I believe how to dig the best selling product in Shopify store is the most frequently asked question by Shopify sellers. There are some suggestions for you as a reference if you are new to Shopify dropshipping business.

How to define best selling product in your shopify store?

So far, I have not totally understood the definition of what is the best selling product? What kind of product can be called the best selling product? But in the last few years Shopify experience, my friends shared with me their understanding of the best selling product or exploding product.

If the price of a product in the Shopify store is about 20~30 dollars, the daily order of this product is 25~30 pcs, and the product monthly sales are around 15000 usd. This product can be called the explosion product or best selling product. I think this criteria should be reasonable. It is also a quantitative standard for the explosion product. Otherwise, everyone is saying that every day, how do I suddenly have a single best selling product? How to create the best selling product in Shopify store? First of all, to clarify this concept of the best selling product.

Things that are not quantified are relatively imaginary and relatively floating. One of my friends sell mobile phone case around one hundred orders a day. Is this called an explosion product? Of course it is. In fact, there has another meaning of the best selling product: ultimate marketing on this product with a certain profit margin. Everyone has different understandings of the explosion product. The above is for reference only. Otherwise, if you look at the sales data in your shopify store there is no one product meet this criteria.

In fact, you can refer to the above data, simply to optimize. For example, if you think that the customer price is about 15 usd, and the product has 10 orders or so per day, this is called explosion product. A Shopify store must be launched first, and if you need certain profit margin, I think it is necessary to dig the best selling product in your store. In fact, the best selling product such as cheap mobile phone cases, data lines, etc., these are called traffic products, the concept is not the same as the explosion product. The traffic product is only responsible for attracting the customer, and it does not matter to make money with the traffic product. This is called traffic thinking.

In fact, everyone has different definitions of explosion products. Some people say that the explosion product does not have to make money. Some people say that the explosion must make money. The Shopify seller relies on this profit for the dropshipping business. My understanding on the best selling product is that it should be high exposure, high traffics and high orders, to have the \”three high\” characteristics, as for earning money, it really varies from person to person. Therefore, there is no profit problem involved here. As long as it meets the three high characteristics, it is called explosion product. You said that the sale of low-priced products don\’t make money, or even lose money. In a certain angle, you are taking the explosion product for traffics, the traffic is also very valuable in the eCommerce age.

how to dig the best selling product in Shopify store

Actually from the three high characteristics of the explosion product, let\’s talk about how to dig the best selling product? What are the tricks?

Start from the product perspective

In 2017, the most popular products for cross-border e-commerce are the Fingertip gyro. Here, we will list the characteristics of the explosions represented by this gadget, which can be targeted for reference. In fact, a simple review of the past years of explosion products, such as the balance car in 2016(believe that the average small seller can not afford, do not make reference), artifact selfie stick in 2015 , electronic cigarettes in 2014…. .. there is a simple summary:

Feature 1. Simple function

Fingertip gyro is a toy, I have also played some different kinds, to tell the truth, I don\’t like it, but from the consumer point of view, it is so hot in overseas countries, I feel that foreign children do not have this thing they will be embarrassed to go out. It is because the function is simple, as long as it is a child who can walk who can play well, of course, adults can also play, relying on the tools of relaxation and decompression.

Feature 2. Relatively high quality

One of the characteristics that must be specific to the best selling product is that quality does not require you to be particularly good, but relatively high quality. For example, the fingertip gyro, if you play it, it will not break, especially pure copper or iron one, the broken possibility is even smaller. The selfie sticks and e-cigarettes listed above all belong to the products with relatively good quality. Of course, the biggest problem of the balance car is that the accidental accident caused Amazon to completely remove the balance car.

Feature 3. Fast stylish and light weight

This must be the most important feature. In addition to its simple function and good quality, the next step is that this product is preferably small and relatively fashionable. When I promote selfie stick online I was hesitate for 2 weeks, but it sells around 100,000 monthly after promoted. Therefore, it is possible to find a small and fast fashion product for Shopify dropshipping.

Start from market perspective

Starting from the buyer side, grab a hot search product
keyword, so that it is very convenient to understand the market demand and know which products are popular on the market.

Trick 1. B2C Platform keyword search

The data on the B2C platform is the most important, but often many sellers want to know the data in many platforms. For example, the data of the AliExpress background is enough for everyone to refer to the product selection, of course you are familiar with the Aliexpress data, it is also very good to find product data on other platforms for your Shopify dropshipping.

Trick 2. Best selling product on other platforms

Once one product exploded on one platform, the other platforms will be also hot soon. This is the trend of cross-border e-commerce. So if any product is hot sale on a platform, I suggest you hurry up to sell on your Shopify store.

The 28 law on Shopify store

In the final summary, a Shopify store actually needs some explosion produts and traffic products. This involves the product layout of the Shopify store, and the best selling product is in line with the 28 law. That is to say, 20% of the products in a store actually contribute 80% of the sales. In any case, everyone must work hard to dig the best selling products in the Shopify store. It is the last word to put the performance up and profit.