Along with the high speed development of the cross border eCommerce in recent years, more and more Amazon, eBay and Shopify sellers intend to create private label products to brand their business.

Advantages for private label dropshipping from China 1688

Control profit margin. By creating a private label, sellers can increase product pricing, thereby increasing profit margins and accelerating business growth;

Control product category. Sellers can launch any product they want to sell according to their own brand, but if you sell someone else’s branded products, you can’t guide them to sell what products;

Control brand value. Setting up your own brand is a way for sellers to build relationships with their customers. Selling someone else’s branded products does not belong to you.

Control infringement risk. When you has your brands, you are not easy to be complained for infringement by others.

86Deal private label dropshipping service

There are many 1688 suppliers allow private label dropshipping and wholesale, however, they have MOQ for such services which is risky for small dropshippers, thus 86Deal offers private label service to help small business branding the product while reduce the risks for bulk wholesale orders on 1688.

Fashion clothes private label service

The fashion clothes seller usually have upto hundreds of SKUs, mostly clothes come from different suppliers with different labels which will greatly affect the user experience once they buy multiple clothes on the store. Thus 86Deal offers the following private label services to help dropshippers brand their store:

1> Remove ads, coupons and packaging from different suppliers;

2> Remove clothing labels from different suppliers;

3> Customize label and stick on clothing;

4> Repacking the clothes;

5> Print and stick barcode on the packaging.

In addition to fashion clothes private label service, other dropshippers in eletronic gadgets, toys, led lighting, game gears with white label products, we can also help them customize transparent stickers to help them private label the products.

86Deal Thanks card and packaging customization service

In addition to the private label service, 86Deal also help dropshippers customize thank you card, letter, flyers, envelope as well as packaging to attract clients repeat purchase in the store and share to their social networks.

In addition to the packaging listed above, 86Deal also help dropshippers customize different packaging material based on the products dropshipping from China.

Private label dropship is a tendency in the future cross border eCommerce. With 86Deal private label service and packaging customization service, you can not only provide better user experience, enhence user loyalty but also setup your brands gradually.