Air delivery from China to overseas is the most cost effective way for bulk wholesale packages above 100kg which has a delivery time requirements shipping from China. Compared to courier air delivery has many advantages:

1> Cheaper shipping rates. Unlike UPS, DHL and FedEx, air delivery for 100kg package is usually 30% to 40% cheaper;

2>Volume weight=length*width*height/6000, also the volume restrictions not that strict than the UPS, DHL and FedEx;

3>Double customs clearance and tax free. In addition to shipping rates and volume, there are many tax free air delivery lines shipping from China to EU countries and USA, compared to courier, the custom tax included in the shipping rates which will save you money.

However, air delivery also have restrictions:

1> General products only;

2> Delivery time between 8 to 15 days;

86Deal offers one step service for bulk wholesale clients buy and ship from China 1688 Alibaba to overseas via tax free air delivery line, our service includes:



Quality inspection



Conslidate packing

Air delivery

Tax free air delivery shipping from China to EU countries

2Austria Belgium Czech Republic France Italy Italy Luxembourg Monaco Netherlands Sweden4240393837
3Denmark Finland Croatia Poland Slovenia Slovakia4341403938
4Spain Greece Ireland Portugal4342414039
5Bulgaria Estonia Hungary Lithuania Latvia Romania4543424039

Tax free air delivery terms:

1> The shipping rates changed on monthly basis, please inquiry 86Deal the latest shipping rates, currenty Yuan;

2> General goods only, contraband, imitation brand, electricity, magnetic, wooden products will be rejected; B. clothes, shoes, curtains, bed linen textiles charge 5.0 yuan / KG extra; C. Leather goods, car DVD, car display, GPS navigator, car radio, set-top box, drone, camera, digital camera, projector, 3D printer, medical products, beauty products, testing equipment, car and bicycle spare parts charge 3.0 yuan / KG extra; D. bags and products with textiles, toys, security equipment, players, laptops, microscopes, flashlights, telescopes, cameras, digital boards, hair dryers, humidifiers, aromatherapy machines, game controllers, adults Supplies, scissors, rubber products, fingertip gyro, markers, glass products, charge 2.0 yuan / KG extra;

3>Personal address charge 2 yuan/kg extra, minimum 100 yuan;

4>Volume restriction: carton box longest length cannot exceed 100cm, length+2*(width+height)<=300cm; 10kg<box weight<30kg;

5> Shipping weight=(volume weight-package weight)/2+package weight;

6>Delivery time 8 to 15 days.

Air delivery shipping from China to UK


UK air delivery terms:

1>Double customs clearance and delivery, doesnt include tax; delivery 7 to 14 days;

2>Shipping weight=(volume weight-package weight)/2+package weight;

3>General products only, contraband, imitation brand, batteries, gyro, wood products will be rejected;

4>Tax description: A. UK VAT tax number is required; B. Advance tariff = declaration value * exchange rate * 30%, minimum advance payment of 1000 yuan / ticket (final to the customs list, the tariff currency is sterling, the exchange rate is 8.95); C. Our default customs clearance invoice plus 2GBP/KG for the first-way arrival freight; D. After the goods clearance, the C88 file and IEN number are provided after seven working days;

5>Volume weight restriction: longest side <100 cm; 10kg<package weight<=30kg;

6> the UK air delivery shipping rates update on monthly basis, please inquiry 86deal for the latest shipping rates for packages shipping from China to UK.

Tax free air delivery shipping from China to USA

1West USA (post code starts 8 and 9)40383635
2East USA (post code starts 7)41393736
3East USA (post code starts 6) 42403837
4East USA (post code starts 0~3) 42403837
5Middle USA (post code starts 4 and 5) 42403837

USA tax free air delivery terms:

1>Double customs clearance and delivery, doesnt include tax; delivery 7 to 12 days;

2>Shipping weight=(volume weight-package weight)/2+package weight;

3>Products restrictions: A. General products only, contraband, imitation brand, gyro, electricity, log, Bluetooth, ballpoint pen, pencil will be rejected; B.FDA certification, magnetic inspection, commodity inspection, colored pencils, paper products, wood crafts, children\’s toys , jewelry (except children\’s imitation jewelry), VR glasses, kitchen supplies, silicone molds, alcohol-containing cotton, ceramic crafts, sanitary ware, photo frames, picture frames, frames, paper products, canes, whip, artificial mosaics, wigs, fake Eyebrows, watch glass and lenses, iron products, steel nails, knife products (restricted tool rejection), locks, filing cabinets, file trays, staplers, hair dryers, curling irons, electric irons, solid state storage hard drives, magnetic tapes, records , monitors, radio combinations, motor vehicle parts, stationery, dressing cosmetics, fishing supplies, wind instruments, glasses frames, glass tubes, infrared products need to add 1.0 yuan / KG; C. beauty equipment, glasses, ski goggles, magnifying glass , microscope, textiles, leather goods, footwear, bags, hats, belts, wigs, card holders, computer protective cases, mobile phone cases, chargers, data lines, mice, keyboards, machines Box, keychain, barbecue tool, hook, cable, tripod, projector, camera, floor lamp, LED light, can opener, bathroom rack, clothes storage box, plastic box, silicone placemat, puncher, notebook, Plastic decoration, headgear, cushion products need to add 2.0 yuan / KG; D. sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, tooth cleaning, body fat meter, adult supplies need to add 3.0 yuan / KG; E. zip code begins with 00 *** , 96, 99* no service, (Alaska and Hawaii, Puerto Rico) no service, the state name is abbreviated as: HI, AR, PR); F. The first time the product is shipped, please consult separately (requires the name of the product) , picture, HS); G. remote area surcharge: calculated at RMB3.5/KG;

4>Volume weight restriction: longest side <100cm, length+2*(width+heigth)<300cm, 10kg<package weight<30kg;

You are welcome to inquire 86Deal if you need bulk wholesale and ship from China via tax free air delivery line.