Although ePacket is relatively stable for small packages shipping from China to UK, France and Germany, many cross border ecommerce seller still looking for faster and cheaper ePacket alternatives dropshipping from China to England, France, Germany and other EU countries.

Small package direct line shipping from China to UK France and Germany

CountryShipping fee (Yuan/kg)Processing fee (Yuan/shipment)Delivery time (work days)
England36174 ~ 7

The shipping rates varies month by month, please inquire 86Deal if you need ship small packages from China to UK, France and Germany.

Weight volume description:

1> Package weight restricted to 3kg, volume weight=L*W*H/6000; The shipping weight select the bigger one between net weight and volume weight;

2>Packaging volume: L+W+H<90cm, longest side length < 60cm;

3>Currently, only support duty-free goods less than £17 or 20 EUR.

China UK France Germany line service description:

1> Cost per shipment; shipments that are unsuccessful and subsequently returned to the UK, France and Germany processing center can only be retained for a maximum of one month, and can be resent or transferred to other new recipients. The fee is determined according to the country and the final delivery company. For details, please inquire 86Deal. No return service to China;

2>The shipping rates quotation does not include the destination country VAT and tariffs, and the EU declared value of more than £17 or 22 EUR will be subject to VAT or customs duties and must be paid by the clients;

3>Reps goods/food/eyeglasses/cosmetics (cream, powder, liquids etc.)/drugs/guns/infringement/chemicals/flammable and explosive goods are not accepted;

4>Shipping weight charged by gram, goods with builtin battery and magnets can be shipped if has good packaging condition;

Advantages of China UK France Germany direct line compared with ePacket:

1> Cheaper shipping rates with fast and stable delivery time;

2> higher weight restriction;

Tracking inquiry & compensation

1> Non-delivery package exceed 15 days can be send for tracking inquiry, package delivery exceed 30 days will be seen as lost package;

2> Package compensate value based on package declared value, max 200 yuan.

FYI: since the small package line from China to UK Germany and France have no return service and re-delivery fee, we suggest sellers enable phone option once clients place order on the store, it will greatly reduce the shipping cost. In this situation, the small package line shipping from China to UK, France and Germany will be a cheaper ePacket alternatives for your cross border eCommerce dropshipping business.