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6 steps to create Shopify winning products

The first step in doing Shopify cross-border e-commerce is how to choose the right product. In the Shopify ecommerce field, winning products can be seen as the ultimate dream of every seller. Because the actual benefits brought by a best selling product are far more than the sales it has achieved, it is a powerful stimulus to the store traffic, which can win a steady stream of attention for the store and the brands. How to create winning products in Shopify store? The following are 6 steps for you as a reference.

Product selection

At the beginning we said how to choose the right product is key to shopify cross border ecommerce. A winning product means hot sale product in Shopify store, then the product selection is of course the primary condition. In fact, there are many factors for the success of Shopify cross-border e-commerce operations, such as professional team, capital, and the choice of the right platform to operate, but we believe that the first step in doing Shopify cross-border e-commerce is how to choose the right product.

When we select products for Shopify business the core principles is high-quality goods, competitive prices, consistent with cross-border sales characteristics, meeting the needs of target clients, and highlighting their own competitive advantages.

Unlike the dropshipping business, you need to know the purchase and even the production channels as much as possible, and to make some localization improvements for the products; it is recommended to choose products that are closely related to life, preferably select the high usage rates, and there is not much difference in culture. The product selection is the pursuit of sales, so the small cultural products need to develop a separate operating plan, we will pass here, to create a Shopify winning products must be the public goods related to daily life such as clothing, food, housing and entertainment etc.

Product pricing

Choosing a good product is a prerequisite for Shopify cross border eCommerce, and product pricing is the key to success.

The winning product belongs to the products have high sales volume, the product price needs to be tempting to stimulate the purchase. The best selling products must work hard on the price strategy, you can reduce the profit moderately, and rely on attention and traffics to the store to make profits.

Whether you sell in mainland or overseas countries via Shopify, clients get used to compare price when they shopping online, the price needs to be attractive enough to impress more consumers, it is the common rule suitable for people in the world.

Product photo and video processing

If the product and price is the precondition of the winning products, product photo and video must be the decisive factor attract clients to place order.

This is a sight era, but also an era of reading pictures and videos. Of course, the picture and video have become the primary condition for attracting buyers\’ attention. How to make the product eye catching and intuitive in a wide range of products is a question that must be considered.

If your clients located in the Asian cultural circle (East Asia, Southeast Asia), the product image needs to focus on the experience, production style and brand characteristics. If the target customer is in the Western cultural circle, the design of the product image and video needs to focus on practicality. It is best to display the product in multiple angles and all angles.

In addition, the simple, modern and stylish design is universal.

Promotional ads

There\’s an old saying, the wine is also afraid of the deep alley.

In the big data era, there is countless information that is flooded in the rolling data, not to mention overseas that have cultural differences.

Shopify sellers can purchase advertisements on Facebook, google or Instagram, pay attention to the data, and summarize the traffic volume caused by the time and location of the advertisements. Because there is often a time difference between operators and customers, this is especially important.

Product listing optimization

Product listing optimization from keywords to titles, don\’t neglect each details.

Optimized product listing is good to attract click rates and traffics. Shopify sellers need to sort out the keywords that suit products according to their product characteristics and platform data, and match them to each other and distribute them reasonably to the listing title.

However, it should be noted that the selling point of the product must be contained in the listing. This is the key point that distinguishes you from other products. It is likely to hit the user\’s pain points, so that clients are more likely to place order.

Product inventory

If the creation of the product is the basis of the winning product, then sufficient inventory is the last step to complete the best selling product in the Shopify store. Enough stock for the winning products not only improve the delivery speed but also increase profit margin by wholesale from the factory suppliers.

Excluding the stocks, ongoing product updates and R&D are also very important. Regardless of the online shopping platform, ongoing transactions and clicks will cause the seller to be identified as a high quality seller by the system and the clients. In this step you will gradually setup the store brands.

86Deal offers one stop Shopify order fulfillment services include:

Sourcing service
Sample service
Bargain and purchasing service
QC service
Goods returning service
(goods returning from overseas to China)
Label service
Order printing service
Consolidation shipping service
Tracking upload service
Flexible shipping methods
Professional customs clearance service

The above are the 6 steps to create Shopify winning products, you are welcome to share your opinions.

Product research|4 product market locate tips for Shopify dropshipping

There is no doubt that product selection is the most important factor decides the success or failure of dropshipping business. As a Shopify seller it is very important to choose products that meet the needs of customers. How to choose products for Shopify dropshipping business? The following are 4 product market locate tips to help you select the right products for Shopify dropshipping business.

Product price

For the price of the product, the product with a price of between 30 and 300 US dollars is generally better. First of all, cross-border transactions need to take into account international shipping costs. If the unit price of the commodity is too low, and the freight rate is much higher than the product price, then the buyer\’s desire to purchase will also decline. Moreover, the unit price of the product is too low, and they can\’t make any profit. They are tired, and low-priced products are easy to attract competitors.

Moreover, the unit price of the product is too high, such as some luxury goods, valuables, it is difficult to form a trust relationship, and it is not easy for buyers to place orders.

The price of the product needs to have sufficient profit, and the product in this price range has enough profit margin.

Product category

When choosing the product category, you need to choose those products that are “small, light and light”, or consider the freight price of international express delivery. The product with too large volume and light weight will produce the weight of the goods. Will produce the price of the goods, so the freight will not be able to draw. The product should be easy to transport, so it is not easy to damage in transportation. Otherwise, this return will be a headache, and a transaction dispute will arise. One needs to invest in manpower to solve it. Another reason transnational freight is more expensive. It is very likely that the international shipping fee will be lost a lot.

Another problem is customs clearance issue. Some products cannot be accepted by customs or international express delivery. In addition to items prohibited by national laws, such as liquids, powder, drugs (requires special express delivery), flammable explosives and so on are not express. In addition, it is necessary to find out which countries do not accept which products are imported. (For example, Australia does not accept the clearance of cosmetics, jewelry, etc.) This detailed can consult the relevant logistics companies according to their own products, and can also consult the same industry veterans.

There is also the choice of some consumable products, such products are likely to cause repeated purchases, easy to cultivate consumer spending habits, but also conducive to the spread and retention of customers.

Product market research

If you choose a product for Shopify dropshipping, then you must have some understanding of this product. At the beginning, you must choose a product and category that you are interested in. Only products that you are interested in and that are more understandable can be better. To gain a deeper understanding of the product characteristics and product market, have a keen insight into the product and the market, but also better to grasp the buyer\’s needs.

After selecting a good product, you need to study the market that is suitable for this product. Unlike B2C platforms, Shopify dropshipping espectially cross border dropshipping is quite different. Basically, there is no essential difference in domestic culture. Consumers’ consumption habits are also easy to study. As long as the exposure is increased and there is traffic, there will be orders. After all, we can reach out to the people, and people in different countries, we will need to study the user habits to understand the market, there are many people who are just starting cross-border e-commerce don\’t necessarily understand them. Even many of their consumption habits will make us scream. Many people have reflected that you may not be able to ignore what you think is very popular. You feel very arrogant. Very popular items have become their explosions. What\’s more, there are so many countries in the world, each country has its own different cultures and habits. Which country is suitable for your product and what kind of consumers are suitable for it? It still takes time to study.

Different products and different markets are different when choosing a platform. For example, Shopify is more suitable for some developed countries in Europe, America, Australia, UK, etc., suitable for some more distinctive products, while AliExpress is more suitable. Go to select some products with relatively low prices and do markets in Brazil, Russia and so on.

When the market does not go abroad for field visits, it mainly relies on the analysis of data. Where does this data come from? From the data source, the data is divided into external data and internal data. External data refers to data generated by companies, markets, etc. outside the company. Internal data refers to the data generated during the internal operations of an enterprise. Knowing ourselves and knowing each other is not a problem. If you want to make scientific and correct decisions, you need to conduct thorough research and analysis on internal and external data.

Product selection tools & external data analysis

Analysis ideas: Flexible and comprehensive use of each analysis tool, comprehensively grasp the data basis of category selection for Shopify store.

Combined method: Analyze the periodic characteristics of the category through Google Trends tool, grasp the product development opportunities; use the KeywordSpy tool to find the category search heat and category keywords, and use Alexa tools to select at least three of the categories to use the market as the main The competitor\’s website in the target market serves as a reference for the analysis and product selection in the target market.

1) Google Trends

Search conditions: keywords, country, time;

For example: Take the keyword Swimwear as an example. The countries selected are the United States and Australia. The search results show:

In the United States in the northern hemisphere, May-July is the peak of swimwear search, while in the southern hemisphere of Australia, September-January is the peak of swimwear. Therefore, for product development in the US market, we will complete it in March-April, and for product development in the Australian market, it will need to be completed in August-September. If you don\’t know the periodicity of the target market, you will miss the market peak.

Another example: Christmas\’s attention, globally: Christmas has only one hottest point in the year, and in September of each year, the market has gradually increased its attention, and it has grown rapidly in October and November. It reached its peak at the end of December and then quickly fell to a low point. If you can prepare products and related promotional activities in advance, you can capture the market from the entire heat cycle of the product, otherwise you can only catch a Christmas tail.

After obtaining the time rule of category development, we began to find the competitor websites that need reference through tools. Standing on the shoulders of giants, you can stand even further.


The search results show that in the US market, Swimwear\’s monthly search volume reached approximately 2.74 million times, and the market is hot. The most searched keywords are the main keywords of swimwear, such as Swimwear, Swim wear, Swimsuit, Bathing Suit, etc., while other keywords can be used as long tail keywords. These keywords are used in product naming and naming and description in product information processing, which will greatly improve the Shopify store SEO.

At the same time, the search results page will also display the list of sites of the main competitors\’ websites corresponding to the keyword Swimwear, with a focus on sites with more original keywords, which will be based on a competitor\’s website discovered by keywordspy, using Alexa tools. Further analysis of the site to determine if it is a suitable reference site.

3) Alexa – website target market and distribution

On the query results page, we focus on the daily average ip traffic of the website (representing the overall popularity of the site) and the ranking of the site in each region (representing the site\’s popularity in each region):

Through the search results, we can conclude that this site is targeting the United States and has a high reputation in the United States. Combined with the analysis of the KeywordSpy tool, we can confirm that this site can be used as a reference website for our swimwear category in the US and North America to study the appearance and price of swimwear products suitable for the US market.

Internal data analysis

Gain sales information (traffics, conversion rate, bounce rate, customer unit price, etc.) for the products that have been put on the shelves through GA analysis tools, analyze which products are sold well, and how the overall sales rate is… and gradually accumulate from the successful and failed products. Selection experience, combined with external data, step by step to become a selection master.

Use keywords and appearances to identify product owners and suppliers to meet and guide customer needs with the final product while achieving personal value and corporate value.

Popular product category for Shopify dropshipping

The popular product categories for Shopify dropshipping are clothing, 3C electronics, wigs, electronic cigarettes, auto parts, home, accessories, health and beauty products, etc. These are the more popular product categories, and the competition is fierce. In a fiercely competitive environment, you need to use your own unique vision to pick out products and select some distinctive products that can highlight your own personality, such as personalized accessories, special bags, custom dresses and so on.

In the beginning, the product selection is more difficult. So many products don’t know which ones will sell well, and which ones are not good to sell. So after choosing the products of your favorite category, scale a large number of distribution goods and test them via facebook or Ins ads, such as a large number of products, and check the data to analysis, remove the poor data products, finally choose some good convention products for dropshipping business.

13 marketing tips to increase Shopify store sales

This article is suitable for Shopify store within 2 years, including the transformation from Amazon to shopify, dropshipping and private label sellers. Before we start, let\’s take a look how to small business operate Shopify store:

Step1. Find someone to build a Shopify site;

Step2. Upload product information and photos via Shopify apps;

Step3. Run Facebook ads;

Step4. Check sales data;

Step5. Optimize ads.

Continue cycling the steps of 3, 4, 5…

If you pay attention you will find that the nature of the business that these Shopify sellers are doing is: earning the difference in traffic, not the e-commerce in the true sense. Once the cost of ads is rapidly rising, they will be difficult to maintain, and they will not be able to build a sustainable Shopify business, which is doomed from the beginning. And now the ads cost is already raising.

The following are 13 marketing tips to help you to open up the solid operational thinking and help you to successfully build Shopify store with increasing sales avenue.

Optimize Shopify ads with A/B Test


If you\’re advertising on Facebook, don\’t neglect to use A/B Test to test your ad performance. Using A/B Test can help you optimize your ad presentation and your advertising budget.

Find the best creatives by testing the different creatives in the same ad group and PK based on the data. Thereby achieving the effect of increased sales obtained under a fixed budget.

Enrich product review in Shopify store


Imagine if you enter an e-commerce website and find that the product has no review, will you buy it? You may be worried that I am the first person to buy this product. If the product is not good, wouldn\’t I become a white mouse? Therefore, it is very important to add review to the product.

Fortunately, Shopify app plugin is very smart, we can update it by importing Etsy, Aliexpress and other platforms, so that our product review is more rich.

Optimize Shopify shopping cart abandonment rate

Customers who generally add goods to their shopping carts are potential customers. But when we carefully analyze the website data, we will find that the abandonment rate is not low. If we don’t optimize for these user groups, then we will be in vain and wasted the advertising costs we spent before. If you can optimize this abandonment rate, it will greatly increase the Shopify store sales.

Let\’s take a look at the possibility of Shopify shopping cart abandonment rate:

a. Can\’t find coupon

b. There is no logistics method he wants

c. Very poor user experience billing page

b. Considering the security of payment

e. Need to create a new account

f. Unexpectedly high cost (tax, fee, shipping)

g. Can\’t see the settlement amount until the check out page

h. Return policy does not meet the needs of sellers

i. Not enough payment methods

j. Delivery time is too long

k. The website has a technical error

l. Credit card is rejected

According to the above question, what we need to do is to optimize the payment process (technology, payment diversification, SSL certificate, etc.), and then set up a group for users who have joined the shopping cart but have not successfully paid, and do remarketing advertisement or EDM. Advertising, by giving coupons, etc., let these customers return to purchase.

Create user loyalty rules

The user loyalty is actually a rule that needs to be cultivated. If there is no rule, it is difficult to form loyalty. The rule is actually very simple. The user is rewarded for the following behaviors.

a. Repeated purchase customers

b. Share your product content on social media

c. Recommend friends to grow up to register (requires affiliate system)

d. Create a product review for your website

You can reward your clients with different credits or coupons based on the above behaviors. Over time, these customers will become your loyal users and bring you a steady stream of free new customers.

Build user model in Shopify store

How much do you know about your users? I believe that most of the sellers did not group different buyers in the background, and did not do segmentation.

It\’s easy to do data grouping. We can use GA to set goals and Segement. We can distinguish between different factors such as buyers with repurchase rate and buyers with low complaint rate. This makes it easy for us to have different depths for different user behaviors.

When you do a good job of data analysis and distinguish between quality buyers and inferior buyers, your promotion and target audience will have a clearer direction.

And based on the data, you can also get an idea of what the user portrait of a quality buyer looks like.

Tips: We can also import quality user data to Facebook and do look like audience ads to target more similar quality buyers.

Building Shopify content marketing system

If you continue to use advertising traffic to get customers, then your traffic is not precipitated, and now more and more Shopify sellers uses content marketing to get customers, which is a low-cost way and you are able to precipitate clients in your Shopify store.

The benefits of content marketing on Shopify store:

a. Can help us bring potential buyers

b. Good article, readers will volunteer to share with you

c. Can help us bring free search engine traffic

d. Be able to wake up potential users with low demand and let them know that they need these products.

Build Shopify KOL marketing system

It is also a step to obtain customers, but if you work with KOL, the content is precipitated.

We have found hundreds of Youtube influencers who have worked together to do the product review project. Later, we found that even if we stop the KOL channel, YouTube will continue to bring traffic to our Shopify store, because the content has always existed.

I have also encountered some Shopify stores relying on the KOL road to make the brand, and now even if you do not advertise, there will be a steady stream of orders.

For more details you can take a look How to apply influencer marketing for Shopify dropshipping in 2019 .

Do Shopify EDM marketing

After the ad traffic comes in, if you don\’t make them your subscribers, you may need to spend the same advertising costs next time to attract them, so your traffic costs are very high.

Encourage them to be your subscribers, and then differentiate users according to the user\’s performance behavior according to the user model. This will help us to do precise marketing, activate user purchases again, and increase traffic usage.

Provide subscription product service

Product repurchase rates are highly likely, but consumer purchases may be low-frequency, and consumer loyalty is not high, he may choose to buy products in different places.

There is a model that is very popular online: subscription services.

The Shopify sellers encourage consumers to subscribe to their monthly products, and then send a batch of products to consumers every month, such as:

Case 1: Dogs\’ toys, they send a box every month, and there are different toy product combinations in the box.

Case 2: Regularly send different men to match the clothes to the customer, without the user to consider wearing troubles.

Through subscription services, we will greatly increase the repurchase rate of our products. And subscription-based customers allow us to maximize traffic, and we can also feed back benefits to our customers to achieve a virtuous circle, such as Amazon\’s subscribe service. (suitable for products with high repurchase rates: such as clothes, accessories, pet toys, daily necessities, etc.)

Guest blog for Shopify store

The Guest Post here is not a Guest Post that we understand in SEO. Its purpose is not how to get an external link, but how to bring us a lot of exposure and traffic through submission.

Find a large site for your target audience, reach out to the writer and discuss how to write an article and successfully publish it to these sites, which will bring us effective and long-term traffic.

Generally check the traffic, we will use similarweb, ahrefs and other tools, which can help us judge the traffic of the website.

Shopify store SEO and improve keyword rankings

Shopify store SEO can help us bring accurate search traffic and increase user trust.

Especially trust, the ranking of brand words is particularly important. If a buyer can\’t search for your brand name on Google, his trust in your website will be greatly reduced.

The trust of the Shopify store itself will be weaker than that of the third-party platform, so we need to always pay attention to gaining more user trust in the details.

What we need to do is to optimize the architecture of the site, the content of the copy, and the construction of the external links. This can infiltrate the concept of SEO in daily operations, and does not need to deliberately set up a team to do this because the formation team is doing SEO, the return on investment is definitely a loss.

Planning Giveaway event in Shopify store

A successful giveaway event can help us bring a lot of exposure to Shopify store, which will increase brand awareness and trust.

You can create a giveaway activity through facebook or ins or Youtube, increase the exposure through ad placement, and let more people participate. Since the participation condition requires hashtag his friend, the event will be seen on the friend\’s timeline.

Of course, we can also do giveaway by cooperating with the influencers (I personally prefer this), so that you can cultivate a group of influencer fans to grow, and maintain long-term cooperation, which can help you reduce marketing costs.

Manage reputation of the Shopify store

When a user sees your Shopify store, many people will try to search for your brand name on google first. If the review is bad feedback, do you think they will buy your product?

You may lose this potential customer forever, because people tend to be “stereotyped” about new things. Once he thinks your brand is not good, you are very difficult to convince him to go to your store to buy, the cost will be very high, so It is also very important to make a good reputation for the brand.

You can search for the brand words +review on google to see if there are bad comments on the major reviews sites.

If there is, just find someone to help you with the outsourcing method, and remove negative comments.

The above 13 Shopify marketing tips can be explained by the AARRR traffic funnel model.


Through the AARRR traffic model, we can clearly understand how to optimize the Shopify store in each step to create a powerful brands for Shopify independent store to make profits. Are you ready now?

4 advantages of private label for Shopify dropshipping

In 2018, private label sellers brought 51% of Amazon\’s revenue to $4.5 billion in revenue. Shopify\’s Top100 sellers are all private label sellers. Private label is an established trend of e-commerce in the future. If private-label sellers can choose the trend products, then the double trend stacking will have great economic benefits.

The establishment of private label brand is an inevitable trend in the development of e-commerce sellers. Private label such as Gym Shark (fitness clothing brand) are taking the market step by step, and it has achieved sales of 52 million US dollars in 2017. So if Shopify sellers who want to make a difference in the e-commerce market must be aware of the fact that it is impossible to defeat the competitors by relying on general-purpose products to occupy the market. The private label brand is the king. What\’s the advantages of private label for Shopify dropshipping business?

4 advantages of private label for Shopify dropshipping

Control revenue growth. By creating a brand, Shopify sellers can increase product pricing, thereby increasing profit margins and accelerating business growth.

Control product categories. Shopify Sellers can launch any product they want to sell according to their own brand, but if you sell someone else\’s branded products, you can\’t guide them what products to sell.

Control brand value. Setting up your own brand is a way for Shopify sellers to build relationships with their customers. Selling someone else\’s branded products does not belong to you.

Control brand sales. By setting up your own brand, you can control where your products are sold and let platforms remove other third-party sellers that sell your products.

You might say that you are already considering launching your own brand, but there is no product inspiration, what kind of products suitable for private label via Shopify?

Top10 private label products for Shopify dropshipping

Water bottle

Social responsibility and environmental awareness make people more willing to buy environmentally friendly products, such as reusable water bottles. Water bottles from Hydroflask and Swell are becoming more and more popular. It is estimated that by 2025, the market value of the water bottle will reach 10.4 billion US dollars.

Essential oil

Essential oils are not only used in the food and beverage industry, but also in aromatherapy, massage and more. Now, the crazy growth of the cosmetics industry has also promoted the sale of essential oils.

Every year, about 200 different types of essential oils are used worldwide, and the United States is a major oil demander. According to statistics, the US essential oil market reached 3.36 billion US dollars. It is estimated that from 2016 to 2024, the US essential oil market will grow by 9%.

The profit of essential oils is very impressive, you can launch your own brand in this market, but be careful not to violate federal regulations.

Card game

Party games are one of the fastest growing categories of private labels. Adult card games like Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme? are popular with all ages, with adult card game sales reaching $9.6 billion in 2016, according to estimates Between 2016 and 2022, the market will grow at an average annual rate of 9%.

Party games have great branding and brand value, so you can try to set up your own brand.

Mobile phone accessories

It is estimated that by 2022, the mobile phone accessories market will reach 107.3 billion US dollars.

It is not difficult to create a private label mobile phone accessory, and the profit margin is very high.

Tracking device

It is estimated that by 2023, the GPS tracking equipment market will reach 2.89 billion US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.91%.

The continuous growth of car sales has driven the development of the tracker market.

People can also attach trackers to personal items such as cell phones, keys or dogs.

Eco Bag

In order to have a positive impact on the environment, many consumers are turning to reusable green plastic bags.

It is estimated that this market is growing at a rate of 4.66% per year, with North America accounting for the largest market share.


The number of American smokers has reached a record low, accounting for only 15.1% of the total population.

The improvement of health awareness has prompted smokers to start looking for ways to quit smoking. E-cigarette smoking has become a way for people to quit smoking. According to statistics, from 2015 to 2025, the compound annual growth rate of the electronic cigarette industry will reach 22.36%, and the market value will reach 50 billion US dollars.

The rise of this industry has created new opportunities for private label brands.

Glass container

Living in the world of reinforced concrete for a long time, people are eager for nature and \”green\”, which has stimulated people\’s interest in indoor plants and gardening.

According to reports, 37% of millennials will plant some flowers and plants indoors.

Glassware allows people to put a variety of plants together, just like an indoor small garden that satisfies people\’s desire for nature. In addition, planting green plants with glass containers can also be a great home decoration.

Glass containers vary in size and shape as well as their features, giving Shopify sellers big chance to search for potential business.

Smart backpack

Whether it is for students or professionals, backpacks are used. Compared with ordinary backpacks, smart backpacks equipped with modern technology (with charging function, etc.) are a newcomer.

According to statistics, by 2021, the global smart backpack market will grow by 4.89%. And research shows that many consumers do not have a backpack brand that is particularly popular, this is a big opportunity for you.

LED light

Whether it is lanterns, neon lights, or Christmas lights, LED bulbs are being used. The demand for LED lamps is increasing. Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, LED lamps are more energy efficient and safer and stronger.

LED lights are versatile and you can build related products such as gloves with flashing lights.

When you select products category for private label business, the first rule is to keep up with the trend, secondly pay more attention on its feature and design, thirdly in line with your Shopify products, fourthly focus on marketing and outsource the order fulfillment works.

86Deal provides one stop order fulfillment services for Shopify sellers dropshipping from China:

Sourcing service
Sample service
Bargain and purchasing service
QC service
Goods returning service
(goods returning from overseas to China)
Private label and packaging service
Order printing service
Consolidation shipping service
Tracking upload service
Flexible shipping methods
Professional customs clearance service

2019 Father\’s Day gift product selection for Shopify dropshipping

Father\’s Day, as the name suggests, is a festival of grateful fathers. It began in the early twentieth century and originated in the United States. It has been widely spread around the world, and the date of the festival varies by region. The most extensive date is on the third Sunday of June each year, and 52 countries and regions in the world are on Father\’s Day on this day. There are various ways of celebrating the festival, most of which are related to giving gifts, family dinners or events.

According to eBayCBT\’s latest data report, in the United States, Father\’s Day is expected to total spending of $15.5 billion in 2018. It is expected to cost an average of $134.75 per order, and 34% of consumers will complete online shopping, setting a 15-year history of the survey. new highs. It is no exaggeration to say that the overseas related consumer market on Father\’s Day is like a tempting big cake for Shopify dropshipping business.

Father\’s Day Gift Selection Guide


There aren\’t many Men\’s clothing accessories available, watches are one of them, a stylish and design-like watch, you can make you more attractive, is one of the first choice for giving father gifts. Gartner, the world\’s leading IT research and consulting firm, said the wearables market is moving into a new phase. At present, the global wearable device sales volume is 310 million pieces, and by 2021, the wearable device market will reach 504 million pieces. In the case of eBay, the watch is one of the best-selling categories on eBay, and it sells a watch every 5 seconds on eBay in the United States. It is estimated that the global second-hand watch market is worth $5 billion.



The wallet can reflect the taste of a man, so \”when the man pay for the bill, it is the most handsome time.\” According to research that the global compound growth rate of the global luggage market will reach 6% in 2016-2020. Due to the increase in the disposable income of the global population, the tourism market has developed rapidly, the number of people traveling abroad has increased, and the development of low-fare tourism; in addition, tourism is conducive to GDP, so countries are very supportive of the development of tourism. During the peak tourist season, the demand for luggage has increased significantly.


Wine cooler

According to The Hustle\’s research, more than 2,000 Americans who are drinking are asked about their online shopping habits. The following is the result: 79% of respondents said they had bought things at least once when they were drunk. Compared with 78% of men, 80% of women are more likely to buy alcohol products online. The millennial generation of drinking (82%) likes to shop online, followed by the X era (79%) and the baby boomer age (69%).

85% of people with annual incomes of more than $100,000 are more likely to buy alcohol online, followed by 80% of the population with annual incomes of $75,000-99,000 and 78% of $50,000-$74,000. And most men who buy alcohol online will buy wine cabinets to preserve the drinks.



On Father\’s Day, sunglasses are also a good gift. In their view, sunglasses are a cool match of their time.

According to statistics, glasses network sales revenue increased by 27%, totaling 210 million euros. The total sales of glasses and contact lenses amounted to 5.6 billion euros, including sunglasses in trendy accessories, while the US glasses market exceeded $1 billion. Although glasses currently purchased online account for only 3%, they are growing very rapidly.



Massager products gradually enter the field of vision of European and American buyers. The sellers of the first batch of massage machines can be said to lead a group of new sellers to do massage devices, but the types of massage devices are more and more, as small and medium sellers. We can consider making products that are lighter and less expensive, which saves money and opens up the market.

Memory foam pillow

This type of home/bedding is a good idea. There are more and more people paying attention to health, and people who pay attention to sleep quality are also showing a rising trend. It is better to improve the products of sleep. It is also a trending Father\’s Day gift for Shopify dropshipping.

Blood pressure meter

In the healthy ages, monitoring blood pressure is especially important. The electronic sphygmomanometer is very close to the people in terms of operation and price. Relatively speaking, the upper arm type is more accurate than the wrist type measurement. Foreigners tend to pay special attention to health, and products of health category are never outdated.

Outdoor products

Outdoor products are actually more extensive, and fishing gear, mountain climbing, skiing, etc. all belong to the outdoor category. The choice of such products requires consideration of seasonal issues. However, since it is selected for the Father\’s Day gift, it is nothing to worry about.

perfume for men

According to market research firm NPD Group, sales of US perfumes in Q1 increased by 5% year-on-year in 2019, driven by strong sales of men\’s fragrances (+6%). While beauty products may not be the first choice for consumers to prepare for Father\’s Day, NPD Group research shows that sales of men\’s fragrances usually increase during the holiday season.

In fact, in the first two weeks of Father\’s Day in 2018, sales of men\’s fragrances increased by 10%, which is equivalent to nearly $8 million in growth. Larissa Jensen, beauty industry analyst at NPD Group, said: \”The men\’s fragrance business will continue to grow steadily, and this growth will not only be reflected in the holiday gift. In addition, some high-concentration perfumes from well-known brands are driving the growth of this market. \”


The face of a man is the most important. A set of easy-to-use shaving tools to keep father full of energy every day. Electric razors are always the first choice for classics Father\’s Day gift. Many fathers are too busy to repair their beards because they are too busy.

The above are the product selection for Father\’s Day gift. When festivals become an important part of people\’s social life, holiday marketing has become an indispensable part for both online and offline business. This is a good time for Shopify sellers to take advantage of the opportunity to make profits.

8 SEO strategies to improve Shopify store conversion rates

For Shopify sellers, the traffics isn\’t the most important aspect, traffics that has conversions and makes your Shopify dropshipping business profitable is valuable. According to SmartInsights, the average conversion rate for all e-commerce stores in the second quarter of 2018 was around 2%-3%. Does your store on the average level? If not how to improve the conversion rates for Shopify store? In this article we will share 8 SEO strategies to help you improve Shopify store conversion rates.

Improve traffics accuracy

Accurate traffic refers to related traffic, which means that the vast majority of visitors to our Shopify store are our potential customers.

Create correct user portrait

Users are roughly labeled according to geography, age, gender, purchasing power, consumer habits, hobbies, search habits, and social networks to locate user groups. For example, you are a sock seller on Shopify. Suppose now that only the user search habits are used to locate: then, you need to locate the socks keywords such as stockings, boat socks etc.

In other words, if you want to do Google SEO to attract free traffics for Shopify store, you need to focus on these product keywords. why? Because users who search for these keywords are the precise users who want to buy. For example, if you focus on socks wholesale, private label socks etc., even you got very good ranking, it will not be stable, because those traffics are irrelevant, and naturally they jump out. The website is poor, the user experience is poor, the bounce rate is high, the stay time is low, and the keywords ranking will lost later.

In the same way, Facebook ads is also the reason, why some Shopify sellers complaint spend so much money but no sales, it is likely that the ads target wrong people.

How to get right traffics

As the name suggests, traffic is introduced to Shopify store from other platforms. So, first of all, the platform you want to borrow traffic must be the relevant platform for your user community to be active. Otherwise, people are interested in wigs, if you introduce people to a store that sells socks, how can the conversion rate be high? In addition, the high bounce rate will definitely affect your Google rankings.

Secondly, when you attract clients, the promotional words must be true. For example, buy one get one free, don\’t play tricks with clients to buy a pair of shoes and gives a shoe box.

Thus when you get traffics to your Shopify store, the potential clients should be relevant and the promotional ads should be true.

Optimize Shopify store user experience

Optimize store loading speed

No one is willing to waste time on a store with a slow loading problem. Here we recommended and to test and optimize Shopify loading speed.

Optimize navigation bar

The navigation bar acts as a navigation, and the requirements are simple and clear. The purpose is to let the user quickly find what they want. The product classification should be simple and accurate, in line with the user\’s search habits, and is a clickable hierarchy; then place other important information in other free places on the navigation bar. You can take a look at the navigation bar at Apple website.

Optimize product images and descriptions

A good product picture is worth a thousand words, and high-quality product images are the top priority of the Shopify store. High resolution, good lighting, simple background, focus on products, highlight product features, product and white space ratio is appropriate, display product details from multiple angles, display product materials, provide scenes with people, add product videos and beautiful buyer show, etc. These will give you an advantage and give the buyer a reason to click and stay more time.

Of course, the picture is not enough enough to attract people, and the product description should be improved too.

Find out products unique selling points, highlight in the description; logically reasonable, eliminate large sections of text, make good use of segmentation and bullets; solve all concerns of users; write clear product parameters; indicate notes, shipping costs and other expenses as well Payment options, etc.

In short, the product description combined with the picture should be able to hit the user\’s pain points, show their unique advantages, dispel all user buying concerns, and increase user trust.

Optimize checkout process

As a Shopify seller you may find that many users have added the shopping cart, but eventually failed to pay. There are many reasons for unpaid orders, the shipping cost is too expensive, the shopping is relatively slow, the website speed is slow, the user trust is low, etc., and the payment process may be problematic.

For the payment process, if the market is diversified, we have to provide a variety of payment methods, and the checkout process is not too long and complicated. It is best to check with friends and ask their opinions to make sure that each payment method works.

Provide durable shopping cart

Many online customers don\’t immediately decide to buy, but instead choose to put these items in their shopping carts. And some studies have found that about 35% of e-commerce customers use at least two devices during the conversion process.

With this in mind, it\’s critical to provide users with a durable shopping cart to streamline their buying process. Regardless of the device used by the user, the persistent shopping cart will update the shopping cart with the user ID, which is convenient for the user to perform unfinished checkouts to increase the conversion rate.

Product page AB test

Conduct an AB test on the page to find the page that best fits your conversion.

Online chat support

In the digital world, speed is the king. Studies have shown that the average response time for customer service requests on social media is 10 hours, even worse, the average response time for emails is more than 12 hours!

Undoubtedly, such delays will inevitably lead to the loss of most customers.

So how do you respond quickly to customers? Very simple – use live chat.

Users generally prefer online chat, fast, convenient and easy to place order.

Add online live chat to talk to users in real time in your Shopify store, solve user purchase concerns and increase conversion rate in a timely manner.

Optimize CTA

The purpose of Call To Action is to encourage users to take purchase action. One way to increase conversion rates is to try different CTA methods. You can change the position of the CTA button on the store page, or you can replace the new text or icon on the button.

In one experiment, the researchers changed the CTA button text from \”Get Started\” to \”Test It Out\” and successfully increased the conversion rate by 27%. What an amazing number! So, you can find out the most suitable form of Call To Action for conversion by testing the CTA on the store page.

Optimize user trust

User trust is not blown out. Many Shopify stores have self-proclaimed phenomena. For example, the best selling products sold 10000 pcs in one day, our products are the best, Bluh bluh bluh … For the amount, please show some evidence, ok?

Facts speak louder than words. If you have a variety of certificates, please show them; if you have an industry influencer\’s rating, please show it; if your social platform has a major fan base, please show it. These invisibles will increase the user\’s trust in you.

Show product reviews

The Shopify store should have a product review module that encourages users to leave comments for later reference and for their own knowledge and adjustment of products and services.

Provide free trial or no reason to return

Many high-value goods or online learning courses will provide free trial days, or free returns within a few days.

This will reduce the user\’s purchase doubts to a certain extent, users will feel that you are more trustworthy, the product is definitely great, and therefore more willing to choose you.

Only update quality articles

Nowadays, basically every store has a blog feature, but your blog is beneficial or not to your store, have you thought about it?

I have received an optimization project for Google Ads, and there are no problems with advertising words and slogans.

The landing page also conducted multiple AB tests, but there were still clicks and no inquiry. When we examined the issues affecting trust one by one on the website, we found that the articles in the blog of the website were very bad, and it can be said that there is no such thing as it does not exist. So, we immediately blocked the blog, and then we came to the inquiry on the same day.

Later, after we updated the high-quality articles and the inquiry is increasing. So, don\’t overwhelm the website articles, always remember that quality is more important than quantity.

Offer discounts, set promotion thresholds

Offering discounts and coupons can help companies attract new customers, speed up existing users\’ buying decisions and stimulate old customers\’ repurchase.

In addition, you also take the way to set the promotion threshold, such as free shipping when the order value exceed $68, 10% off for $100 order etc., The Shopify store will have more sales and higher convention rates.

Take advantage of limited time and limited quantity promotions

When implementing time-limited promotions, when deadlines are spiked, specific deadlines should be displayed to highlight the sense of urgency, thereby increasing consumer buying pressure and prompting them to take action. Of course, it would be better if the percentage of sold quantities was displayed at the same time. Amazon\’s limited time promotion is a good example.

Limited quantity promotion, only a certain number of products for promotion, more than the number of places will be restored to the original price. In fact, this is also a kind of hunger marketing. The seller wants to sway, by regulating the supply and demand of products, triggering the illusion of short supply.

It takes advantage of people\’s psychology. The more difficult it is to get something, the more valuable it is. The more difficult it is to grab something, the more challenging it is. This explains why there are so many limited edition products on the market.

Implement remarketing

For past visitors to the Shopify store, users who add shopping carts, or users who have purchased them, can appropriately implement email marketing, telemarketing or advertising coverage to evoke their desire to purchase. This group of people, at least for the product needs and know us, the conversion rate will be higher.

The above are the 8 SEO strategies to improve Shopify store conversion rates, you are welcome to share your ideas.