The China Mexico line is a cost effective way for small business dropshipping and wholesale from China to Mexico. The shipping rates is cheaper than ePacket shipping from China to Mexico but the delivery is more stable.

China Mexico line shipping rates

Weight (kg)Processing fee(Yuan/shipment)Shipping fee(Yuan/kg)

Restrictions for package shipping from China to Mexico

Products restricted to general goods, built-in batteries(The battery power can\’t exceed 100W, and it needs to be insulated and packaged. The first time the charged goods are sent, the MSDS file must be provided in advance.)

Rejected products: reps brands, pure battery (naked) or charging treasure, mobile power, mobile battery, pure battery, nail polish, pure magnet, balance car, wheelbarrow, sharp and sharp knives, glue, liquid, alcohol, perfume National aviation, such as weapons, flammable and explosive, drug gun accessories, and the postal order prohibiting the transportation of products;

Size and weight restriction: 100*100*100CM, weight limit 70KG/pcs; volume calculation method: volume weight = length x width x height cm / 6000, if the volume is more than 2 times the net weight, then the volume is recharged according to the volume;

The package cannot be returned from Mexico to China;

Package value under 50 usd will be tax free; equal or above 50 usd will be charge 16% tax of the package value; Package value above 1000 usd will be rejected;

Remote area charge 30 yuan/shipment fee; Please inquiry with post code, state and city.

You are welcome to inquiry 86Deal China Mexico line for packages shipping from China to Mexico.