.

DIY handmade (sewing supplies, handmade design, handmade tailoring, drawing and painting)

Sewing supplies: sewing machine, previous report, plant, woven bag

Consumer concerns: sewing machines are easy to install and operate, size, quality and weight, thread material, color diversity, pattern diversity, and whether to match small accessories.

Manual cutting: cutting machine, cutting equipment

Consumers’ concerns: materials that can be cut, cut sizes, cut patterns, matching tools, and intelligence.

Painting and painting: paintbrush, drawing board, drawing paper, paint, art pen, marker, chalk

Consumers’ concerns: product quality, feel, finished product effect, and cost-effectiveness.

Courtyard home: hammock

Consumer concerns: fabric material, comfort, maximum bearable weight (lbs), hammock size (inches), degree of stretch, stability and safety.

Suggestions to sellers: There must be detailed usage scenarios and installation instructions to avoid unavailability or security risks after shopping.

Candles, aroma products

Consumer concerns: taste, duration, combustion efficiency, packaging, cost performance

Home storage: Shelf

Consumer concerns: easy disassembly, complete assembly tools/accessories and installation instructions, sturdiness, material and appearance.

Household disposable tableware

Consumer concerns: When disposable products are degradable, whether there is a combination option (for parties), whether the material of non-disposable products is stainless steel.

The above product selection recommended for dropshipping is based on the Amazon Black Friday big data sales analysis. Many categories are more suitable for shopify dropshippers too. Choose to do some category extensions or Peripherals, such as home smart sweeping robots, small sellers with no supply can make some cleaning appliances, floor cleaners, polishes, cleaning sponges and other supplies, because they are just needed supplies and the demand is large. As long as the product selection is done well, you can expect big sales in the end of 2020 for your dropshipping business.

2020 Autumn Winter trending men’s women’s fashion apperal selection for Shopify dropshipping

It is estimated that by 2025, the global overall apparel consumer market revenue will reach US$2.3014 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.3%. Among them, the overall consumer market revenue for women’s clothing will reach US$1.1791 billion, accounting for 51%; the overall consumer market revenue for men’s clothing will reach US$757.4 billion, accounting for 33%. For Shopify fashion apperal sellers it is very big market to make profits.

Global Women’s Clothing Consumer Market Overview

The top five subcategories of market share ranking from high to low are: women’s pants; women’s sweaters/knitwear/pullovers; women’s skirts (dresses/skirts); women’s accessories and others; women’s sportswear and swimwear .

Global Menswear Consumer Market Overview

The top five categories with a compound growth rate of 2020-2025, from high to low, are: men’s sportswear and swimwear; men’s T-shirts; men’s pajamas/housewear/underwear; men’s accessories and others; men’s jackets and jackets.

Portraits of online consumers in fashion-country differences between USA and Germany

Gender/income segment is similar: the ratio of male to female consumers, high, middle and low income groups all love online fashion shopping.

Age groups are different: the largest proportion in the United States is 25-34 years old, and in Germany it is 45-54 years old.

For different target markets, it is necessary to study the characteristics of consumer portraits in their respective markets, and then design and develop different products according to their different characteristics.

2020 Autumn Winter women’s clothing trends

Customer Portrait Analysis of Women’s Clothing

Gen Z 18-25 years old

1) High school, college students, women who are new to the workplace

2) Rapid growth in consumption capacity

3) Emphasize self and pursue fun

4) Compared with others, they shop online twice as often

Millennials (Gen Y) 26-44 years old

1) Working women, usually with families, children and pets

2) Main consumer group of women’s clothing

3) The consumption concept is cautious, emphasizing lifestyle and taste

Gen X 45-54 years old

1) Focus on high quality and high consumption capacity

2) The generation of women with the highest brand loyalty

3) Email marketing is the preferred channel of Gen X-generation

With the gradual spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in countries around the world, working from home has become a mainstream global trend, and some companies have even decided to allow some employees to work from home permanently. This has also given birth to a strong demand for home sports categories. This change in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle will not disappear with the easing of the epidemic, but will make people pay more attention to exercise.

Women’s hot selling sub-categories in 2020

Women’s sportswear

The Shopify sellers can create small and beautiful brands with moderate prices and complete functions. Fujian is the industrial belt of China’s sportswear. Among them, Shishi has complete upstream and downstream enterprises of sportswear, and Shishi Clothing City also has a large number of styles.

In addition, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Xiamen and other places are also the main industrial belts of sportswear. Shopify sellers need to pay attention to the brand effect of mature and new brands in sportswear, avoid competition with super brands, and find breakthroughs in terms of price, style, and specificity. You can find all kinds of women sportswear dropshipping supplier on 1688.

1688 women sportswear dropshipping supplier

Women’s sportswear selection dropshipping tutorial-United States (Hot season: all year, Q4 is slightly higher)

Consumer behavior characteristics

1) Consumers pay more attention to quality and can accept high prices for high quality

2) Functionality for different sports is the core requirement

3) They tend to choose high-quality fabrics, strong tailoring, and hope to withstand high-intensity activities and weather conditions (rain, snow, heat, wind)

4) Versatility, a multi-purpose, also has great appeal

Women’s Sportswear Selection dropshipping tutorial -Europe (Hot Season: All Year)

European women hope that sportswear can have both sports and fashion concepts, and can seamlessly switch to other daily life scenes after sports. Therefore, they hope that the design of sportswear can be easily matched with other daily clothing styles.

Legging: Design with invisible pockets or side pockets, plastic effect of abdomen and buttocks, high waist style

Sports tops: summer sports underwear, tank tops and T-shirts, long-sleeved functional tops (yoga clothes) with waist exposed in autumn and winter, warm hooded sweaters

Material: nylon, polyester fiber, Lycra, elastic fiber, cotton, functional fabric

Shopify seller recommendations

landing pages and selling points:

1) Pay attention to the fashion elements, such as animal patterns, including leopard, snake, zebra, etc., but be careful not to pile up too many elements

2) Functional support effect, detachable chest pad, comfortable and softness, perspiration and breathability, stretchability, light and easy to carry jackets, etc.

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day/April spring promotion in the first half of the year, Coupon summer in June; the second half of the year starts from Prime Day; autumn and winter: the second half of the back to school season, Q4 holiday as the main promotional node.

Women’s Underwear Selection Guide-Europe

Recommended categories: shaping underwear, invisible bra. Hot season: all year, May-August (bra)

Product selection suggestions

1) No steel ring, no chest pad, invisibility is quite popular

2) In recent years, outer wear and large-size underwear have gradually become a popular trend. Appropriate attention can be given to styles

Mainly divided into: shorts style> one-piece style> vest style> corset style

Underwear Material

Body shaping underwear: 80%-90% nylon + 10%-20% elastic material; invisible bra: nylon + silicone

Body sculpting underwear is mainly black and flesh-colored, focusing on breathability and support performance, and washing is also a selling point. The invisible bra is washable, non-degumming, and perfect fit is the main selling point. In product pictures, use product detail drawings (such as hook design), size drawings, and plastic effect drawings

In the first half of the year, Spring Sale, Coupon Summer, and Prime Day will have sales opportunities in the second half of Q4. It is recommended to continue to plan for the whole year. China is a big country producing underwear, and its industrial belts include Guangdong Shantou, Nanhai, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Fujian Jinjiang, Zhejiang Yiwu, etc. which you can source the dropshipping supplier on 1688 easily.

Women’s Underwear Selection Guide-Japan

Japanese consumers have high requirements for the quality of skin-friendly textile clothing, and the comfort of underwear and pajamas is the primary motivation for buying styles.

Underwear: without steel ring>with steel ring.

Pajamas: Split> Siamese.

Invisible underwear: bra without steel ring, comfortable material.

Shaping underwear: lace, gathering function, etc.

Underwear: cotton, silk;

Pajamas: Modal, silk, coral fleece

Mainly single color, the best-selling colors are white, flesh color, pink, red, blue, gray and black. New life theme in April, Mother’s Day in May, Prime Day in July and Black Friday and Cyber Monday on 11/12.

Women’s Fashion Trends for Fall Winter 2020

2020 popular color keywords

Neo-Mint New Mint Green, Purist Blue Clear Water Blue, Cassis Black Currant Purple, Cantaloupe Melon Orange, Mellow Yellow Ancient Golden.

Popular elements/prints and materials/styles

70’s wallpaper printing, thousand birds pattern, check pattern, Disco Collar wide retro collar, puff sleeves, large shoulder pads.


Colored leather, Suede suede/faux suede, faux fur, feather elements, wool coat, classic trench coat, loose suit.

Fashion trend information source

Well-known fashion bloggers: Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Chiara Ferragni, Noha Style Icon, Olivia Palermo, Aimee Song, Alexa Chung.

Recommended sub-categories of men’s clothing

The overall market share of menswear has been steadily increasing year by year. The penetration rate of Chinese sellers is moderate, and there is a large market development space.

Men’s clothing consumers pay more attention to quality, and can accept high prices for high quality; high quality and functionality are the core requirements, while paying attention to style and aesthetics; the return rate is lower than that of women’s clothing.

Shopify sellers can innovate differentiated product design from the dimensions of the combination of quality and price, new fabrics, new functions, and new technologies, and enter the market in combination with brand building and appropriate marketing skills.

Popular sub-categories of menswear


Hot selling site: US station

Short-sleeved sports tops, sports pants, sports shorts, sports vests, sports suits, sports jumpers, training pants

Underwear and pajamas

Hot-selling countries: USA EU

Boxer briefs, undershirts, thongs, pajamas, bathrobes, pajamas


Hot-selling countries: US, Europe, Japan

Casual jackets, leather jackets, down jackets, coats, sweaters, vests, jackets


Knitted tops, shirts, casual ribbed tops, sweatshirts, sweaters, T-shirts, Polo shirts, hoodies, sweaters, bottoming shirts


Hats, belts, ties, gloves, small leather products, suspenders, squares, snoods, scarves.

Men’s Sportswear Selection Guide-United States (Hot Season: October-December)

The consumer groups of men’s sportswear can be classified according to sports items, which are mainly divided into the indoor fitness family and the outdoor family. Indoor fitness can cover yoga, running, equipment, etc., and outdoor can be divided into mountaineering, camping, cycling, boating, rock climbing, and sailing. Consumers pay more attention to quality, in order to be able to accept the price of high quality, functionality is the core demand; but style and aesthetics should not be ignored, high-quality materials, strong tailoring, can withstand intense weather conditions (rain, snow, hot wind) , Versatility, multi functional.

Short-sleeved sports tops, sports pants, sports shorts, sports vests, sports suits, sports pullovers, training pants.

Mainly made of polyester fiber, emphasizing breathability, quick-drying, mesh material, seamless technology, and good elasticity and ductility.

Men’s sportswear selection guide-Europe

The best-selling season is concentrated in Q4, reaching the highest annual sales peak in December, The market target population is concentrated between 25-35 years old. European consumers pay more attention to comfort, function (warmth, windproof, perspiration), simplicity and convenience in the choice of men’s jackets.

Hot styles: Jackets, winter jackets, mid-length down jackets

Material: Poly fiber, cotton, nylon, etc.

The colors of the best-selling models are mainly dark and other basic colors. The design of zippers, pockets and hats may become selling points. Emphasize the waterproof and windproof performance and heat preservation function of the product. Machine washability is also a selling point for consumers.

Men’s Sportswear Selection Guide-Japan

Hot season: concentrated from September to February, reaching the highest peak of annual sales. The market target population is concentrated between 25-35 years old. In the choice of autumn and winter jackets, the pursuit of simplicity, convenience and functionality. The consumer change from the pursuit of high-end brands to the pursuit of cost performance and functionality. The style design is also inclined to European and American styles, and no longer insists on a formal sense of rigidity. But emphasizes warmth, leisure, fitness.

Subdivided categories include down jackets, coats, jackets, vests

Down jacket: The style is mainly fit, and the basic requirement is to keep warm;

Coat: simple style, mainly for business occasions with suits, pursuit of texture, slim style;

Jacket: The main color is plain, which constitutes a casual style that matches the windbreaker and sweater, and the overall simple/slim design. Vest: V-neck sweater vest with shirt suit, electric heating vest.

Down jacket: polyester; coat: wool/polyester/nylon/cotton: jacket: polyester, cotton nylon, polyester, polar fleece; vest: polyester, wool, cotton.

In 2020, the outdoor sportswear market will reach 43.5 billion U.S. dollars, of which: the United States will reach 21.7 billion U.S. dollars; Europe will reach 18.45 billion U.S. dollars; and Japan will reach 3.34 billion U.S. dollars.

The compound annual growth rate for 2020-2024 is expected: the United States will reach 8.6%; Europe will reach 6.2%; Japan will reach 5.4%.

As a Shopify seller, when you dropship men’s and women’s sportwear you need to think about the consumer demand for sportswear to select the sub-categories for dropshipping business.

How to select profitable niche market for Shopify dropshipping

There’s an old saying selection is more important than effort. This is especially true in cross-border e-commerce dropshipping business. How to choose a profitable niche market with little competition for Shopify dropshipping business is something that many people want to know. However, it is always difficult to find the perfect niche market for Shopify dropshipping, especially for beginners, you will encounter many confusing questions: What niche product is profitable? If the selected niche market does not generate profits as expected, what should I do? Professional dropshippers usually recommend choosing a niche market that suits your interests and passions. This will be a good start, you will put your expertise and patience into this field. If you want to do a profitable Shopify dropshipping business, you need some reliable and measurable indicators to choose niche products. This article will tell you step by step how to analyze whether a niche market is worth doing in from 4 fields and 11 dimensions.

Take advantage of Aliexpress

When we choose a niche market for Shopify dropshipping business, there are several indicators on Aliexpress could help us easily to evaluate its potential. We use five stars as the evaluation scale. A rating of 5 stars indicates great potential; a rating of 1 star means that this niche is not optimistic.

product quantities on Aliexpress

When we select products on AliExpress, we measure these parameters:

Number of AliExpress products: We use specific keywords to find niche markets. We only choose free shipping and ratings above 4 stars.

If we can find more than 2,000 products, then this niche market scores 5 stars;

If there are 500 ~ 1999 products, this niche market scores 4.5 stars;

There are 100~499 products, and this niche market is rated 4 stars;

There are 1 to 99 products, and this niche market is rated 3 stars.

The popularity of niche markets on AliExpress

The popularity of the niche market on AliExpress:

Filter conditions: free shipping, score 4 points and above, sorted by sales. We select the top 10 products and calculate the average of their sales.

If the average sales volume is greater than 2000, then this niche market scores 5 stars;

The average sales volume is 500 ~ 1999, 4.5 stars in this niche market;

Average sales volume is 100~499, 4 stars in this niche market;

The average sales volume is 1~99, and this niche market is 3 stars.

Number of reliable dropshipping suppliers

Trusted dropshipping supplier: The filter conditions are the same as the previous step. Select the top 10 stores and use the evaluation parameters of AliExpress itself:

  • How long has the store opened
  • What is the store rating
  • What is the percentage of positive reviews
  • Whether the product and description are consistent
  • Is the seller willing to communicate

— Delivery speed

We will consider all these parameters. However, in my personal opinion, the praise rate is the most important. Customer satisfaction is a key factor in the success of a store. This is why I calculate the average feedback of the top 10 stores.

How to filter Aliexpress dropshipping supplier

If the average rating is >96%, then this niche market is rated 5 stars;

95% ~ 95,9% rated 4.5 stars

94% ~ 94.9% rated as 4 stars

93% ~ 93.9% rated as 3 stars

Profit estimate

Profit estimation When we start dropshipping business we need a niche market that can bring us considerable profits. In most cases, AliExpress can satisfy us and provide us with high-quality and inexpensive products.

The prices of products sold on AliExpress are really low. This means that we can set a relatively high price on our own independent station (of course, this price is lower than that of competitors). In the end, there will be a happy ending: our customers are satisfied with shopping, and we are happy because we made money.

How to estimate the potential profit dor Shopify dropshipping? We select the most popular products in the niche market. Then select 10 other online stores. We calculate the average value of the same product in other 10 online stores and compare it with the product price on AliExpress:

If the price difference is more than 250%, then the niche market scores 5 stars;

The difference is 100%-249%, and the rating is 4.5 stars;

50%-99%, rated 4 stars;

Spread 1% – 49%, rated as 3 stars

Take advantage of Google Trends

Fashion often changes with changes in public interest. Therefore, you have to observe: in a niche market, whether your audience’s interest is stable. Google Trends is a great tool for understanding public interest. When designing it, the purpose is to analyze trends. It can also be used for product trend analysis, because it can tell us:

How does search volume change over time;

Search geographical distribution;

What are the most popular search terms;

Whether the search term is seasonal.

Google trend for niche products

How to use google trend to check the niche product popularity?

Choose a product category. The easiest is to rely on AliExpress data and collect all possible categories. (For example, electronics, home and decoration, jewelry, etc.).

Enter Google Trends and enter keywords. Let’s take ‘knitting’ as an example:

Check the results and try more settings.

For example, in the image above, you can see that the search volume changes over time. If you want to know more specific information, you can change some settings:

The area you interested

time range


Content type

Scoring reference standard:

If the trend is rising, give this niche a 5 star;

For a steady trend, score 4 stars;

For the downward trend, score 3 stars

Curiously, this example shows seasonal changes in search volume. Some types of products are seasonal (such as Halloween decorations, Christmas gifts, etc.), and they are only in demand during a certain period of time. Some products are non-seasonal, for example (birthday cards, wedding decoration products, etc.).

If we sell both seasonal products and non-seasonal products, there is actually no problem. It is not recommended to sell only seasonal products.

You can also learn where these search terms are more popular.

In addition, you can also see the most popular related searches and the rate of increase in search volume. This is very important for people who want to promote the store, conduct SEO and advertise.

Assess advertising potential

We should estimate: Can we successfully promote our products by advertising on popular social platforms. For example, the most popular Facebook and Instagram.

For example, when we want to evaluate: on Instagram, can we promote specific categories.

You can use the data provided by Websta.

The usage is very simple, just enter the keyword in the search box.

Search results will be divided into 2 categories: users who contain this keyword in their account name, and keyword tags. This is easy to understand:

Which tags you need to use to get the most audience (those numbers represent the number of times the tag has been used).

Which accounts can be cooperated with to increase the visibility of the online store.

Instagram followers

We use the following criteria to see if the niche market is promising:

If there are 10 accounts and each account has more than 30,000 fans, then give this niche a 5-star rating;

If there are 5-9 accounts, score 4.5 stars;

If there are 1-4 accounts, score 4 stars;

If there are 0 accounts, score 3 stars.

The account we want to cooperate with usually has at least 30,000 fans. The most common way of cooperation is through shoutouts: We ask the owner of the account to pay for him to post our advertisements.

Number of Facebook groups

When we evaluate the promotion potential of a niche market, don’t forget Facebook. Facebook, as a social application, is an artifact that makes your online store famous.

In order to check whether the niche market we have selected has the potential to make money, just enter the keywords of the niche in the search box and select the group.

You will see many groups that contain the target keyword in the group name, and you can also see the number of group members.

We usually think that a good niche market has at least 15 groups, and each group has at least 30,000 members.

In addition, we can also view the “Public Homepage”, which allows you to better understand the popularity and opportunities of the niche market.

Reference scoring standards:

If there are 10 groups, each with more than 30,000 people, then give this niche a 5 star;

5-9 groups, rated 4.5 stars;

1-4 groups, rated 4 stars;

If there is no group with more than 30,000 people, score 3 stars.

It needs to be emphasized here that these parameters are not only useful for judging specific niche markets, but also useful for judging related niche markets. For example, when judging the knitting market segment, you can also consider sewing and knitting patterns, craft materials, etc.

It is also a good way to choose a product category that can be easily promoted through PPC advertising and SEO tools. This means that we need:

Generate some valuable content for the niche market of the online store;

Optimize images and videos;

Choose keywords that are sufficiently relevant to the category and competitive. Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important for the promotion of Shopify stores.

SEO evaluation

There are several very important points to pay attention to when choosing a niche market for Shopify dropshipping.

We need to consider: which niche markets have the potential to do SEO, and which ones are completely unsuitable for SEO.

The first step is keyword research.

The name of each niche market is actually a keyword. Therefore, you must first estimate the search volume of this keyword (or similar keywords) on Google. You can use Google Keyword Planner to solve this problem.

Google Keyword Planner search volume

Step 1: Log in to your Google account and open Keyword Planner;

Step 2: Select the “Discover new keywords” option;

Step 3: Enter the name of the niche market and click “Get Results”.

You can get Google search volume for keywords related to the niche. The default time range is 12 months. You can set it according to your actual situation.

If the search volume is between 10,000 and 100,000, then this niche market is very good.

Niche markets with too much search volume, such as more than 100,000, should also be skipped. Because this niche market is too broad and competition is huge.

If the search volume is less than 5,000, skip it too: there is probably no competition and no profit.

We usually use the following methods to score:

If the search volume is 50-50 million, this niche market is suitable for dropshipping, and give this niche market a 5-star;

50,000-100,000, with a rating of 4 stars-the competition is relatively high, but there is likely to be a place for you;

The search volume is less than 5,000, and the rating is 3 stars-this niche market you can dominate, but there is no profit;

The search volume is greater than 100,000, and the rating is 2 stars-this market is too competitive to win.

As you can see, the search range of Google Keyword Planner is only 3 intervals. Therefore, you should refer to the search volume of related search terms.

If the search volume for many words is between 100,000 and 100,000, we are likely to count it as a 4-star rating (search volume between 50,000 and 100,000);

If the search volume for many words is between 10,000 and 10,000, we are likely to count it as a 5-star rating (50-50,000 searches).

The number of results with keywords in the URL

In the next step, you need to search manually to gain insight into the niche market and possible competitors.

Open Google search engine, enter the command, and then click search:

allinurl: niche name (for example: allinurl:knitting)

The result page will display the page that contains the keyword in the URL.

The number of search results can give a general understanding of the competition in the niche market.

We usually use the following methods to score:

If there are 10,000-100,000 results, this niche market is suitable for dropshipping, and give this niche market a 5-star;

There are 30-10 million results, rated 4 stars-you need to work hard to win the competition, but it is worth it;

Less than 3,000 results, score 3 stars-low competition, but also low for example;

More than 100,000 results, score 2 stars-competition is too exciting, chance of winning.

Moz difficulty

It’s also recommend some professional keyword research tools, such as MOZ. It needs to be registered in order to gain access.

How to use: Enter keywords in the search box, and then click “try free”. This tool will tell you very useful competition information.

Although all indicators are very important. But let us first take a look at the “Difficulty” indicator: through this indicator, we can know whether this niche market is beneficial to us.

We usually use the following methods to score the difficulty:

If the difficulty value is between 0-40, score 5 stars;

Between 41-60, rated 4 stars;

Between 61-80, score 3 stars;

Between 81-100, rated 2 stars.

I suggest you study all the features of this tool. Note: The free version has usage restrictions, but it is enough to evaluate some niche markets.

Analyze the niche product competition on Amazon eBay

The last step is to manually analyze the search results page. Enter keywords, we need to check the first 2 pages of search results to understand the degree of SEO competition with retail giants.

If the entire first page is occupied by Amazon, eBay and some other retail giants, your chances of making a profit will be very small. After all, these giants took away about 90% of their customers.

If the search results page does not include competitors, but includes some services: such as Yahoo Answers, or other spam marketing articles (such resources are called simple targets), this means that this niche market is free. You must seize it well. If most of the first page is occupied by retail giants, but there are at least 4 easy targets with a rating of 5 stars-this is the most ideal result, you can occupy a place in the competition and get huge profits;

If the first page is completely occupied by retail giants and scored 5 stars-this means that the competition is quite high and the chance of winning is small;

If most of the first page is occupied by easy targets, score 3 stars-you can win the competition, but the profits you get are not worth doing.

If the first and second pages are occupied by the retail giants, the score is 2 stars-the competition is huge and the chances are slim.

What niche markets should be avoided for Shopify dropshipping?

There are some niche markets need to be treated with caution. Before attempting to enter, it is recommended to think twice.

Products that need to be checked carefully before buying, such as complex electronic equipment, sneakers, exquisite clothing, etc.: When we buy these products in physical stores, we need to try them in person to see if they really suit us. If your store has these products, be prepared for a large number of refunds-your customers may not be able to determine the correct model when they first buy it.

May cause legal problems and be detained: Products such as knives, fishing tackle, shotguns, bows and arrows may be classified as problematic by the post office and detained by the customs. Therefore, make sure that the transportation will not be troublesome before shipping.

It should be noted that these requirements vary greatly from country to country/region. Therefore, it takes some time to study the problem of the target area.

Products that are easily damaged during transportation: For example, fragile glass, porcelain products, and food. These products are not suitable for long-term transportation. When a customer receives a broken product, they will be very disappointed, which will have a negative impact on your store.

Oversized and overweight products: This type of product may have unforeseen shipping problems. Moreover, the freight will be high. Buyers can’t see: buying from you is an advantage over buying directly from a physical store.

This is how we choose a profitable niche market for Shopify dropshipping. How do you choose your niche market for dropshipping business, you are welcome to comment.

2020 hot sale product categories for Shopify dropshipping

Shopify dropshipping business is very hard in 2020 due to the COVID19, however, there are many shopify sellers still earn big profits from their best seller products, we will mainly introduce the 2020 hot sale products categories for Shopify dropshipping, pet products and elderly products.

Pet products market analysis

In recent years, the pet products category on various Amazon sites has grown rapidly, while the average unit price and purchasing power of products have increased, and the use rate of pet products is very high, and the repeat purchase rate is also high.

In the past five years, the US pet supplies market has grown by 30%, and in the second quarter of 2018, pet food sales on Amazon increased by 34% year-on-year to more than $360 million, which is almost half of all pet supplies sales.

In the entire U.S. market, the food category accounts for two-thirds of the pet supplies industry. On Amazon America, 30-pound bags of dry dog ​​food are the best-selling food category. In addition, dry cat food has also begun to rise. chase.

According to the 2017-2018 pet owner survey, 68% of American households have pets, with the largest number of households with cats and dogs. It is estimated that the number of cats and dogs in the United States will reach 94.2 million and 89.7 million, respectively.

Because of the hot pet market, Amazon launched Pet Profile in 2017. After clicking “Pet Profile”, follow the prompts to enter the pet’s name, species or breed, complete the pet’s age, upload a beautiful photo of the pet, and help yourself Of pets create a homepage.

In addition, in May 2018, Amazon also launched its own pet supplies brand Wag, while launching dry dog ​​food products, and Amazon also plans to expand its product selection to include other pet supplies.

At present, pet products are extremely hot. From a large scale, food has always been the largest category of pet products in Meiya Station, while from a single ASIN, health care products perform the best.

Specifically, pet supplies include food, health, beauty, clothing, and electronic accessories. At the same time, pet supplies have a greater correlation with the season. Take clothing for example, pet clothing also has winter and summer In addition, dog coats may sell well in winter, while life jackets or swimsuits are more popular in summer.

In addition, some foreigners like to take their pets to outdoor sports, so pet products related to travel or cars (such as trolleys) are also very popular, seller friends can pay more attention.

Wholesale Markets for Pet Products

Pet Supplies Wholesale Market-Guangzhou

The largest pet supplies wholesale market in Guangzhou is the Qingping Wholesale Market, located on the banks of the Pearl River, at the intersection of Qingping Road and Tiyun Road. Qingping Wholesale Market is also one of the three major pet supplies wholesale markets in Guangzhou.

Dongmen Pet Products Wholesale Market-Shenzhen

The Dongmen Old Street Pet Products Wholesale Market in Shenzhen, half of which is for customers from Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East, and half for pet shop owners in the Mainland. It is a global pet products wholesale market, which can be said to be today. Dongmen Old Street Pet Wholesale Market is an international pet franchise market for global customers.

Pet Supplies Wholesale Market-Yiwu

Yiwu Pet Products Wholesale Market has inherent platform advantages. Yiwu Yuanyuanyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd., which was originally located in the factory direct sales center in District 2, moved to District 5. The business area has more than doubled and more than 300 kinds of pet products are produced. After the industry agglomeration, it can attract more target customers to come to one-stop shopping, and the passenger flow and information flow are more concentrated, and the Yiwu pet supplies wholesale market industry will gradually become stronger and bigger.

Pet Supplies Wholesale Market-Beijing

Beijing’s largest pet supplies mall is located in the International Auto Parts City, Yunjing South Street, Liyuan Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing. There are a large number of first-class pet supplies wholesalers and manufacturers, and many pet stores buy from there.

Pet Supplies Wholesale Market-Xi’an

At Xi’an Wenwen Road Market, there is a dog market on weekends, and there are also some fixed stores that do wholesale and retail of pet supplies, completely separating pet supplies from live sales.

Pet Supplies Wholesale Market-Shanghai

The Shanghai East China First Street Pet Products Wholesale Market integrates the pet products supply chain across the country and even the world, and gathers pet product distributors and brand owners across the country. Based on the concept of honesty and high service quality, the Shanghai East China Yijie Pet Products Wholesale Market has become the world’s leading pet products wholesale market.

U.S. Pet Products Wholesale Market

Wellness (USA) is the most popular pet products wholesale market tOP30. This includes all products such as pet food, toys, and furniture. The innovation is MidWest Homes for Pets’ dog crates, small animal modular habitat system, bird cages, pet fence furniture, pet bedding and accessories, to meet specific needs for pet comfort, health and other specific needs through innovation MidWest Homes for Pets can pass on the cost savings provided by production efficiency to customers at a lower price.

Pet supplies wholesale website 1688

1688 has gathered a very large professional wholesale and retail company of pet-related industry products, and has a complete and scientific sales management system. Organize the market with the wholesale distribution of dog food, pet supplies, snacks, toys, kennels, and grooming tools, and enjoy a high position among e-commerce.

Elderly Products Market Analysis

The elderly products market is recognized as a sunrise market with huge potential. With the increase of aging, in the foreseeable 20 to 30 years, the elderly products and services market related to elderly consumption will achieve rapid development. For example, China has entered the stage of an aging society, and the number of elderly people over 60 has been increasing. As of the end of 2017, the number of elderly people in China has reached 240 million, accounting for 17.3%. The aging of the population has become an extremely serious problem in China. Social Issues. As the proportion of the elderly population in my country continues to rise, the consumption potential of the elderly care industry is huge, and the future development prospects of the elderly products market are broad.

The aging population in foreign countries, especially European and American countries, is particularly prominent, and the demand for elderly care is also increasing. Many products related to the elderly are quietly occupying e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

Elderly products cover a very wide range, involving medical and health, nutrition and health care, food and clothing, cultural media, daily household and other fields, and the industrial chain is extremely long. With the increase of age, the elderly’s demand for health products, rehabilitation aids, entertainment products and other products continues to rise, and the consumption potential is huge. In the consumer market for the elderly in my country, the consumption of health food accounts for more than 30%, the consumption of daily necessities such as food and clothing exceeds 50%, and the consumption of other products accounts for a very small proportion. This shows that the types of products for the elderly in my country are relatively scarce, the options for the elderly are small, and the consumption structure is relatively simple.

But for the elderly abroad, many small things that many people think are useless are highly sought after abroad. On, there are many products developed for the elderly, many of which are very popular products and sellers. When selecting products, cross-border e-commerce sellers can use google adwords, google trends, JS and other tools to conduct detailed investigations, and develop several products based on the actual situation of the company/store, and test the water more. Always find a product with potential.

elderly market product selection

1. Crutch

When it comes to supplies for the elderly, the first thing everyone can think of is crutches. This thing is light in weight. If it is a foldable type, it is more convenient to transport the product, and it can also reduce transportation, packaging, storage and other costs.

2. Toilet

Some elderly people with lower limbs are inconvenient to use the toilet as a problem. Then a toilet suitable for the elderly can be said to solve this problem, or products suitable for paralyzed patients such as potty are also a good starting point. One-time etc. Lightweight products may be more popular with foreign customers.

3. Adult diapers

Children have diapers, and there is no shortage of adult diapers in the elderly products, and this kind of thing may not only be used by the elderly. Except for patients who must use it due to physical reasons, I have read a report before. Many office workers in Japan buy adult diapers because they can save time…

4. Magnifier

The magnifying glass is not the kind of simple magnifying glass that we play daily. This magnifying glass suitable for the elderly has a clearer image and is equipped with LED lamp beads. It can be used normally even in a darker scene. If you can develop a more usable upgraded version, I think it will be a better potential product.

5. Radio

The survey found that elder people like to listen to the radio very much, so they will also love products with radio function. The picture shows a wake-up light with radio function, which has similar functions with radio/sunrise/projection, etc. Products with other functions can be said to have attracted a large number of fans of all ages.

6. Alarm clock with reminder function

This kind of clock with calendar and alarm clock is very suitable for families with Alzheimer’s syndrome (Alzheimer’s disease) patients, especially products with multiple languages, multiple alarm clocks and other functions are very suitable for the needs of the elderly products market Of course, if you can develop more functions and make it suitable for use by young people, the sales channels can be said to be broader than those of the peers.

7. Elderly handrail

This kind of handrail can be installed in the bathroom, toilet, corridor, attic, etc., to facilitate the safe entry and exit of the elderly or children. In the elderly product market, it is a product with low cost and few after-sales. This type of product cannot be sold at a high price, but it can be quite good if sold in a package.

8. Massager

The series of massager products are not only suitable for the elderly, children, and adults, especially for office workers from 9 to 5. The products have various styles, shawl, waist pad, body… etc.

Of course there are also many other products available for Shopify dropshipping. You can also find some more cost effective pet products and eldly products with very good quality on 1688 then dropship to worldwide countries via Shopify platform.

The best fashion category for dropshipping in 2020 Autumn Winter

Clothing, shoes, jewellery, watches and bags are known as the five “magic weapons” of cross border ecommerce fashion category. During the 2019 Prime Day period, the sales of fashion category in the United States exceeded 300 million US dollars. As the year-end peak season approaches, what will be the trend of fashion consumption in the second half of 2020, not only in the US, but also in Japan and Europe. What are the opportunities for fashion products for dropshipping business? Firstly let’s take a look at Amazon hot sale season fashion consumption trends.

Amazon USA fashion consumption trends

Firstly, social appeal. Clothing extends from the basic “consumption” function to the “social” function. Consumers hope to match different clothes in different scenes. Because consumers are looking for new tastes and changes, they are more willing to try new and niche brands. Amazon has many brands of retail e-commerce, so it has become their favorite channel for buying clothes. For example, the younger people is born with social media, emphasizing self and pursuing fun; while the working generation usually has families, children, and pets, and emphasizes lifestyle and taste.

Secondly, social media influence. Consumers’ aesthetics and consumption outlook are becoming more and more susceptible to the influence of social media. Follow new designers and social media opinion leaders’ suggestions on clothing trends, design details and outfits. In addition, the requirements for design can be summarized as beauty, province, beauty, and beauty but not expensive.

Thirdly, environmental protection concept and sustainable development. Among clothing brands, Alternative Apparel, which uses organic cotton and recycled materials, promotes that the entire life cycle of clothing is environmentally friendly, from raw materials, dyes, finishing agents, to factory environment, after-sales care, etc. Especially organic, sustainable, recyclable, renewable, and socially responsible materials are now more and more popular with socially responsible consumers.

The figure below shows the volume and average annual growth of the fashion category of Amazon US, UK, Germany, and Japan. Among them, the clothing category maintains a steady growth trend. Shoes and boots account for about half of the clothing category, followed by jewelry, watches and bags.

Analysis of Fashion category on Amazon USA

In 2020, the annual consumption of fashion products in the United States is about 123.7 billion U.S. dollars, of which the annual consumption of American apparel will reach 82.1 billion U.S. dollars. According to forecasts by market consulting agencies, it is estimated that in the next three years, the average growth rate of the U.S. fashion category market will reach 12.0%, reaching 194.4 billion US dollars by 2024. Online users will have the fastest growth rate in purchasing power per capita. Consumption can reach US$2120.

The Amazon fashion product selection recommendations in the United States divided in four main types:

The first one is mature category, find its own shining point, and compete with competitors for differentiation; For example, Men’s sports clothing, shirts, socks, women underwear, sweatshirts, pants, boots, high heel shoes;

The second is the growth category, constantly researching and developing new products, fully grasping and even guiding consumer preferences; for example, women tops, swimsuit, sweater, dress, leggings,winter boots and sports shoes;

The third is the latence category, to build a brand with great concentration and win the trust of consumers; for example, children coat, children sports, children sweatshirts, rainning coat and slippers;

The fourth is the opportunity category, using various marketing methods to seize growth opportunities and develop new products. For example, children jeans, sweaters, swimsuit, shorts and shoes.

American holidays and promotions for dropshipping:

New Year in January: Winter accessories

Valentine’s Day in February: Jewelry, Underwear

Easter in March (sports season): children’s clothing, sportswear

Mother’s Day in April: Mother’s Day jewelry, T-shirts

Father’s Day in May: Wallets, watches, Father’s Day T-shirts

June: Women’s skirts, swimsuits

July: PrimeDay (postponed in 2020)

Back to school season in August: women’s clothing, school uniforms

September back to school season: school uniforms, casual wear

Halloween in October: Halloween accessories

November Black Friday: sweaters, sportswear

Cyber Monday in December: sweaters, sportswear

Recommended items for evergreen product selections of American apparel include: sportswear, dresses, suits/tuxedos, belts, maternity clothes, T-shirts, underwear, shirts, shaping underwear, and accessories.

Recommended seasonal selections for autumn and winter in the United States: winter clothes (coat/jacket/vest), pajamas, winter accessories (hats/gloves), socks (socks/tights), pants (jeans), sweaters, skirts, pullovers.

American women’s sportswear: This category sells well throughout the year, of which Q4 is slightly higher. The market target population is concentrated in sportswear in the next 5 years, and sports women’s clothing is a very fast-growing category. American women between the ages of 18 and 40 have extended exercise to their daily lives. A person can have two identities: a daily exercise group and a fitness group. Therefore, casual sportswear has become a big winner in sports women’s clothing because it covers a wide range of people.

USA consumer behavior characteristics: First, consumers pay more attention to quality, and can accept high prices for high quality; second, functionality is the core demand; third, they tend to choose high-quality fabrics, strong tailoring, and hope to withstand high prices. Intensive activities and weather conditions (rain/snow/heat/wind); fourth, versatility, a multi-purpose is also very attractive.

American women’s pajamas/home wear selection: The target group of women’s pajamas can cover 18-50 years old. Among them, Generation Z (18-25) and Millennial (26-40) are the main ones. At the same time, pay attention to the market segment of family parenting. Consumers are looking for comfortable, relaxing, and lightweight home wear and pajamas, and have special seasonal requirements (such as perspiration in summer and warmth in winter). In addition, home wear is an important clothing for family life scenes. More and more consumers pay more attention to the unified intimacy of the family, and family suits of the same color or design are becoming more popular.

Amazon EU fashion consumption trends

The annual consumption of European fashion categories is US$112.1 billion, of which the annual consumption of European apparel is US$73.6 billion. According to forecasts by market consulting agencies, the average growth rate of the market volume in the next three years is expected to reach 6.7%, reaching 145.1 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. The fastest growth rate of per capita purchasing power is online users, and per capita annual consumption by 2024 759 dollars.

Fashion product recommendation in EU festivals

New Year in January: Winter Sale

February Valentine’s Day

Father’s Day in March (German and Italian)

Easter in April

Mother’s Day in May: Underwear

Father’s Day in June (English and French)

July: outdoor, swimwear, summer sales

August: Back to School Day

September Oktoberfest (Germany)

Halloween in October

November Black Friday

Christmas December: Party Party

European Evergreen fashion product selection for dropshipping

①Clothing: jeans, socks, long skirts, casual business shirts, formal suits

②Footwear: fashionable sports shoes, high heels, ballet shoes, insoles, loafers

③Jewelry: handmade custom jewelry, pearl inlaid jewelry, diamond inlaid jewelry, pearl necklace, silver necklace

④Luggage: Handbags, travel bags, umbrellas, children’s suitcases, computer trolley cases with wheels

Recommended items for the seasonal selection of European autumn and winter clothing: jackets, blazers, formal socks, knitted pullovers, sweatshirts, headwear, sweaters, belts, scarves, pajamas (tights), winter clothes.

Women’s jackets recommendation in Europe: October-January is the hot season. The market target population is mainly concentrated in the 18-45 years old. Compared with other clothing, for European consumers, a jacket means longer time to wear, more times, and a more expensive single piece. Therefore, they have higher requirements for jackets and choose more carefully. This type of consumer group emphasizes the functionality of clothing and can protect themselves in winter or extreme early conditions (such as rain, wind, snow), but at the same time they must meet their own aesthetic needs and pay great attention to design. Most European customers There can be more than one jacket in different weather conditions, and when buying a jacket, the first thing that is attracted is the design, and then the function.

European men’s jacket selection guide: the hot season is concentrated in Q4, reaching the highest sales peak of the year in December. The market target population can cover 18-50 years old, and a large number of them are between 25-35 years old. European consumers pay more attention to comfort in the selection of men’s outerwear, with functions focusing on warmth, windproof, and perspiration, as well as simplicity and convenience.

Amazon JP fashion consumption trends

The annual consumption of Japanese fashion products is 38.3 billion U.S. dollars, of which, the annual consumption of apparel reaches 18.3 billion U.S. dollars. According to forecasts by market consulting agencies, the average growth rate of market volume is expected to reach 5.1% in the next three years, reaching 46.7 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. Online users have the fastest growth rate in per capita purchasing power, and per capita annual consumption by 2024 Up to 1265 US dollars.

Japan festivals and promotions

January New Year, Adult Day: Formal Wear

February: windbreaker jacket, hooded sweater, sweatshirt

March graduation season: formal wear, business shirts

Newly joined in April: formal wear, dress

May Day Week

Rainy season in June: raincoat, umbrella

July: swimsuits, shorts, bathrobes, air-conditioned clothing

August summer vacation

September Back to School Day

October: Hooded sweater, light jacket

November: windbreaker, scarf, gloves, sweater

December Cyber Monday/Christmas: Scarves, gloves, winter jackets

Men’s autumn and winter jackets in Japan: The hot season is concentrated from September to February of the following year. The market target population is concentrated in 16-50 years old, but mainly young and middle-aged customers 28-35 years old. With the progress of informatization and economic conservativeness, the younger generation of Japanese customers are increasingly approaching European and American customer groups. Japanese local consumers pursue simplicity, convenience, and functionality when choosing autumn and winter jackets. From the pursuit of high-end brands to the pursuit of cost-effectiveness and functionality. The style design is also inclined to European and American styles, no longer insisting on a formal sense of formality, but emphasizing warmth, leisure and fit.

Japan Men’s Clothing Selection: This category is a hot season throughout the year. The target population of the market covers 18-50 years old, but mainly young and middle-aged workers aged 28-35. The workplace is a very important life scene for Japanese men, and it is also the scene that they attach most psychologically to. Therefore, for the image of the workplace, white-collar workers must highlight the texture and sense of elites to create a professional and capable image. Blue-collar (or professionals) prefer to choose professional and work clothes that suit their working environment and characteristics, highlighting professionalism and functionality.

Based on the Amazon USA, Europe and Japan data analysis, we can also apply those fashion categories in our dropshipping business. In the 1688 cross border eCommerce market, we can also find some very good fashion clothing dropshipping suppliers to dropship from China to USA and EU countries.

Women’s clothing

Men’s clothing

Children clothing

Mom and baby clothing



Jewerly accessories

In 1688 cross border ecommerce market you can find quality products for dropship at cheaper cost than Aliexpress. You can select the products on 1688 for dropshipping based on Amazon trend fashion category products.

86Deal dropshipping services and 1688 Taobao order fulfillment procedure

Along with the COVID19 issues lots of dropshippers turned into dropshipping agent instead of Aliexpress to help them dropship from China for faster shipping, the first thing they may need to know is 1688 Taobao dropshipping procedure. I used to write a blog about 86Deal order fulfillment procedure but it was lost due to server attack, thus I spent 2 days to write a new one with 86Deal dropshipping services and procedure in details.

86Deal mainly provide 1688 Taobao dropshipping and wholesale service to help small business dropship and wholesale from China. Due to the different business mode the service and fee are a little different. I will explain the dropshipping and wholesale service respectively.

1688 Taobao dropshipping service

86Deal provides one step order fulfillment service to help small business dropship from 1688 Taobao, our service includes:

Sourcing service. We can help you source from 1688 Taobao as well as other Chinese online shopping platforms based on your products photos, keywords and budget, then help you filter quality dropshipping suppliers on 1688 Taobao. You do not have to suffer hard time from the language issue as we can write and speak fluently English and Chinese to help you search and communicate with suppliers;

Purchasing service. Once we source the dropshipping supplier and confirmed with the product price with you, then you can send us the money for us the purchase, the money you sent will be based on your order quantities. We will need to confirm with 1688 Taobao sellers about the product color, size, weight, volume, quantities, stock and delivery time as well as the product condition before we pay;

Quality inspection service. It is one of the biggest difference between you dropship from Aliexpress and 1688 Taobao. It affects user experience greatly however when you dropship from Aliexpress there are higher aftersale rates caused by the product quality. During QC we will help you:

1. Check product has flaws or damaged. The warehouse people will mark all the products have flaws or damaged then send to the purchase worker, she will contact suppliers to show the photos and ask for return exchange address to send them back to exchange;

2. Remove Chinese characters and promotional cards. It might affect the user experience and secondary purchase in your store. During QC the warehouse people will help you remove them;

Please bear in mind, the QC service we can only help you observe and pick out the products not in good condition. It doesnt include functional test, if you need simple test before shipping, you can contact 86Deal sales in advance.

Label service. 86Deal provide label service to help the Shopify sellers brand their store. For example, if you are fashion clothing seller and you need to label the clothing, we provide label service to help you sew the brand labels and hang tags on the clothing, however, it isnt free, we charge 3 yuan/pcs for label sewing and tag hanging service. If you are selling digital products we can help you contact supplier for OEM label service or customize stickers for cheaper cost.

Repacking service. Once the product being checked in good condition, warehouse will repack them based on the products. If you sell fashion clothing we will repack with new transparent packaging, other products will be repacked with its original packaging. If you have customized packaging such as plastic bags, cardboard boxes in our warehouse, we will help you repack with your own packaging.

Barcode service. After the products repacked, the warehouse will print and stick barcode based on your store product SKU then put them on the rack and update inventory as well as the rack ID in ERP system;

Warehousing service. 86Deal offers free warehousing service for clients as long as you have stable sales. Meanwhile, you can check real time inventory for your store.

Packing list and shipping label printing. The order fulfillment people check orders to match warehouse stock, if the orders have stock they will print order list and shipping label.

Packaging customization. There are many Shopify dropshippers prefer to customize label, sticker, Thank you card, letters, gifts, coupon card, packaging to help them marketing their store. And it helps the secondary purchase and social distrubition for free traffics.

86Deal also helps Shopify sellers customize packaging, label, stickers, thank you card, letters, gifts, coupon card to assist the store marketing, however, those material have very high MOQ, if you do not have stable orders it will increase the cost greatly. Thus we suggest Shopify sellers with at least 30 to 50 orders per day to apply for this service.

Pick pack service. The warehouse worker will pick different items from the rack in the warehouse and put the order list together with shipping labels in the basket, another people will check the items with the packing list, then pack them together and stick shipping label.

Shipping service. We offer different shipping service to meet faster delivery requirements.

DHL. 3 to 6 days delivery from China to worldwide countries. Suitable for high value products and orders need fast delivery;

4PX, Yunexpress and Yanwen. The small package lines from these 3 couriers mainly shipping from China to EU and USA, Canada and Australia, 7 to 15 days delivery and relatively faster and stable than ePacket. You can inquire 4PX, Yunexpress Yanwen shipping rates from China to EU and USA via with product name, weight and shipping countries at any time.

China post air mail and ePacket. Suitable for light weight packages and no requirements on delivery time. ePacket used to be stable ship from China to its 39 destination countries, however, it is very unstable since the COVID19 period, it takes months delivery, if you need faster and stable delivery service you may ignore China post air mail and ePacket.

Tracking upload. Once the warehouse fulfilled the orders, they will upload tracking to Shopify store automatically. Then Shopify will notify clients with tracking.

Return service. The return service here means product has flaws or damage during QC, we will help you contact supplier and return them to exchange a new one, 1688 Taobao only offer 7 days free return and exchange service.

We also offer package return service from overseas to China. However, the package return cost would be expensive and the package may have tax when they return to China, we will not afford the package return cost and tax, thus if you need to return to our warehouse in Guangzhou, please contact us for more details in advance in case there has extra cost.

With the dropshipping service list above, Shopify sellers only need to focus on the store product selection test and marketing, 86Deal will take care of the order fulfillment part. Unlike other dropshipping agents, we charge service fee per order, MOQ 100 orders per month, the more orders the cheaper service fee.

1688 wholesale service

1688 Wholesale is slightly different from dropshipping. 86Deal 1688 wholesale service includes:

Sourcing. We will source based on the product photo, keywords and its budget price, then filter 1688 supplier based on the product sales, secondary purchase rates, years of experience as well as other factors;

Sample/Bulk wholesale purchase. Before bulk wholesale purchase, we will filter different suppliers to make samples, then check the quality, take photos and compare samples from different 1688 suppliers to select the best one to bulk wholesale;

When purchasing on 1688, we will need to confirm the bulk wholesale price, stock and delivery time.

Quantities check. Once the bulk wholesale products arrived, we will help you check the quantities and color, size to match the orders, pick out the damaged products.

Consolidate service. Once all the bulk wholesale products arrived 86Deal warehouse, we will consolidate products from different suppliers together to reduce weight and volume.

International shipping. Currently we mainly help our clients ship from China 1688 to EU and USA via air, sea, train and courier, each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Courier DHL, FedEx and UPS. 3 to 6 days delivery from China to EU and USA. It is fast but also the most expensive way shipping from China.

Tax free air delivery. It need to book civil airline in advance, unlike cargo delivery, the air delivery take two parts, first part shipping from China to destination country city via airline, then clean customs. The second part is to deliver to cleints door via UPS, FedEx, DHL or local courier.

The tax free air delivery usually takes 10 to 20 days, shipping cost cheaper than courier, door to door delivery, tax included in the shipping cost.

Tax free sea shipping. Only for packages at least 1 CBM or 200kg. It takes 30 to 40 days, shipping cost more cheaper than air delivery, door to door delivery, tax included.

Tax free train delivery. Only available for EU countries. Package at least 50kg, it takes 30 to 40 days delivery, door to door delivery and tax included.

Since 1688 wholesale service isnt the same with dropshipping, we charge service fee 5% of the total value, minimum 15 usd per order. If you need make sample since it is time consuming we charge 15 usd service fee per sample.

1688 dropshipping order fulfillment procedure

86Deal provides one step 1688 dropshipping service, the order fulfillment procedure list below:

When we fulfill orders on Shopify, there are usually two ways, the first way is Shopify integration, another is csv files to fulfill manually. Manual fulfillment is only for clients who we working with at the beginning and daily orders less than 30. We will need the items with order ID, photos, color, size, quantities and shipping info like receiver name, address, city, province, post code, phone number etc. We mainly talk about the Shopify integration for order fulfillment.

Shopify integration. There are 3 steps to integrate shopify to update orders for us to fulfill them.

Firstly, we will need Shopify sellers to install dianxiaomi app in Shopify app store;

Secondly, ask 86Deal to get an email address to invite as staff or admin with orders and apps access;

Thirdly, we will integrate Shopify with Dianxiaomi to update orders from Shopify.

After Shopify integration, the next steps will be sourcing, purchasing, QC, repacking, barcode, warehousing, pick and pack, shipping and upload tracking to Shopify. If you need label and packaging customization service, we can help you too, but you will need to have stable sales on the store.

1688 wholesale procedure

The wholesale procedure is much more easier than dropshipping. When you need to wholesale from 1688, you will need to send an inquiry with the product links, photos, color, size, quantities as well as your budget price, if you do not have the inquiry format, you can ask 86Deal to get the xls format, fill the product information then send to us, we will help you source, sample and purchase, consolidate to ship from China. Please check 1688 wholesale service list above in details then send us inquiry.

After we listed 1688 Taobao dropshipping and wholesale service as well as procedures, mostly dropshippers or wholesalers may have many questions, here we also listed the dropshipping wholesale FAQ for you as a reference.

1688 Taobao dropshipping wholesale FAQ

1. Why dropshipping from 1688 Taobao? Does it cheaper than Aliexpress?

1688 Taobao have at least 10 times products and suppliers than Aliexpress, if you just start dropshipping and the product you selelct under 15 usd, dropshipping from 1688 Taobao wont be cheaper than Aliexpress as there has 1688 Taobao agent service fee and higher shipping cost. But if you have stable sales with best sellers, you can greatly optimize the product cost to reduce the cost for higher profits and faster delivery than Aliexpress.

2. Does 86Deal have moq orders for dropshipping order fulfillment?

Yes we have 100 orders minimum requirements with daily average 3 to 4 orders as the human cost is high these days and we need main efforts to guarantee faster fulfillment service for clients with stable sales.

3. How much is the 1688 Taobao order fulfillment service fee?

Different dropshippers have different product categories and SKUs which has different cost during order fulfillment procedure. We charge fashion clothing dropshippers 25 yuan service fee per order since there are many skus and virants, other products categories we charge 15 yuan service fee per order. The more orders the cheaper service fee.

Our service fee charged on per order, it includes sourcing, purchasing, repacking, warehousing, pick pack, packing material and tracking upload service, you do not have to pay each service respectively.

When you inquiry service fee via email, please provide your store url and monthly order quantities, we will quote more accurate cost.

4. What’s the fee structure dropshipping from 1688 Taobao?

When you dropshipping from 1688 Taobao, the cost mainly include 4 parts, product cost, domestic shipping fee from supplier to 86Deal warehouse, service fee and international shipping fee.

5. How do I estimate the dropshipping cost from 1688 Taobao?

It isnt hard to estimate the cost as long as you provide the products photos or 1688 aliexpress product links. We will help you source on 1688 and confirm the product cost, domestic shipping, weight and volume for international shipping, plus service fee you will get a general ideas for the product cost dropshipping from 1688 Taobao.

6. How long does 1688 Taobao dropshipping takes? How long 86Deal processing my orders?

Similar to dropshipping cost, the order delivery time include 3 parts, supplier deliver time, warehouse processing time and international delivery time.

Since 86Deal located in Guangzhou, South China, since China is very big, if your supplier located in South China, the delivery time usually 1 to 2 days, if your supplier located in , middle China or East China, it takes 3 to 4 days, if your suppliers located in West, North East, North China, it usually takes 4 to 6 days to our warehouse. Our warehouse processing time usually in 1 day, when it comes to vacation, it may take 2 days sometime. As for international shipping delivery time, currently most packages shipping from China to EU and USA could be delivered in 7 to 15 days, more stable than ePacket and China post air mail.

How to reduce 1688 Taobao dropshipping order fulfillment time?Firstly when we sourcing products we usually choose suppliers in South and East China as the distance between us closer and the logistics more faster. Secondly we suggest Shopify sellers wholesale best seller products in store as they have stable sales and wholesale for higher profits and faster delivery from our warehouse. Thirdly, choose courier service as paid shipping service in Shopify store.

7. Can I pay via Paypal?

Sorry, we do not accept paypal. 86Deal accepts wechat and Alipay if you can pay via Chinese Yuan, Transferwise and Payoneer if you can pay via USD or EU, we also accept bank transfer via west union or Moneygram.

8. Where I can get 86Deal reviews?

Frankly speaking we didnt ask our shopify seller clients to review our service in the past as we mainly provide B2B service instead of B2C service, unlike shopping on Shopify or Amazon eBay, people get used to check product reviews to help them made decision, our clients information might be confidential. We suggest you compare our service with others mainly from the professional communication service, dropshipping service, respond time and fee and other things you may concern.

9. How do I private label my products and branding packaging?

We can help you private label and branding packaging, however, you need at least 600 orders per month or above. Unlike the products you can dropship 1 pcs, the label and packaging all have very high moq, if you do not have stable sales, it will increase your cost.

If you private label clothing, we can help you sew label, stick tags and exchange customize packaging. If you need private label other products you may need to have stable sales then we help you contact the manufacturer as they have hundreds of moq for private label.

Of course the service isnt free, we charge 3 yuan/pcs for sewing clothing label and hanging tags.

You will need to provide PSD file or CDR file if you need customize label and logo, size as well as material. Then we can help you contact the printing factory to prototype and print.

We can help you customize label, tag, stickers, packaging bags, carton box, thank you card, coupon card, letters etc. But be sure to provide the design file.

10. Which countries you mainly ship and shipping rates? Can you dropship from South America, Middle East and other countries? How do I track the orders?

Currently 86Deal mainly optimize shipping solutions from China to EU and USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore, Malaysia. We can also ship to Middle East, South America via China post, but if you have stable sales we can help you find small package line to ship to your clients in those countries at cost effective and stable way.

Currently EU countries shipping rates 90 yuan/kg to 130 yuan/kg to different countries EU, 7 to 15 days delivery, UK, France, Germany deliver relatively faster; USA 120 yuan/kg, 8 to 15 days delivery, Canada 135 yuan/kg, 10 to 20 days delivery, Australia 130 yuan/kg, 8 to 15 days delivery. Singapore and west Malaysia, 60 yuan/kg, 7 to 10 days delivery.

The shipping rates changed week by week during the COVID19 period, you are welcome inquire the lastest shipping rates.

All the packages we shipped from China has tracking number and we will update to Shopify after we fulfilled, it will be sent to clients via email automatically.

11. What are the best products your clients dropship from 1688 Taobao?

Sorry that’s our clients business secrets and we wont suggest any products. Once you dropship from 1688 Taobao you need to do your own research on the products you want to dropship, it is more responsible for your business.

Once you decided the products you want to dropship from 1688 Taobao, we can help you source and filter suppliers. Also we will also suggest some trending products on Aliexpress Amazon regularly for you as a reference only.

12. What dropshipping platforms you support in addition to Shopify?

In addition to Shopify, we also supports Amazon, eBay, Shopee, Lazada, Tophatter, Wish, Woocommerce and Mengato.

dropshipping platforms 86deal support

13. Do I have to stock in 86Deal warehouse to dropship from 1688 Taobao?

No you do not have to. Currently our clients who dropship from 1688 Taobao have stock in our warehouse mainly are the best seller products with stable sales, for one thing they can get wholesale price to make more profits, for another thing we can ship from warehouse directly if the products have stock to reduce delivery time from 1688 Taobao suppliers.

Thus whether to have stock in our warehouse or not totally based on the product sales in your store.

14. Will you compensate if the package broken or lost?

If the clients report package broken please ask them take a photo for the package, we will send to the courier to ask for compensation; if the product lost in our warehouse we will compensate based on the product value, if it lost during international shipping please provide the tracking number we will negotiate with courier company to compensate based on their policy.

15. In addition to 1688 Taobao can you also source from Aliexpress Alibaba and other Chinese online platform or offline wholesale market?

Currently we mainly source from 1688 Taobao for dropshipping and wholesale, if the products cannot being found on 1688 Taobao you can send us Aliexpress Aliababa links we can contact the supplier if they can ship to our warehouse in Guangzhou. If they can then there’s no problem else you may need to convince the Aliexpress Alibaba supplier to ship to our warehouse.

Since Guangzhou is one of the biggest clothing fashion wholesale market, bag and shoes wholesale market, if you have bulk wholesale orders need we source for you, we may go to the wholesale market to source suppliers, but for dropshipping orders we dont source online.

16. How long time you can warehouse for my products? Can I check real time inventory?

We have no warehousing time restrictions as long as you continually ship from our warehouse. Once we fulfill orders for your store we will export the stock inventory based on your requirements, if you need real time inventory, we can also create a member account on our ERP system for you to check the stock inventory.

17. Do you offer faster yet cheaper ways dropshipping from China compared to Aliexpress?

We will need to divide into 2 questions to answer, we do offer faster delivery service shipping from China to overseas compared to Aliexpress, for example, we have 4px, Yunexpress, Yanwen and other small package line shipping from China which can be delivered in 5 to 15 days, stable and cost effective, however, compared to Aliexpress standard shipping or epacket shipping it is higher but more stable.