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UK France Germany line

Although ePacket is relatively stable for small packages shipping from China to UK, France and Germany, many cross border ecommerce seller still looking for faster and cheaper ePacket alternatives dropshipping from China to England, France, Germany and other EU countries.

Small package direct line shipping from China to UK France and Germany

CountryShipping fee (Yuan/kg)Processing fee (Yuan/shipment)Delivery time (work days)
England36174 ~ 7

The shipping rates varies month by month, please inquire 86Deal if you need ship small packages from China to UK, France and Germany.

Weight volume description:

1> Package weight restricted to 3kg, volume weight=L*W*H/6000; The shipping weight select the bigger one between net weight and volume weight;

2>Packaging volume: L+W+H<90cm, longest side length < 60cm;

3>Currently, only support duty-free goods less than £17 or 20 EUR.

China UK France Germany line service description:

1> Cost per shipment; shipments that are unsuccessful and subsequently returned to the UK, France and Germany processing center can only be retained for a maximum of one month, and can be resent or transferred to other new recipients. The fee is determined according to the country and the final delivery company. For details, please inquire 86Deal. No return service to China;

2>The shipping rates quotation does not include the destination country VAT and tariffs, and the EU declared value of more than £17 or 22 EUR will be subject to VAT or customs duties and must be paid by the clients;

3>Reps goods/food/eyeglasses/cosmetics (cream, powder, liquids etc.)/drugs/guns/infringement/chemicals/flammable and explosive goods are not accepted;

4>Shipping weight charged by gram, goods with builtin battery and magnets can be shipped if has good packaging condition;

Advantages of China UK France Germany direct line compared with ePacket:

1> Cheaper shipping rates with fast and stable delivery time;

2> higher weight restriction;

Tracking inquiry & compensation

1> Non-delivery package exceed 15 days can be send for tracking inquiry, package delivery exceed 30 days will be seen as lost package;

2> Package compensate value based on package declared value, max 200 yuan.

FYI: since the small package line from China to UK Germany and France have no return service and re-delivery fee, we suggest sellers enable phone option once clients place order on the store, it will greatly reduce the shipping cost. In this situation, the small package line shipping from China to UK, France and Germany will be a cheaper ePacket alternatives for your cross border eCommerce dropshipping business.

China USA direct line

ePacket is a cost effective for cross border eCommerce small package shipping from China to overseas. However, along with the USA withdraw the Universal Postal Union, ePacket delivery became unstable and usually takes 2 to 3 weeks or even more time. Thus ePacket shipping from China to USA affects both the sellers and user experience with high refund rates. The small package direct line shipping from China to USA is a very good ePacket alternatives for cross border eCommerce dropshipping from China as it is faster and more stable.

Small package direct line shipping from China to USA

weight(kg)Shipping fee(Yuan)
Weight(kg)shipping rates(Yuan)
0.900~265yuan/kg+15 yuan/shipment
Weight(kg)Shipping rates
2.001~1560 yuan/kg

The small package line shipping rates changed on monthly basis, please inquiry real time shipping rates.

Weight restriction: 15kg max per shipment, value under 800 usd.

Volume restriction: length< 66cm, length>66cm or length+2(width+height)>120cm, volume length*width*height/8000, charge 30 yuan per shipment volume fee;

8~12 days delivery.

products restriction: general goods, matching battery, built-in battery (need to be insulated, battery power is not more than 100W), powdered paste without alcohol, beauty products, such as: nail glue, lipstick, liquid foundation, powder , eye shadow, mask, nasal membrane, etc.; Bluetooth headset; weak magnetic products, such as: clothing, bags and other weak magnetic buckle; 100ml liquid-free beauty products without alcohol;

redelivery fee: 60yuan/kg+ 14 yuan processing fee;

Packages can be sent to APO/FPO/DPP US Battlefield Post Offices and non-US mainland addresses such as Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, etc. (9th District). Each ticket will be subject to a remote surcharge at the following rates: MIN300g): 80 yuan / kg + registration fee 62 yuan /shipment, the specific zip code range:

Post code start withZone
006Zone 9
007 Zone 9
008 Zone 9
009 Zone 9
091 M
092 M
093 M
094 M
095 M
096 M
097 M
098 M
340 M
962 M
963 M
964 M
965 M
966 M
967 Zone 9
968 Zone 9
969 Zone 9
995 Zone 9
996 Zone 9
997 Zone 9
998 Zone 9
999 Zone 9

Advantages of the small package line compared to ePacket shipping from China to USA

1> Package can be tracked in 24 hours after shipped from China, 5 to 8 days delivery;

2> First leg ship via DHL, deliver via USPS;

3>Show USPS shipping label instead of China shipping label;

4>Warehouse located in East and West USA for faster delivery;

5> Weight and volume restriction allows more goods categories dropshipping from China to USA.

4 to 8 days UPS delivery for small package shipping from China to USA

Weight(Kg)Shipping rates(Yuan)
5.5~1058 yuan/kg
10.5~2053 yuan/kg
20~70kg46 yuan/kg
71~300kg46 yuan/kg

China USA shipping line service description:

1> Product restriction: general goods only, can not be imitation cards, charged, liquid powder paste flammable and explosive goods;

2> Delivery time 4 to 8 days;

3>starts 0.5kg to 300kg per shipment, irregular or overweight, over volume goods charge extra fee;

4>Volume length*width*height/5000, shipping weight is the bigger one between actual weight and volume weight;

5>This line is not allowed to be mailed to P.O.BOX address and cannot be taken to the Amazon address; if you need to ship to Amazon FBA warehouse please inquiry 86Deal;

6> Remote area charge 3.5 yuan/kg, min 30 yuan/shipment;

You are welcome to inquiry ePacket alternative small packages shipping from China to USA and EU countries.

small package pricing shipping from China to USA

[[\”Weight/KG\”,\”Shipping cost (RMB/kg)\”,\”Processing fee (RMB/shipment)\”,\”Delivery time \\n(work days)\”],[\”0~0.1\”,\”40\”,\”18\”,\”5 ~8\”],[\”0.101~0.2\”,\”40\”,\”20\”,\”5~8\”],[\”0.201~0.3\”,\”40\”,\”25\”,\”5~8\”],[\”0.301~0.45\”,\”40\”,\”30\”,\”5~8\”],[\”0.451~30\”,\”50\”,\”45\”,\”5~8\”]]

How to expand Shopify dropshipping business into multiple countries

Once upon a time, if you wanted to create a full-featured global e-commerce website, you might need to use a large development team. But now, such an era is gone forever. With the rise of “micro” multinationals, many Shopify sellers have grown from a small regional store to a multinational company serving global customers with significant profits margin.

why Shopify sellers expand multinational business?

There are many benefits to expanding a multinational business, some reasons are obvious, and some may be unexpected.

Get more sales by expanding into new regions

Obviously, you need to expand your customer base to expand your business and increase sales. If you are only selling in one country, this will limit your ability to enter a larger market. Even if you are responsible for international shipping costs, the cost is often prohibitively high for customers in other regions.

By expanding your business to other regions, especially local freight and local currency, you will find that many consumers will automatically become your new customers.

Accept local currency payments

Although you can display various currencies in one store, you can only accept one currency payment – the default currency.

There is a problem: if Australian consumers want to shop from your US site store, they must pay in US dollars, which can result in consumers not being able to buy, which in turn affects conversion rates.

Most people are reluctant to pay in non-local currencies. Although they may make exceptions for their favorite products, most consumers will choose a store that offers local currency payments if they can choose. Paying in different currencies is very cumbersome, especially for business purchases, which are usually more expensive than local currency purchases. Therefore, providing local currency payments is very helpful for sales.

Quad Lock Case, a mobile phone accessory brand, is a good example of Shopify sellers. They expanded their operations in the United States, Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom, and developed into local businesses, resulting in a significant increase in purchases. The sales growth is almost immediate and generates thousands of new orders.

Target local customers in advertising

If you use Google Shopping or Facebook ads to target your audience to generate store traffic, building a localized ad can bring you more traffic.

For example, instead of sending a shop advertisement to a Canadian consumer that cannot be paid in local currency (and the possibility of purchase is small), it is better to bring them directly to your Canadian site.

Creating a local store can increase your return on investment with paid advertising. Ideally, sellers will get more conversions at a lower cost.

Provide local transportation and logistics services

Having a local store allows you to provide delivery services to local customers. For example, Erstwilder (accessory online retailer) created a bulletin board at the top of its website to showcase Australian logistics options for Australian consumers and other logistics options for consumers in other countries.

In order to make the transaction more convenient, the website also displays promotional ads free shipping for orders above XX USD, which not only provides customers with free shipping service, but also encourages them to purchase additional products.

Manage inventory more efficiently

If you want to offer different products to customers in different countries, you can manipulate and manage your inventory as you wish by effectively linking all individual sites together to lower down the inventory cost.

How to create Shopify stores in multiple countries?

If you follow the above plan, you will have Australian, European, British and US/Global stores like the Quad Lock Case, providing localization services for these countries. And these stores have their own inventory, currency, domain name, and back-end stores.

Of course, you can build two or ten country sites, it all depends on your business plan. So far, most successful companies have 2-6 country stores. The key is to strike a balance between managing difficulty and maximizing the number of customers.

Most likely, if you have been in business for a while and already know which country is best for expanding your business, then you can use the following information for reference:

●The source of most customers purchasing products

●Where most of the customer\’s enquiries come from (\”Your products are shipped to a certain country\”)

● The shopping cart abandons reports and Google Analytics to find out which services are under-resourced or often in a market that abandons purchases.

As long as you own a Shopify store, you have the foundation to expand your business to multiple countries. Next, you need to take the following steps.

1> Get another Shopify account

In order to make the operation reasonable, you can register your Shopify account with the target market.

If your current store URL is, you can register the Canadian website as and the Australian website as

Consumers don\’t see this, so it doesn\’t matter, but it helps keep the back-end system clean.

2> Get another domain name

There are two main options here:

● Use a separate domain name

●Use subdomains

Use a separate domain name such as as the primary site, as the Australia site, and as the Canadian site. This method is also feasible as long as the brand and other information are set up correctly.

Using a subdomain means as the main site, as the Canadian site, as the Australia site, etc.

This approach gives customers peace of mind because domain names are an integral part of the website brand.

3> Copy your store

There are a lot of tedious steps involved here, but you don\’t have to do all the work at once. This is a gradual process that can be repeated for multiple stores:

● Copy the theme. Click Admin and go to Themes, click on \”Export Theme\” and upload to your new site.

● Copy the product. Click Admin and go to Products, click \”Export\” and then click \”Export All\” to export all products. (assuming you want to show all existing products on the new site)

● Localize the price. If you want to copy the price of an existing store to a new site by region, if you have a lot of products, after importing them in the above steps, you can adjust the price of the new site through the administrator or CSV.

● Localize general settings. In your new site, you\’ll want to reset general settings (such as address, phone, etc.), currency, and time zone.

● Migrate all page content. There is no shortcut or export for this operation. To move the page content from the original store to the new site, you need to open both sites at the same time.

● Next, click on “Page” and slide down the list to enter HTML mode, copy and paste to the new site. (Copying in HTML mode ensures that the page looks exactly the same)

● After the migration is complete, in order to avoid being punished by Google, you must implement hreflang as outlined by Google here. Hreflang is a tag that can be added to the pages of your website (add it to the theme.liquid in the section to make sure it\’s on each page), which tells Google that your site is connected. In other words, hreflang is required to ensure that Google understands that your Canadian website is for Canadian customers and that the US website is for US customers – not because you have two identical websites that penalize you.

● Localize page content and make sure links to your store are local links. You may want to localize the language of the country (for example, from US spelling to English spelling), change the contact details on the contact page, and make sure any internal links point to your new site correctly.

● For example, if you have an internal link to the Contact Me page of, you will need to update the link when you copy it so that it doesn\’t point to the primary site, but to your New contact page.

In general, using a relative url is simpler, because it means just deleting the main part of the url – just set the link to /pages/contact-us instead of

● Reinstall all applications to your new site and configure them.

● Connect the payment gateway to Google Analytics to track traffics.

4> Use IP redirection to direct traffics

After completing the above steps, you can start building a multinational retail business. You may need to use an IP redirect application to detect the location of the visitor and indicate where they are.

For example, if a Canadian customer visits your US site, you can show them by \”Showing your location in Canada, are you willing to jump to the Canadian site for price and more favorable shipping?\” You can get in the pop-up window Or ask the customer in the top bar or automatically push them to the Canadian site.

5> Update Google search console


You should also choose the country in which you want to expand your business in Google\’s search console. Please refer to the steps above or Google\’s suggestions for specific practices.

6> Unified management with tools

The last step will depend on your particular situation. There may be other places that need to be tested and checked. Some common problems are:

● If you advertise on Facebook or Google Shopping, you may need to create a new tracking code for a specific site and its corresponding campaign.

● Create a separate Google Analytics profile.

● Set up email marketing campaigns for customers to let them know that you will open a new regional store. For example, just filter the mailing list for Canadian customers and send them a specific event, informing them that you will open a Canadian store for them.

● If you are working with a transportation or logistics company, please contact them to find out how to set up a local business and create a shipping fee in your new Shopify store.

● If you use customer service software such as Zendesk, you may need to connect it to the new site and create rules to identify which region the customer came from.

At this point, your new site has been basically established. Once you have activated your IP redirect, you can start pushing traffic between stores and activate your ads.

Under which circumstances is it suitable to expand the Shopify business to multiple countries?

You can decide this based on business conditions. Here are some reference:

● When you think the business is developing well. It means when all your income comes from the website\’s turnover. The premise here is that you may not want to overuse additional management and costs unless you are sure that your business and products are viable. In other words, mature sellers are great for expanding their business, such as sellers with monthly incomes of more than $10,000.

● When you have enough income to support multi-store operations. If you currently only offer single currency payments, then you may be more willing to wait until the income has some buffer before expanding. This will help you manage the unfavorable factors, and if the expansion rate is not as smooth as expected, the business will not be affected.

● When there are a large number of sales opportunities in a country other than your main sales area. For example, your business is mainly concentrated in the United States, but when you find that there are a lot of sales opportunities in Australia, this will be a good opportunity to show that the Australian site is worth investing.

● When you find loyal customers in other areas. According to the above example, if an Australian customer is willing to pay a high shipping cost for your product (in US dollars), this is a good opportunity. If you can offer lower shipping rates and local currency, they are more likely to buy.

Under which circumstances is it not suitable to expand shopify business to multiple countries?

● Still in the initial stage of the business, and can not 100% determine the demand for their products in the market.

● If you have been working 60 hours a week in your company, then if you open a new site, there will be additional orders to process, and additional customer inquiries will need to be answered, so your business may be affected. When you are considering setting up a new site, it\’s best to make a plan.

● There is not enough revenue to support the operation of the new site, otherwise your financial situation will be very embarrassing. If the cost of opening a new store is too high for your current situation, then you can wait until the existing store is operating smoothly before considering setting up a new site.

How to better manage multinational Shopify business?

Expanding your Shopify business to multiple countries means you\’ll manage more inventory, respond to more customer consultations (and potentially different languages) and local marketing content in different regions. Of course there is more management work to do – but if done well, the increased revenue can easily pay for some extra cost to help manage multinational business.

Does multinational business cost higher?

In addition to the above, you will need multiple Shopify subscriptions, multiple application versions in use, and more time costs. So, will you pay more for this?

Give up extra spending that doesn\’t generate revenue for you.

Let\’s assume that each shopify store needs to run five Shopify applications, which cost $10 a month and a net profit of $25. this means:

● One store: $79 + (5*10 USD) = $129 per month

●Two stores: $129*2=$258 per month

If the store sells only six extra products in a month, they can lead. Once the market is established, they will generate more profits.

Of course, this is just a case. Each seller\’s sales plan, required applications, cost and product pricing are different, and sales experience varies from person to person. However, the above examples are sufficient to show that as an investment, this can be quickly rewarded.

You can make a break-even analysis of your business and see how many products you need to sell in order to break even in the expansion.

What should I do if the multinational business isn\’t running well?

The key is persistence. If you stick to it, the results will often not disappoint you, not to mention the risk of expanding your business is low, because you are just building a network facility. If you expand your business to other countries and find that sales are not improving within two months, you can easily revert to the previous business, end the sales of the new site, and concentrate on the operation of the original site.

In short, expanding multinational business requires a lot of extra work, paying extra costs – but it can also bring in additional revenue.

Given its low risk and potentially high returns, this is a strategy that many companies will consider. In general, it may take a few weeks for you to set up and start it.

How do I manage Shopify order fulfillment work if I launch multinational business?

Due to the order fulfillment time and cost concern, you can outsource the order fulfillment work. To be more clear, you can find a Chinese order fulfillment agent to help you fulfill the orders due to mostly goods come from China, outsource the multinational orders to Chinese agent would be the best way to increase order fulfillment efficiency and reduce the order fulfillment cost, then you will have more time focus on the goods selection and marketing for the Shopify stores.

86Deal Shopify pick and pack order fulfillment service includes:

● Sourcing

● Sample/purchasing

● Quality inspection

● Label/ads removing

● Repacking

● Package return(goods with flaws or damages)

● Private label and packaging customization

● Shopify order printing

● Pick and pack

● International shipping

● Tracking upload

● Package return(from overseas to China)

You can take a look at the China 1688 Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment Procedure for Shopify Dropshipping in details.

Online expansion is a great way to quickly test new markets by experimenting with different pricing and shipping options to open up new markets, languages, customer segments and revenue streams, once you have a good Shopify store foundation you can plan to expand your Shopify dropshipping business to multiple countries.

4 ways to reduce 40% bounce rates of your Shopify store

The high bounce rate is catastrophic for Shopify sellers. If people leave immediately after visiting your page, Google will automatically assume that the content on the page is meaningless, and this will affect your page rank. In addition, a high bounce rate means that very few people will shop in your store. If the bounce rate is continually high, your money invested on the ads will be wasted and it is not far for the store being closed. Fortunately, according to the chart below, a typical e-commerce store has a bounce rate of 45.68%, which is at the end of the industry\’s website bounce rate ranking.


How should you optimize it in the face of excessive bounce rates? Here are 4 ways to reduce 40% bounce rates of your Shopify store.

Segment visitors/shoppers

If you run a cross border eCommerce business on Shopify, you can segment visitors by geographic location. Assuming you are a fashion seller, it is ridiculous and impractical to show different types of winter coats to visitors from hot weather in West Africa.

Another consideration for geo-targeting audiences is the importance of localizing content, changing the language of your website to a language that visitors can understand. If the time of the website is only 2 o\’clock in Australia, you will send a \”good afternoon\” greeting to visitors from India on the website. This cannot be called a qualified localization service. The time difference between Australia time and India is 5 hours, so 2 pm in Australia is actually the morning time in India.

In the following example from the website design platform Duda, visitors who visit the \”Contact Us\” page during business hours can make a reservation by clicking the button directly. Conversely, if they visit after work hours, they can fill out a form and make an appointment.


Personalized services also include product recommendations based on the products that customers will purchase from your website. For example, a customer who buys a cell phone or laptop may also need a phone case or foil, a USB cable, and other accessories that you should let them see in the product recommendations.

In addition to your own ideas about personalized services, you can also access as many e-commerce stores as possible and draw some inspiration from them to lower down the bounce rates of the store.

Product page SEO

In your Shopify store, the product page is almost the most valuable page of the entire site. It\’s important to do SEO optimization for it, especially if many of your visitors are from search engines. One of the best ways to optimize SEO for a page is to use rich summary information, as shown in the following image:


When people see the price, availability, ratings, and number of reviews they want to buy, most people decide if they want to visit the store. In general, your website visitors are those who might be interested in the product page after seeing this information, so this will automatically improve your bounce rate.

A study shows that adding video content to your product page increases the average order value by 50%, and customers are 65% to 85% more likely to buy from you after watching the video. When you use video and high quality product images on the product page, you are likely to convince visitors to buy your product. This is good for your business, good for your bounce rate, and ultimately good for your store SEO.

Simplify the shopping experience

Perhaps you would think that “simplifying the shopping experience” has long been a commonplace, but in fact there are still many Shopify stores that inadvertently make the shopping experience for visitors or shoppers difficult.

One study showed that 11% of the shopping cart abandonment rate is because shoppers think the checkout process is too complicated. According to the chart below from Sales Cycle, the abandonment rate of shopping carts in some industries is as high as 83.6%.


So what factors can cause shoppers on the site to lack a smooth shopping experience? They include but are not limited to:

• Unexpected distribution or import costs

• Concerns about payment methods and website security

• lengthy forms and chaotic checkout process

• You need to create a new user account before shopping, ie, you can\’t shop in the visitor mode

If you want to curb this situation, remember that your Shopify store should be clear about all the shopping-related information. As people\’s attention becomes smaller and smaller, if shoppers have to spend too much time figuring out your checkout process, you will lose them, especially when they are making a shopping comparison and opening up several store tabs of the same product.

However, once customers show their intention to buy, but they leave the site without buying, you can use a pop-up window to attract their attention. For example, you can give them discounts in the pop-up window.


Or for those who add items to their shopping cart but leave without purchasing, you can send them an email with shopping cart items. There are two purposes for doing this: you can contact them in the future, and they are less likely to give up the shopping cart to leave.

Email Shopify shopping cart

According to a study by e-commerce tool Barilliance, the conversion rate of \”email-me-my-cart\” (sending the content containing shopping carts) is significantly higher than other types of mail, including common shopping carts.

Segment your email subscribers

Email segmentation is a valuable personalization strategy that can be applied across all industries. In other words, you can use the email segmentation strategy whether you are in real estate, software, retail, entertainment or any other industry.

Segmentation means grouping your mail subscribers by their preferences, behavior, geography, demographics, or interests. As shown in the pop-up window of Live Chat (online customer service software), this is a typical breakdown. To be sure, visitors who are only interested in receiving podcast notifications will not receive emails about new blog posts three times a week, and vice versa, unless they choose both.


In addition, you can subdivide the subscriber based on their mail activity. For example, you can segment based on whether they have the following behavior:

• Turn to marketing campaign page

• Click on the campaign link

• Participate in marketing activities

When you send emails to users based on their preferences, your bounce rate will decrease. Why is that? Because the content of the email you send is what they really care about, not something that is provided randomly, or you just send the email when they need it. So they are more likely to click on the links in the email, visit your website and take action. Some indifferent subscribers may still not visit your site, but that doesn\’t matter because they only increase your bounce rate.

The above are the 4 practical ways to reduce 40% bounce rates of your Shopify store. Fortunately, the high bounce rate is not irreversible. If you follow these suggestions, you can not only reduce the bounce rate, but also get more sales. When you eliminate the friction points in the entire shopping experience, the Shopify store bounce rate will decrease. What are you waiting for?

5 useful product selection skills for Shopify cross border eCommerce

Do you know What kind of products are suitable for Shopify cross-border e-commerce? Somebody says operating the cross border eCommerce is just like playing card games, 30% on your skills, 70% on the luck. To some extent it makes sense. After all, successful people are a minority. How those successful people select the best selling products for cross border eCommerce?

What kind of product is suitable for cross-border e-commerce?

It is a very popular questions on quora and the eCommerce groups, I think the following tips can be used as a reference:

(1) The product market potential is huge and the profit point is relatively high. The profit margin of products for cross-border e-commerce is basically 50% or even 100%.

(2) Suitable for international logistics, the product is relatively small in size, light in weight and not easily broken.

(3) Simple operation. Those products that need to be guided for installation do not suitable for cross border e-commerce, as subsequent complaints and customer service costs are very high.

(4) Simple after-sales, basically do not need any after-sales products.

(5) Have their own independent product design, including product research and development capabilities, packaging design capabilities.

When you launch the cross border eCommerce business, you should pay more attention to market feedback, and customer experience on your products. You need to pay attention to the situation of users using products, and do more user research and surveys. Only in this way we can accurately grasp the user\’s thinking and know the user\’s needs. This is an indispensable step in your product selection procedure. Secondly, your thinking can\’t be limited to the platform. Like the fingertip gyro and fingertip monkeys, the platform can\’t sell because of the infringement, but you can consider turning to Shopify to earn the maximum profit in a short time.

Shopify product selection idea

Let\’s see a story first. There are three hopeless students in a class, which occupy the last three counts. For each exam, the teacher will ask the three of them to sit together so as not to interfere with other students. In one exam, the third-ranked student from last compared the test papers of the other two students, The two students are very disdainful. We are worse than you, can you still copy us? Once the exam result came out, the third-to-last score student was actually a reversal and suddenly ran a big chunk. The other two students are very surprised and dont know why this happened. The third-to-last student answer was very simple. All of our test was so bad that our answer was basically wrong. I ruled out the answers of the three of us. The rest is the correct one.

Actually it is the product selection idea for cross border eCommerce.

During the cross border eCommerce procedure, we must find a reference from a good example, and learn useful information from bad reviews. Only in this way can we break through.

Shopify product selection skills

Determine the product line

When we creating a product line, we can simply refer to such a ratio, 20% of them are traffic products, 20% of them are high profit margin goods, that is, the core goods combined with other normal goods (supplementary SKUs).

(1) Traffic products: refers to the goods that bring traffic to the Shopify stores with no profits(the profit is expected to be 0% to 1%). The discount space can be set at 30% to 50%, for example, \”Black Friday\” A festival can bring huge traffic to your store.

(2) Profit products: As the name suggests, it refers to profitable goods from the source of profits. The flow of such goods is not much, but its profit is high, and the discount space can be reserved 5%-20%.

According to the sales constantly adjust and optimize, you should understand the dynamics of competitors in these categories, and pay attention to the changes of competitors\’ SKUs, price changes, and keep the competition at any time.

Product selection Starts with the brands

Brand is a key factor. A good brand can bring more sales and attention, and even drive sales of other brands and items in the store. Therefore, the brand cannot be ignored. If you focus on sales, it is definitely keeping a close eye on popular categories and items. To stabilize the money and profit, you can pay more attention to some unpopular categories and long tail non-standard items.

As the platform is now more and more limited, it is certain that Amazon\’s future branding is an inevitable trend. Now many sellers say that they are branding. In fact, it is just a trademark! Can you imagine that you have a brand without your own official website? That\’s the future of Shopify store.

Product selection starts from holiday

(1) Valentine\’s Day: jewelry and accessories, watches, bags.

(2) Easter: clothing, beauty makeup products, gardening products, outdoor products.

(3) Mother\’s Day: fashion, jewelry, watches, bags, greeting cards, consumer electronics, water sports products.

(4) American Labor Day: clothing, beauty and beautification products.

(5) Halloween: sporting goods, plush toys, pumpkin lights, Cosplay costumes.

(6) Thanksgiving: plush toys, gifts, household appliances, beauty cosmetics, kitchen gadgets.

(7) Christmas: shoes, heating equipment, fashion accessories, jewelry, ski equipment, electronic products.

Product selection starts from habits

Shopify product selection can be based on the lifestyle habits of the target market. For example, in the United States, there are about 200 million adults between the ages of 18 and 65, and 60% of them meet the outdoor consumer group. You can develop swimsuits, goggles, flashlights, tent lights and other products for cross border eCommerce business.

Product selection starts from season

The season also needs to be analyzed. Winter is coming to develop warm products such as hats, gloves and scarves. Prepare cooling products such as mini fans, notebook ice pads, radiators, etc. before the summer. Most of these products will be developed and put on shelves one month in advance. The seller needs to stock up or confirm supplier in advance, the other is to pay attention to the control of logistics time.

In addition to the product selection advice listed above, there are several large social networking sites where you can choose hot spots and topics for product selection.

Trend Watching: A professional team of 30 people in London, Singapore, Sydney and other places, reporting the latest trends in the world.

Springwise: Provide new company ideas, trends and stories every day, and subscribe for free.

Pinterest: A fast-growing social photo sharing site that contains the latest and most interesting and popular products, and if you have a market, you can get first-hand information.

Fancy: A website that combines shops, magazines and wishlists, use Fancy to discover gifts for any occasion and share your findings with your friends.

Wanelo: is a global shopping community that displays products and stores in a similar way to Pinterest.

Reddit: is one of the largest social media news aggregates that cater to a variety of different web needs and themes.

Product selection tools: Topsy、FollowerWonk、LittleBird

These tools can help you discover opinion leaders in a particular industry area.

Will you feel that it is so tired and troublesome to choose a product for cross border eCommerce? This is indeed the case. Compared with work, entrepreneurship and self-employment itself are very hard work. Since you have chosen the cross-border e-commerce, how can you succeed if
you are not tired and work hard?

How to select best selling back to school products for Shopify dropshipping

According to the National Retail Federation, the total spending of K-12 schools and universities in the United States reached nearly $83 billion in 2018. In addition, consumers spend more on the back-to-school season (including the college back-to-school season) than on Mother\’s Day, Father\’s Day, and Valentine\’s Day. From this data, the period before the back to school and the back-to-school season are undoubtedly a major sales opportunity that Shopify sellers can\’t miss.

According to data from the American Retail Federation, about one-third of consumers start to buy back to school products two months before the start of school, and nearly half of them start buying three weeks to one month in advance. This means that some consumers will start shopping from the beginning of June 2019, and will see a shopping peak from late July to mid-August 2019.

Now that the peak for the back-to-school season is coming, are you ready for the product selection? If you still have no clue and don\’t know how to start, then let\’s take a look at the following recommendations. Maybe you can catch the Shopify best selling product on the back to school season.

Electric pencil sharpener market

Nowadays, stationery has gradually become more multifunctional and automated, and its simpler and more convenient operation and cool appearance have been loved by many consumers.

As is known to all, developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan have a large demand for life stationery. After long-term development and accumulation, they have dominated the global stationery industry. In terms of consumer demand, such as student pencil sharpeners, about 80% of consumers in the domestic stationery industry use hand-cranked pencil sharpeners, while in Europe and the United States, for example, about 70% of consumers in the United States have used electric pencil sharpeners.


Hair straightener market

In school, when students are most dressed up, after all, a good image can not only give the lecturer a good impression, but also attract the opposite sex! Of course, dress yourself up from scratch.

According to a report by North Click E-commerce data analysis company One Click Retail, Amazon\’s daily necessities and beauty products have grown by 38% this year. The growth of the North American market during the same period was 6%. The overall health care market will reach the $5.5T scale by 2025.


Backpack market

During the school year, there will definitely be a sinking backpack with you! A knowledge backpack!

With the changes in lifestyle, the development of urbanization and the rise of tourism, the development of the global luggage market has been promoted. The increase in the number of people travelling and going to school, as well as the frequent travels at work, have further contributed to the demand for luggage.

It is understood that the global compound growth rate of the global luggage market will reach 6% in 2016-2020.


Bedding market

For some students living on campus, it is very necessary to purchase some bedding products. Soft textiles can help you sleep quickly, let you feel the feeling of home, and eliminate the fatigue of the day.

It is understood that the annual international demand for home textiles is 100 billion US dollars, of which North America, the European Union and Japan are the traditional home textile consumer markets, accounting for about 45% of the market share, higher in previous years, because emerging markets are growing. Russia, ASEAN, South Asia, and the Middle East have grown faster.


According to the survey that when parents choose back-to-school products for their children, they pay more attention to creativity, self-expression and personality in terms of product appearance, rather than focusing on traditional fancy notebooks or T-shirts. 69% of respondents prefer products that express their child\’s personality, and more than a quarter of respondents said they would follow the latest shopping trends. In addition, 82% of parents want to instill values of creativity and personality in their children. For this reason, Etsy\’s trend expert IsomJohnson believes that personality and creativity will continue to be involved in all child-related fashion trends.

The back-to-school season is a sales season that Shopify dropshipper should not miss. As a Shopify seller, are you ready for the best selling product selection for the back to school season?

How to get massive free and paid traffics from Reddit to Shopify store

Traffics means money to dropshipping business, lots of Shopify sellers distressed for how to attract traffics to the store especially new sellers. In this article we will introduce how to get massive free and paid taffics from Reddit to Shopify store.

Reddit is a social platform which is very popular among people in the world. We all know that reddit currently hundreds of millions of visitors per month, global website ranks 21st, and US website ranks 13th,
Ranked 6th in the social platform, such high traffic means business opportunities to the Shopify dropshipping business.

Basic knowledge on Reddit

Reddit registration and interface, the current reddit registration is very simple, just enter the mailbox and user name as well as the password would be okay to register a Reddit account. We need to know the three basic terminology concepts of Reddit, Upvote, Downvote and Karma.

Upvote: Like feature, you can like a good post, and others can also like your post.

Downvote: If you don\’t like a post you can click on it.

Karma: It represents your level at Reddit. The more posts and comments like you got, the higher the karma value.

How to get taffics from Reddit to Shopify store

For example, if you are selling pet product on Shopify, search for \”pet\” in the search box, you can see a lot of very hot posts.


Then I just found a group here, there are more than 20 million team members, online 35,000 people.


Then you can join the group to post, comment and interact with others in the group, later you may get target traffics from the Reddit group.

There has also another way for you to find target product group or post in Reddit. You can google site: product keywords, you will find lots of search results for you to find those kind of product groups, it is very practical and have very high convention rates if you post or comment high quality content related to the products.

After you joined the Reddit group, you can create post, there are three types of posts currently : Post, image&video, Link.

Post: Here you can write a title and text description, then add a picture or video to attract visitors.

Image&Video: Write the title directly, then upload the image or video

Link: Write the title, then enter the URL, note that many external links are not allowed to be published.

In general, we use more posts, insert pictures or videos, and when I insert the link, it prompts, the link must be the URL of the following websites, basically video websites or pictures. Then this is actually very simple, you just need to make a youtube product video, then insert your video URL here, you can do content marketing in the video to guide visitors into your website.

We have seen that this group section supports imgur url. Imgur is also a very large traffic website. We can also put the product link on this website. Let\’s take a look at the specific operations.

Imgur website can upload pictures without uploading, upload pictures, and then add the title and description of the picture. Of course, your product link can be placed in the description, you can automatically generate the image URL, so you can upload this website to reddit, when the user clicks on the link to see the picture, you can see the description of the picture and our product link.

Imgur itself is not a place that is very suitable for e-commerce website drainage, because it is basically all funny, spoof-like pictures, we just use its generated URL.


Of course, this group section supports the url in these websites. There are many groups that don\’t support it. I suggest that new Shopify sellers just enter the group and don\’t just post advertisements casually, but observe, you can quickly look at this group first. Check how other people post link in the group, and then see how they get traffics from Reddit.

Like many very popular groups, it generally allows members with high karma points to send a post with a URL. Karma points are a system of points created by the reddit platform. The higher the score, the more active you are. The more time you spent on Reddit. At present, if your post got a lot of people likes, then you will get more karma points, and you can answer other people\’s questions, and then get more karma points.

It should be noted here that the rules of different group sections are different. It is recommended that Shopify sellers first study the rules of the group section.

It\’s not recommended to publish some casual product images, etc., because many popular sections have a lot of people submitting posts every minute. If your post is not attractive enough, it will quickly disappear into the ranking. Instead, you need To post high-quality posts, enough to attract others to interact, a high-quality post is worth 100 general posts, so the secret of Reddit marketing is here, ordinary posts can be sent, but high quality The post must be worked hard to be able to have it.

Reddit traffics are generally good and have higher convention rates, but it may be difficult for newcomers in the early stage, but in fact every social platform is like this. There is no such thing as just starting to drain, and a lot of traffic comes in, each The social platform has its own rules, and the existence is reasonable.

How to ad on Reddit

Reddit\’s advertising URL:


The types of Reddit ads are: brand display ads (charged by thousand impressions), traffic (pay per click), conversion (pay per click), video viewing (according to per view), app download (pay per click).

Audience positioning, you can locate in detail the small section of each subdivision, you can locate the country, the type of device (computer or mobile).

The bid for cpc can be controlled by itself. It is usually set to start at $0.1, and the ad will appear at the top of the interest section you are running.

Reddit ads VS Facebook ads

Stability: certainly reddit is more stable, facebook personal accounts are generally difficult to survive.

Advertising effect: In fact, the competition level of reddit advertisement is much smaller than facebook, the effect may not be as good as facebook, because reddit\’s advertisement can\’t deliver post type, can\’t form share forwarding, etc., thus forming a viral spread, but not saying All the products are not as good as facebook advertisements. The advantage of reddit advertisements is that it is easier to locate the audience. You can directly locate the interest section. The advertisements will only appear when the user enters the interest section, so the user will The click-through rate of an ad will be higher than that of facebook. If your product is more profitable and it is easier to find a section of interest on reddit, then you can go to it.Competition: reddit competition is obviously much smaller, because many people do not know.

Reddit Marketing Tools for Shopify

This Google Chrome plugin is highly recommended: Reddit Enhancement Suite. You can use the plugin to log in to multiple accounts directly, track the posts you are interested in, color-code the users you are interested in, and view the specific values of clicks or dislikes that you can\’t see at the front end. More than 2 million, the evaluation is also 5 stars praise, if you want to get reddit traffics, you can install to have a try.

The whole process of Reddit\’s promotion and marketing are listed above. Whether it is free or paid traffics, you can just have a try, because the cost is not high. Of course, I have to do it well. I still have to take care of it. Many people always It’s too naive to think of relying on one post or picture to get traffics. It’s just a simple matter, and everyone doesn’t have to work hard. If you word hard on high quality content post on Reddit, it is a very good way to help get stable and massive traffics to your Shopify store.

Pros and Cons of China warehouse virtual warehouse overseas warehouse for Shopify order fulfillment

Once the Shopify orders growing day by day, the order fulfillment efficiency became very important to shopify sellers, from one side they need improve the order delivery speed, from another side they need to control the order fulfillment cost. For most Shopify sellers, it is a good choice to outsource the order fulfillment works to professional order fulfillment agent, basically there are 3 kinds of warehouse order fulfillment solutions, China warehouse, virtual warehouse overseas and warehouse in destination countries. In this article we will analyze the Pros and Cons of China warehouse, virtual warehouse, overseas warehouse for Shopify order fulfillment.

China warehouse order fulfillment

as the name suggested, the shopify orders will be fulfilled from China to clients overseas. The order fulfillment procedure listed below:

China warehouse order fulfillment procedure

You can also check China 1688 Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment Procedure for Shopify Dropshipping in details.

Pros of China warehouse order fulfillment

1>Minimize inventory and reduce capital usage. You can wholesale hot sale goods and retail other goods to lower down goods stock;

2>Increase profits margin. Compared to Aliexpress, goods on 1688 is far more cheaper while the quality is the same, that means you can increase profits margin by wholesale the hot sale products from 1688;

3>Decrease order fulfillment cost. Although the human cost in China continually increasing, it is far less than the developed countries, you can save time and money by outsource the order fulfillment works;

4>Better for brand marketing. When you dropship from Aliexpress, your clients may often receive goods with promotional ads in the package, which will affect repeating purchase, the Chinese order fulfillment agent could help you customize label and packaging as well as promotional cards to help you continually marketing your store to attract repeating purchase.

Cons of China warehouse order fulfillment

1> Longer delivery time. The goods need to ship from supplier to agent warehouse then ship to clients overseas, the whole procedure takes long time if yo don\’t stock items in agent warehouse;

2> Chinese shipping label. Although the China order fulfillment agent could help you remove the promotional ad cards and labels, the shipping label still shown the goods shipping from China, which will affect the user experience;

Overseas warehouse order fulfillment

Similar to Amazon FBA, if your target clients located in the USA, then you apply the USA warehouse order fulfillment service. In this mode you ship the goods to 3rd party USA warehouse via air or sea. When clients order the goods, the USA warehouse will pack and ship directly to clients in USA. In this way the delivery time can be improved a lot.

The overseas warehouse order fulfillment fee includes: first leg shipping fee +warehousing fee and service fee+shipping fee.

Pros of overseas warehouse order fulfillment

1> Fast delivery. The order fulfillment only takes 2 to 5 days in different countries;

2> Increase customer experience and product exposure. Faster delivery also means better user experience, if you have other platforms in addition to Shopify, overseas warehouse could help you increase products exposure based on platforms rules for more traffics;

3> Less restriction on goods category. Owing to mostly goods imported to destination countries via sea, there has less restrictions on goods volume and weight as the shipping fee reduced; Which means you can extend the goods category in your store;

4> add on service. Faster goods return and exchange service will help you increase the customer satisfaction.

Cons of overseas warehouse order fulfillment

1> Goods stock. Once you applying overseas warehouse order fulfillment service, you need to stock goods to meet their requirements;

2> Financial pressure. If you have more goods categories the stock will face great financial pressure, meanwhile you need to invest more on marketing and ads, once the goods have large stock there will have great financial pressure;

3> Higher order fulfillment cost. The overseas warehouse charges on each service they provide such as warehousing, pick&pack, goods return and exchange etc.

4> Does\’t fit for new stores with unstable traffics. If you are new sellers and the store traffics is unstable, it has big risks.

Virtual warehouse order fulfillment

Virtual warehouse is an improvement way for overseas warehouse order fulfillment. It is also shipping from china but faster than China warehouse order fulfillment but cost is lower than overseas warehouse order fulfillment. Let\’s take USA market for example to check the virtual warehouse order fulfillment procedure:

1> Chinese virtual warehouse agent pick and pack then print USA second leg shipping label via ERP and stick on the package;

2>Consolidate the small packages into one big carton box and ship to USA warehouse via DHL, FedEx or UPS;

3>The agent will help you clean customs and deliver to USA warehouse;

4> The warehouse receive package and split small packages deliver via USPS;

Compared with China warehouse order fulfillment, due to the increase in the weight of the package, there will be a certain advantage in the price, but the delivery time is slightly slower than overseas warehouse. Compared ePacket shipping from China, because the head-end is express delivery, the timeliness has been greatly improved. It may take 10 to 15 days before, now it takes only 5-8 days.

Compared with the traditional overseas warehouse model, it saves the cost of purchasing and warehousing. It does not need to invest a large amount of funds in the early stage to place large quantities of goods in overseas warehouses, and it will not generate storage costs due to inventory backlog. The price is infinitely close to ePacket with higher service quality and local shipping advantages.

Pros of virtual warehouse order fulfillment

1> Local shipping label for better user experience. The tracking shown local shipping information, but the goods actually shipping from China with faster delivery compared to ePacket;

2>Save purchasing, inventory and warehousing cost. There is no need for up-front input costs for large-volume purchases of goods placed in overseas warehouses, and there will be no storage costs due to inventory backlog;

3>Increase average sales. Since the goods tracking are initially displayed as local shipping info, the customer can increase the selling price of the product and increase the profit;

4> Reduce uncontrollable risks. Such as: pre-investment cost risk, overseas unsalable risks, and risks arising from changes in platform policies.

5> Reduce delivery time. Compared to shipping from Aliexpress or China order fulfillment warehouse, the virtual warehouse order fulfillment could greatly reduce package delivery time.

Cons of virtual warheouse order fulfillment

1>Virtual overseas warehouses do not have the real recognition of the platforms such as Amazon and eBay, but it is suitable for Shopify;

2>Slower transportation time and high logistics cost are not conducive to improving the shopping experience of consumers compared to overseas warehouse order fulfillment.

With the virtual overseas warehouse order fulfillment, there must be other advantages or risks in the actual operation process, each Shopify seller should make judgments according to their actual situation. Currently the mainly virtual warehouse order fulfillment service are available for USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France and other EU countries.

The above are the Pros and Cons of China warehouse virtual warehouse overseas warehouse for Shopify order fulfillment, as a Shopify seller you may know which order fulfillment way is the best for you, if you are planning to outsource the order fulfillment works, please feel free to contact 86Deal with your requirements in details.