In 2018, private label sellers brought 51% of Amazon\’s revenue to $4.5 billion in revenue. Shopify\’s Top100 sellers are all private label sellers. Private label is an established trend of e-commerce in the future. If private-label sellers can choose the trend products, then the double trend stacking will have great economic benefits.

The establishment of private label brand is an inevitable trend in the development of e-commerce sellers. Private label such as Gym Shark (fitness clothing brand) are taking the market step by step, and it has achieved sales of 52 million US dollars in 2017. So if Shopify sellers who want to make a difference in the e-commerce market must be aware of the fact that it is impossible to defeat the competitors by relying on general-purpose products to occupy the market. The private label brand is the king. What\’s the advantages of private label for Shopify dropshipping business?

4 advantages of private label for Shopify dropshipping

Control revenue growth. By creating a brand, Shopify sellers can increase product pricing, thereby increasing profit margins and accelerating business growth.

Control product categories. Shopify Sellers can launch any product they want to sell according to their own brand, but if you sell someone else\’s branded products, you can\’t guide them what products to sell.

Control brand value. Setting up your own brand is a way for Shopify sellers to build relationships with their customers. Selling someone else\’s branded products does not belong to you.

Control brand sales. By setting up your own brand, you can control where your products are sold and let platforms remove other third-party sellers that sell your products.

You might say that you are already considering launching your own brand, but there is no product inspiration, what kind of products suitable for private label via Shopify?

Top10 private label products for Shopify dropshipping

Water bottle

Social responsibility and environmental awareness make people more willing to buy environmentally friendly products, such as reusable water bottles. Water bottles from Hydroflask and Swell are becoming more and more popular. It is estimated that by 2025, the market value of the water bottle will reach 10.4 billion US dollars.

Essential oil

Essential oils are not only used in the food and beverage industry, but also in aromatherapy, massage and more. Now, the crazy growth of the cosmetics industry has also promoted the sale of essential oils.

Every year, about 200 different types of essential oils are used worldwide, and the United States is a major oil demander. According to statistics, the US essential oil market reached 3.36 billion US dollars. It is estimated that from 2016 to 2024, the US essential oil market will grow by 9%.

The profit of essential oils is very impressive, you can launch your own brand in this market, but be careful not to violate federal regulations.

Card game

Party games are one of the fastest growing categories of private labels. Adult card games like Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme? are popular with all ages, with adult card game sales reaching $9.6 billion in 2016, according to estimates Between 2016 and 2022, the market will grow at an average annual rate of 9%.

Party games have great branding and brand value, so you can try to set up your own brand.

Mobile phone accessories

It is estimated that by 2022, the mobile phone accessories market will reach 107.3 billion US dollars.

It is not difficult to create a private label mobile phone accessory, and the profit margin is very high.

Tracking device

It is estimated that by 2023, the GPS tracking equipment market will reach 2.89 billion US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.91%.

The continuous growth of car sales has driven the development of the tracker market.

People can also attach trackers to personal items such as cell phones, keys or dogs.

Eco Bag

In order to have a positive impact on the environment, many consumers are turning to reusable green plastic bags.

It is estimated that this market is growing at a rate of 4.66% per year, with North America accounting for the largest market share.


The number of American smokers has reached a record low, accounting for only 15.1% of the total population.

The improvement of health awareness has prompted smokers to start looking for ways to quit smoking. E-cigarette smoking has become a way for people to quit smoking. According to statistics, from 2015 to 2025, the compound annual growth rate of the electronic cigarette industry will reach 22.36%, and the market value will reach 50 billion US dollars.

The rise of this industry has created new opportunities for private label brands.

Glass container

Living in the world of reinforced concrete for a long time, people are eager for nature and \”green\”, which has stimulated people\’s interest in indoor plants and gardening.

According to reports, 37% of millennials will plant some flowers and plants indoors.

Glassware allows people to put a variety of plants together, just like an indoor small garden that satisfies people\’s desire for nature. In addition, planting green plants with glass containers can also be a great home decoration.

Glass containers vary in size and shape as well as their features, giving Shopify sellers big chance to search for potential business.

Smart backpack

Whether it is for students or professionals, backpacks are used. Compared with ordinary backpacks, smart backpacks equipped with modern technology (with charging function, etc.) are a newcomer.

According to statistics, by 2021, the global smart backpack market will grow by 4.89%. And research shows that many consumers do not have a backpack brand that is particularly popular, this is a big opportunity for you.

LED light

Whether it is lanterns, neon lights, or Christmas lights, LED bulbs are being used. The demand for LED lamps is increasing. Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, LED lamps are more energy efficient and safer and stronger.

LED lights are versatile and you can build related products such as gloves with flashing lights.

When you select products category for private label business, the first rule is to keep up with the trend, secondly pay more attention on its feature and design, thirdly in line with your Shopify products, fourthly focus on marketing and outsource the order fulfillment works.

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