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15 ways to select winning products for Shopify dropshipping

The sales of Shopify sellers are not always smooth, including internationals shipping, rising prices, etc. To be a successful Shopify seller, there are still many obstacles to overcome. One of the main issues, especially for new Shopify sellers, is to select the winning products to sell. If you are lucky, you will at least have an idea of where your niche market is, but for others, the idea of finding products and niche markets can be daunting and time consuming. Many Shopify sellers found that when they analyzed a product, they found that the market was saturated, or the profit margin was prohibitively high. The following are the 15 ways to help you select winning products for Shopify dropshipping.


Kickstarter is primarily a crowdfunding site that allows people to raise money for personal projects and philanthropy, and it is also a useful tool to help private brands achieve product ideas. Kickstarter has many search options, and users can search by category or genre. In addition, its features are very beneficial for Amazon sellers, it has a very convenient \”everything section\” section, users can browse all current products.

In addition to important sources of choice and niche creativity, some Shopify sellers have also partnered with Kickstarter fundraisers to give them exclusive rights to sell fundraiser products.


Like Kickstarter, Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site that has started many entrepreneurial careers at the time of its creation (founded in 2007). The site is initiated by a fundraiser and public or corporate members can contribute to it to help start the project.

Users can easily browse websites by category, or use the \”explore section\” section to see which items are currently in progress and how much money has been raised so far.

Global Deals

eBay has many features that are ideal for Shopify sellers looking for a private brand.

eBay\’s Global Deals is tailored for Amazon and Shopify sellers. Global deals provides real-time transactions, including headsets and homes. This means that there are always thousands of products available for you to browse, so this is a list worthy of collection.

Watched Item

Watched Item is another invaluable asset for Shopify sellers because it is packed with product ideas. Users can choose to search by country or region to see what is currently popular. The site uses eBay\’s \”watch\” feature, which potential buyers can use to specify the products they are interested in.

Watched Item allows users to search by popularity to see which products are being viewed, and the number of people they view, to understand what consumers are looking for.

Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is the place to look for cutting-edge and quirky products and niche ideas. Its mission is \”innovation\” and \”trend hotspots\” to provide valuable ideas and insights to Amazon sellers who want to sell differentiated products.


Angel offers users an overview of new and popular startups and products and services in the world. The range offered is a wealth of ideas for Shopify sellers looking for new products.

YouTube Trending

Like eBay, you’ve certainly heard of YouTube, but may not realize the potential it offers to Shopify sellers. Its Trending section is a source of inspiration for Shopify sellers, giving them access to thousands of new products and services.

One of the great advantages of YouTube Trending is that it offers a lot of ideas, usually seen in a 2 minute to 3 minute video clip.


Although Pinterest has a lot of fantastic locations and amazing selfies, it\’s also a great tool for those looking for products or niche inspiration. Users can search through various sections to find new and eccentric products.

Google Trends

The Google Trends feature allows inspiration seekers to search for the latest trends by country.

Google Trends takes a little time to adapt because it not only provides product information, but also provides breaking news from politics, finance and other fields. Still, it\’s worth a try, because once you master the trick, there are plenty of products and niche ideas to choose from.


Oberlo is a one-stop shop for Shopify sellers, serving people who research specific products or just look for some private label product ideas.

Users can search for specific products or simply browse, and the site also includes a wealth of useful articles, tips and guides for all sellers from beginners to experts.

Amazon Best Seller list

If you are looking for inspiration from Amazon sellers, who is better than Amazon itself? There are many very useful features on Amazon\’s website, and the Best Seller list should be on the list of sellers for each private brand.

As the name implies, BSR offers a list of the best-selling products on Amazon, along with rankings, sales information and product details. Users can search by rank or category to quickly see what the savvy consumer is looking for in real time.

This is especially useful for Shopify sellers looking for inspiration, as the results are often surprising. Of course, we can all guess that the latest Apple Watches will be sold, but you will often encounter unexpected product ideas that are moving a lot of products.

Amazon New Releases list

Amazon\’s new product list is for Shopify sellers to find the beginning of the product life to maximize sales. Amazon\’s new products can be searched by type and category to quickly and easily view all of the products that are just on the shelves.

Amazon Movers and Shakers list

The Movers and Shakers list refers to Amazon\’s products that have achieved the highest rankings on the sales charts in the past 24 hours. The list is updated hourly, which is a good tool for identifying new trends.

Amazon Most Wished For list

When shopping on Amazon, users can list items that they are not ready to buy but are interested in on the wish list. The Most Wished For list lists the products that platform users want to buy, which is a great source of inspiration for sellers.

Alixpress weekly best selling

Among the many ways, the most common one is probably using the platform to find winning product, which can quickly find the right target. Go to the AliExpress homepage and click on Bestselling on the AliExpress home page to see the interface below. You can choose Hot product or Weekly Bestselling to view the products that are selling well on the platform.

If you have Aliexpress account you can also view the product data by using the Shujuzhongheng tool. Click on the hot sale products, choose the main industry of the store, choose the country and time, and analyze which categories of the current industry have more market advantages.

If you need to find best selling products from China, 1688 cross border eCommerce market is also a very good way for you to find the winning product, there you can see the hot sale and trending products for each product category.

Product selection is the first step for Shopify dropshipping business but it is very important step especially for new shopify sellers. There are many ways and research works you need to pay attention during the product selection period, you are welcome to inquiry 86Deal if you are interested in dropshipping from China.

China Mexico line

The China Mexico line is a cost effective way for small business dropshipping and wholesale from China to Mexico. The shipping rates is cheaper than ePacket shipping from China to Mexico but the delivery is more stable.

China Mexico line shipping rates

Weight (kg)Processing fee(Yuan/shipment)Shipping fee(Yuan/kg)

Restrictions for package shipping from China to Mexico

Products restricted to general goods, built-in batteries(The battery power can\’t exceed 100W, and it needs to be insulated and packaged. The first time the charged goods are sent, the MSDS file must be provided in advance.)

Rejected products: reps brands, pure battery (naked) or charging treasure, mobile power, mobile battery, pure battery, nail polish, pure magnet, balance car, wheelbarrow, sharp and sharp knives, glue, liquid, alcohol, perfume National aviation, such as weapons, flammable and explosive, drug gun accessories, and the postal order prohibiting the transportation of products;

Size and weight restriction: 100*100*100CM, weight limit 70KG/pcs; volume calculation method: volume weight = length x width x height cm / 6000, if the volume is more than 2 times the net weight, then the volume is recharged according to the volume;

The package cannot be returned from Mexico to China;

Package value under 50 usd will be tax free; equal or above 50 usd will be charge 16% tax of the package value; Package value above 1000 usd will be rejected;

Remote area charge 30 yuan/shipment fee; Please inquiry with post code, state and city.

You are welcome to inquiry 86Deal China Mexico line for packages shipping from China to Mexico.

How to dig best seller baby products for Shopify dropshipping

Parents all want to give the best to their babies, thus the baby products include baby clothes, toys, feeding, health and security etc. are very big niche market for dropshipping. When it comes to baby products product selection for Shopify dropshipping, in addition to some essentials (such as cribs), there are some durable baby products that should not be missed. These products need to withstand the rigorous treatment of babies and need to be easy to clean.

In 1688 cross border eCommerce market we listed the top baby products suppliers for dropshipping and wholesale, 1688 cross border suppliers trending products for dropshipping and wholesale , there listed the best seller baby products suppliers for you as a reference.

Below are top9 baby products recommended by foreign parenting experts on Amazon and its e-commerce platform, each of them can be sourced on 1688 at cheaper cost.

Owl Towel

Hudson Baby animal towels are made from 100% woven cotton and are available in a variety of cute animal styles. This hooded towel measures 33 feet by 33 inches and wraps the baby from head to toe after a baby shower or swim. This affordable hooded towel is perfect for infants or toddlers.


In addition to the owl towel, there are many other types of animel towels available on the 1688 baby product channel .

Personalized Sports Bib

The personalized sports bib measures 14 feet by 11 inches and can be personalized, with a 100% cotton bib embroidered team logo and baby\’s name. The bib\’s neck is well designed and made from soft, comfortable stretch cotton.


In addition the the cutton bib, you can also find silica bib, plastic bib etc on 1688 baby product market.

Zutano Baby Booties

Zutano baby boots have a unique buckle design, which means that the boots are not easy to fall off and will always wear on the baby\’s feet. These booties have an ultra-soft fleece lining that wraps the baby\’s feet and keeps the inside and outside comfortable. Designed for durability, these booties retain their shape and feel after prolonged cleaning and wear. Available in a variety of colors and styles.


Of course, there are thousands boots with personalized and dorable design for babies available on 1688 cross border eCommerce market.

Jellycat Cordy Roy Fox

Founded in London in 1999, the Jellycat brand is dedicated to providing innovative, innovative plush toys for users of all ages. Jellycat offers cute, luxurious fabrics and soft plush toys. Jellycat plush toys are available in a variety of sizes, featuring a variety of collections and themes, and children\’s room decorations for boys and girls. This plush toy has corduroy corrugated fabric and is only partially clean.


You can also check the best seller plush toy on 1688.

Burt\’s Bees Baby Bodysuits

This baby tights is 100% organic cotton certified, and organic cotton makes the tights comfortable and softer. This set comes in five different colors or patterns, and buyers can also buy matching bathrobes. This tights feature a nickel-free strong buckle that is reinforced with adhesive to ensure comfort and bond strength.


1688 best seller Baby bodysuits dropshipping supplier

Pottery Barn Kids Sherpa Baby Blanket

This machine washable baby blanket is fluffy and warm. It comes in three colors and can be customized by the buyer using a name or a combination of letters. This soft baby blanket is perfect for kids and moms on the go or on the go. Made from 100% polyester (poester boa), the polyester is extremely durable and retains its shape even after years of wear. The fabric of this baby blanket is wrinkle resistant and easy to care for. Baby blanket size: 30 inches wide by 40 inches long. Machine washable, customizable details can be customized for an additional fee.


1688 best seller baby blanket dropshipping supplier

Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack

This diaper bag has a large capacity and can carry a lot of maternity products. The Hap Tim diaper bag has two separate compartments in front and rear that can hold many baby care essentials (such as diapers, food and extra clothing). It also has 17 pockets for iPads, wallets, cell phones, and more, including 3 thermos pockets. This diaper bag has high quality and high water resistance. The diaper bag is made of PU back coated nylon fabric (more sturdy, stronger, more wear resistant and better resistant to deformation than polyester) . The 3D breathable cushion back and shoulder straps keep the user comfortable.


1688 best seller diapar backpack dropshipping supplier

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

Aden + Anais has become synonymous with baby tulle. There is a reason for this, they are light, easy to clean, and can withstand wear. This baby 襁褓 has a super durable quality, and the muslin has made a big contribution to the comfort of the baby, natural texture, soft and durable. The large size, versatile baby wipes provide enough space for the baby to be thin, breathable and safe, yet provide plenty of breathability.


If you are dropship baby blankets you can check the best seller baby blankets dropshipping suppliers on 1688 via the links above.

Reversible Play Mat

This versatile double-sided game pad is made of a soft material that can be rolled up for storage in a car or playroom. Buyers can flip the mat from the color print surface to the neutral gray surface as needed. Flexible materials ensure safety, comfort and reversibility so buyers can match any decoration. Made of non-toxic materials that are easy to clean, suitable for newborns over the age of 0.


The baby play mat is one of the more hot selling baby products in 2019, you can take a look at the best seller baby play mat dropshipping supplier on 1688.

When you research on the best seller baby products online for Shopify dropshipping, 1688 is absolutely a good place for you to choose baby product and dropshipping supplier.

EU USA battery lines

It is a headche for the electronic dropshippers who want dropship built-in or pure battery products from China to to USA and EU countries, now you can try 86Deal EU USA battery lines to dropship from China.


Built-in battery shipping rates for small package shipping from China to USA

weight(g)price(yuan) weight(g) price(yuan) weight(g) price(yuan) weight(g) price(yuan) weight(g) price(yuan) weight(g) price(yuan)

Built-in battery lines restrictions:

1> Built-in battery only;

2> USA only, delivery time 8 to 12 days;

3> Weight minimum 50g, max 5kg;

4> Volume minimum 15*10*2cm, longest side <60cm, length+width+height<120cm, else will charge extra fee;

5>Package lost compensation: lost in our warehouse we will compensate the products value, lost during international shipping will compensate based on DHL rules;

6> custom tax, package value under 800 usd no tax in USA custom tax, if tax occured will be issued to receiver;

7> Non-US mainland regions cannot be shipped, non-US mainland regions except Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Petrel Archipelago
, Saipanina Island, Midway Island, Nafsa Island, Wick Island and other areas;

8> Forbidden items: Items that cannot be mailed or restricted by mail according to the relevant provisions of international air transport and US Customs. Including but not limited to all cosmetics, tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol, prescription drugs, knives, matches, lighters, laser pointers, liquids, powders, pastes, drugs, arms, alcohol, perfumes, nail polish, aerosols, bleaches , swimming pool chemicals, paints, etc., as well as a variety of infringement, imitation brand goods.

9> Redelivery charge fees based on DHL delivery rates;

10> The built-in battery line shipping rates is floating, please inquiry in details.

Battery shipping rates for small package shipping from China to USA

Weight(g)Price(yuan) Weight(g) Price(yuan) Weight(g) Price(yuan) Weight(g) Price(yuan)

Battery lines restrictions:

1> Battery products like power bank, button battery, balance car battery, dry cell only;

2> Weight minimum 50g, max 2kg;

3> Volume minimum 10*15*2cm, longest side <60cm, length+(2*width+2*hight)<120cm, else will charge extra volume fee;

4>Irregular packaging not accepted;

5> Delivery time 8 to 12 days; USA mainland only;

6> Compenstation: package lost in 86Deal warehouse will be compensate product value, lost during international shipping process compensate based on DHL rules;

7> Re-delivery fee charge based on USPS rule, package should be signed by receipt, other people sign package should provide receipt ID card info;

Battery shipping rates for small package shipping from China to EU countries

CountryDelivery regionshipping rates(Kg/yuan)Register fee
Czech RepublicALL6024
France97100-97999,98600-98999 cannot deliver6522
Hungary ALL 6322
Ireland ALL 7728
Italy ALL 7230
Luxumberg ALL 5227
Norway ALL 6441
Poland ALL 6923
Portugal ALL 7922
Slovakia ALL 8727
Spain38000-38999/07000-07999/35000-35999 cannot deliver7124
Sweden62000-62999 cannot deliver7124
Switzerland ALL 6525
Netherlands ALL 6425

Battery shipping line restrictions

1> weight and volume restriction: 0-2KG; minimum weight 0.01kg. Volume : length + width + height ≤ 90cm, longest side≤ 60cm, round package: diameter * 2+ length ≤ 104cm, longest side ≤ 90cm;

2> Only power bank, button battery, balance car battery, dry cell and other specific products accepted;

3> MSDS, UN38.3 file required;

4> All goods need to be insulated and packaged. The outer packaging should be packed in paper boxes. Non-carton packaging such as plastic bag envelopes is not allowed;

5> The battery needs to display the capacity. One battery capacity cannot exceed 20Wh, and one battery pack cannot exceed 100Wh;

6>The package box of pure electric mobile power supply needs to be labeled with a battery;

You are welcome to inquiry 86deal if you want to dropship built-in battery products from China to USA and EU countries.

Christmas product selection|2019 Top10 toys and games for Shopify dropshipping

2019 Christmas comes soon, there are many Shopify sellers already worried about the product selection so that they won\’t miss the chance for the golden holiday. Actually we can take advantage of the Amazon product selling data as a reference for Christmas product selection in 2019. According to Amazon, the British generally set off for Christmas on December 4th, but the celebration started early in the Northeast in the month before Christmas. On average, consumers buy 17 gifts and spend 558 minutes browsing the shopping list. 27% of Britons plan ahead to buy something, and 5.3 million Britons will not finish holiday shopping until Christmas Eve. In Amazon\’s Christmas Guide, you\’ll find a wide variety of gift choices and unique innovations that will help make Christmas more memorable. With the advice of Amazon experts, Alexa and experienced sellers, we list the Top10 toys and games that will be popular this Christmas shopping season. ”

Amazon 2019 Christmas Guide – Top 10 Toys and Games

L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L Surprise! Surprise the split-in two-in-one luxury fashion camping set, out of the box to experience more than 55 surprises, including bunk beds, illuminated pools and slides, stylish runways, barbecue terraces and DJ booths. Fully furnished, 360 degree event with lighting and sound effects.


Monopoly Voice

Electronic family monopoly board game with lighting and sound effects for children over 8 years old.


LEGO Hidden Side

Lego Haunted High School theme. With 1,474 components, it is suitable for children over 9 years old.


Owleez Flying Baby Owl

A flying little owl interactive toy with lights and sounds with over 100 sounds and movements. Suitable for children 6 years and older.


Treasure X Kings

A puzzle game for treasures. Suitable for 6 years and older.


Fisher-Price baby doll

Interactive sloth toy with lighting and music features for children over 9 months.


Paw Patrol Super PAWs

The two-in-one transforms the powerful jet command center with music and lighting.


Pictionary Air Family

Family painting guessing game. Just download the Pictionary Air app to your smartphone or tablet and get started.


L.O.L. Surprise!

Exclusive L.O.L. Surprise, winter disco series.


Nerf Fortnite Blaster

Detachable dart gun, tested and approved for performance and quality, and made of soft, hollow foam. Suitable for children over 8 years old.


The Amazon top10 toys and games are only for you as a reference to help you select the right products to earn money in the Christmas season. In addition to the product selection for Shopify store, you can take some positive steps to prepare for this season, including optimizing your mobile website and streamlining your checkout process.

Focus on customer data

The first step is to track customer shopping behavior by browsing data and history, so you can take advantage of the potential opportunities offered by customer data and personalization.

Regardless of the size of your business, identifying three key audiences can help you improve your communication skills and invest more wisely in advertising, so you can boost holiday sales and enter the Christmas shopping season.

Personalize your store

You can use customer data to improve your customer experience and increase their engagement. This requires you to lock the right customer with the right product or message.

It\’s like you don\’t email a long-term customer about your brand, nor do you give a personalized product recommendation to a potential customer who has never visited your website. If you are tracking browsing history and shopping transactions, you can very accurately understand what customers are looking for.

For example, a customer of a toy shop, he has a history of purchases, including every kinds of 1 to 3 years old toys. What else products she/he may also interested?

Before the Christmas holiday season, it is recommended to divide your Shopify store visitors into three main audiences, so that you can target your target audience more accurately and effectively to select the toy and game products.