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2019 summer Europe USA Asia product selection tutorial for Shopify dropshipping

The hot summer is coming, the hot sales season of summer fashion classification is coming soon, have you worried about can\’t keep up with the latest fashion trend for your dropshipping business? Have understand the fashion preferences of people in the EU, USA and Asia? Do you have idea how to select trending fashion products for Shopify dropshipping? Today we will share some hot sale product selection tutorials as well as our predictions in 2019 summer and we hope Shopify sellers can grasp this hot sales season.


Ladies\’ tops for dropshipping

There are many styles of women\’s tops, and European American consumers prefer clothes that have a sense of design in terms of details and styles. Comfortable wrap tops, lace fabrics and off-the-shoulders, we anticipate those tops will be the favorite of girls in 2019 summer. The light colors are dominant colors, and light brown, white, pink, and blue are common colors. $20-40 is a common price range.

Women tops

Ladies\’ dress for dropshipping

Dresses is the best-selling category for women all year round. White, blue and black are the main colors of European and American women\’s daily dresses. The bright and colorful print design is the first choice for vacation. In 2019, we predict that crochet, retro style, denim tooling and other popular elements will appear more in the design of the dress. The mainstream customer base will choose a flat price of 20-30 dollars.


Swimwear and its related products for dropshipping

Swimwear and beach skirts are still the hottest items to be missed in the summer of 2019. The sales of swimwear will last from the beginning of March until the end of August. Red and black French bikini (Bikini), blue and black geometric patterns (waves, stripes, etc.) Tankini (top body is a vest, the lower body is a bikini), and a simple one-piece swimsuit that is more suitable for swimming. They are all timeless styles. 2019 new swimwear trend, we will vote for high-waist bikinis and color vintage lines. According to the 2019 major brand swimwear conferences, we predict that the use of stripes in swimwear will be more abundant from color to style. Yellow, cool metallic, oblique cuts, pleats and laces will appear more on the beach. Currently in North America, online bikini prices are mostly between $10 to $30, while Tankini is generally above $20.


Rompers for dropshipping

2019 jumpsuits will still focus on the simple and tailored cut, shaping the handsome and handsome modern female image. The design of small details such as belts, shoulders, pleats, slits, and puff sleeves will give women a unique elegance! Special tips for sellers: Because the rompers are relatively strict on the body, the main group of jumpsuits will focus on the S and M. With regard to size, European and American people are generally 1-2 sizes larger than Asians. Buyers\’ demand will focus on M and above sizes, while for some dresses, split swimwear and other body styles that are not so strict, sellers consider making some options for people with very large numbers.

Men\’s shorts for dropshipping

With the popularity of social networks and the increasing demand for clothing for men, the styles of men\’s summer clothing are also becoming more diverse. We have seen the men\’s shorts category in recent years with constant innovation in color and length, but the most classic best-selling styles are still fit and knee-length (9-11 inches) simple casual shorts and loose and comfortable shorts.


The best selling shorts in the North America market are mainly beige and gray, while the black and blue options for sports shorts are more popular. Combined with this year\’s New York Fashion Week fashion trend, it is recommended that you choose a sleeveless vest, cotton shirt or Hawaiian shirt for matching sales recommendations. In terms of the price of shorts for ordinary materials, the choice of less than $30 is the mainstream choice for consumers.

Women\’s shoulder bag for dropshipping

Among the luggage categories, the women\’s shoulder bag category ushered in sales peaks in the summer. In order to match the summer\’s slim clothing, medium-sized leather satchel with flowing tassel accessories, as well as a classic color chain bag, are welcome. At the same time, the more practical multi-pocket Mummy bag, the beach must-have dumpling bag, is also the new choice for summer bag selection. Volkswagen is also accepting shoulder bag options from $20 to $40. In addition, this year\’s fashion show has a short shoulder strap shoulder bag, you can consider the choice of shorter shoulder straps based on the shoulder bag.


Ladies sandals for dropshipping

Whether it\’s going to the beach or for a daily leisure life, summer is inseparable from the sandals and slippers, light and easy to wear and without a sense of restraint. Among them, the flip-flop is still the most classic best-selling style. Prices are generally below $30. The color is mainly brown and black. For added comfort, some brands have replaced the tow with a one-piece composite that has been woven into a woven material. From the trend of fashion, thick sandals and multi-strap straps designed sports sandals, this year\’s women\’s sandals category sales of dark horses, it is recommended to use the classic color matching with soft touch of the upper fabric.

women sandals 2019 summer

In summary, we predict that the colors that are popular this year in Europe and America will be mainly bright and simple color:


Women’s popular fabrics and patterns in 2019 summer will be:


2019 summer Japan product selection for dropshipping

We predict that this year\’s Japanese men\’s T-shirt classification will continue the design that was common in previous years. Straight cuts and slim fits are the most common, and now more and more young people prefer loose and spacious coats. The comfortable cotton texture on the material is the first choice for consumers, and the price range we usually have is between 1,500 and 6,000 yen. White, earthy, blue, and black are common colors. The island style/coco print is a classic style every summer. Also remind you that the Japanese are thinner than the Europeans, so the S and M products are more popular.

Japan 2019 summer men\’s clothing

Golf apparel for dropshipping

Playing golf is a popular sport in the summer, so the demand for golf apparel is gradually entering the peak season as the temperature rises. Common golf shirts and trousers are mostly cotton-woven fabrics, which ensure comfort on the one hand and perspiration on the other, and the price is generally between 4,000 and 15,000 yen. In addition to the necessary golf shirts and trousers, due to the arrival of the rainy season, the rain jacket is also an essential equipment for playing. The price of a rain suit is generally between 12,000 and 26,000 yen. In order to be more eye-catching on the grass, the common colors of golf apparel are light and bright.


2019 summer Indian product selection for dropshipping

Along with the dropshipping business are more and more popular in India, we have India fashion product selection guide. As everyone knows, India has more than 1 billion people, second only to China in the world. On the back of India, there is a tall Himalayas as a barrier that blocks cold air from the north, so India\’s temperature is slightly higher than that of the same latitude. India is one of the world\’s largest textile exporters, but India\’s factories produce mostly Indian fabrics and hemp yarns, so the local market demand for cotton and cotton fabrics is high. Although India is located in the Asian continent, Indian consumers prefer European and American style clothing. Today we will focus on the three categories of women\’s clothing that will enter the sales season immediately.

India Women\’s tops for dropshipping

Women\’s tops in fabric colors and patterns, high-saturation bright colors, flower prints and stripes are the consumer\’s favorite choice. The upper half of the sleeve and the sleeveless are the most popular, and the large hem can be used for slimming. Cotton, cotton and rayon are the most popular fabrics.


India women dress for dropshipping

Shirts and high-waisted dresses are the most popular among consumers, and designs with sequins, zippers or laces are more popular. Floral prints and classic black and white are good choices.


India women pants for dropshipping


Multi-dimensional considerations in terms of style, fabric, fashion color, decorative elements, price, etc. are the key to making product selection for your shopify dropshipping business. The above is our recommendation and forecast of 2019 Europe USA and Asia summer hot fashion product selection, We hope to help Shopify sellers to grasp the summer fashion trend to make good profits for the dropshipping business. We hope that in the summer when the temperature is not high, your sales will be hotter than the weather!

5 pros and cons of Shopify you should know for dropshipping

Shopify is a Saas shopping cart system. It is suitable for cross-border e-commerce to establish independent stores. Users can use their themes, templates, apps to build their own online stores online with some fee. Especially for the dropshipping business, when we choose the shopping cart system, many users will be very annoyed, especially for those who have platforms experience(such as Amazon, Wish, Aliexpress, etc.). If you just want to build a new standalone store, Shopify is definitely a great choice because it\’s the easiest and most efficient way to create a online store for dropshipping purpose.

Does shopify also have shortcomings for dropshipping? The answer is yes. Anything is contradictory. It has its excellent part, of course, it will have its shortcomings. We tested 3 shopping cart systems in the past 4 years, Magento, Zencart and Shopify. I will use my experience to compare the comparison of these 3 shopping cart programs:

Magento disadvantages: A very professional programmer is required to build a website, upload a product, set up a store, and require a very high configuration of the server. The biggest problem I encountered was that the website was slow, and installing multiple cache plugins couldn\’t be solved. It takes 5 to 7 seconds to open the page on average, which is why I gave up the system.

Zencart disadvantages: The program is slow to update, not functional, and he can\’t keep up with the mobile age. Zencart advantage: the website loading speed is very fast, and the market share also indicates that this system has not kept up with the mobile internet era.

5 advantages of Shopify system

1> Professional and beautiful Shopify template:

Shopify officially offers more than 60 beautiful, professional templates, and the mobile side is fully adaptive, perfectly compatible with a variety of mobile devices. Shopify provides you with a beautiful and professional template theme that will make your standalone look more professional. Professional templates allow your website to gain more trust so that visitors stay to browse more pages and get more orders for more visits.

Shopify themes include clothing, jewelry, furniture, art, etc. There are free and paid, the most expensive one cost 180 usd, which are used for one-time payment. It is worth mentioning that Shopify invites the most professional programmers to create themes for Shopify. These themes are officially reviewed by Shopify, so they are perfectly compatible with Shopify.

In addition to the official template, the professional template provider Themeforest also provides a professional Shopify templates. Compared to the official paid template, their templates are relatively cheap, some of the features are better than the official, the service is also good, if there are problems with the installation and usage, you can directly contact the template author for assistance.

2> Full-featured APP market

That is also the main reason why many dropshippers like to use Shopify. Before using Shopify, I used Magento to build a store for dropshipping. I remember once installing a Daily Deal plugin (Extensions), from purchasing plug-ins to downloading and installing settings, communicating with authors to install and debug plug-ins, it took 2 weeks. Shopify, you only need 5 minutes to get such a simple plugin.

Shopify app is similar to our mobile app. Just like you buy a newest iPhone XS, it only has the basic functions. If you want to watch videos, play games, and communicate with your friends, you have to install Youtube, King Glory, Facebook, Tiktok etc. The same as we ordered Shopify service, there is only basic shopping features. If you want to manage products in batches, manage orders in bulk, and advanced email marketing, you\’ll need to install a variety of apps.

This is actually one of the biggest advantages of Shopify. It not only allows you to set up an online store and process payments, but also provides useful tools to help you succeed in other important aspects of your dropshipping business, such as apps that can help you with: product launch, product inventory management, email marketing With SNS marketing, remarketing, advanced analytics, SEO, order management, and more, there are over 1,000 different apps available in the Shopify App Store. A large portion of these apps can help you provide efficiency and automation.

You can choose the applications you need. These applications can be perfectly integrated into Shopify, and they can be plug and play. After installation, you can use them with simple settings. Generally, the app has detailed and simple tutorials to teach you how to set up. This will save you a lot of time and work. Flexible payment methods: These apps basically have a trial period of 1-30 days. If the trial is not satisfactory, the uninstall will not be charged during the trial period; the charging method is basically based on the scale of your business. You don\’t want to use it in the future, or it doesn\’t helpful to the dropshipping business, you can directly uninstall it with one click, and there will be no cost in the future.

3> 7/24 online support

You can contact Shopify at any time by phone, online chat or email. For example, if you encounter problems when setting collections, or if you have difficulty binding domain names, you can click on the online chat and Shopify\’s official technical support to solve your problem on time.

4> Stable and secure server, deploying free high-speed CDNs around the world

Loading speed: One of the factors that successfully run the online store, the CWCS study found that if the page loads more than 3 seconds, 57% of the customers leave the site. Click here to test the speed at which your store opens:

If you have Shopify store, you can test the speed of your website, not just the home page, but the speed of the product page is sometimes more important.

Security: Because the website is an e-commerce website involving transactions, it needs to be more secure than the general news portal information category. Shopify uses SSL security protocol to ensure the security of the transmitted data (any package can be free of charge, no additional charge). Shopify payment security has been certified by PCI DSS to better protect the data security of transaction credit card holders. In addition, Shopify also perfectly integrates PayPal payments. Not all sites can access PayPal payments. PayPal also has certain requirements for the security of independent stations. With Shopify, you only need 1 minute to access PayPal payments.

As a comprehensive e-commerce solution, Shopify has hired many professional engineers to keep our store from being attacked by hackers. In addition, Shopify is a publicly traded company, so you have reason to believe that they will inevitably invest huge amounts of money in website security.

5> Shopify is compatible with multi-channel sales

As long as your Shopify store is created, after the product is uploaded, with the corresponding APP (some channels do not need additional APP) and payment methods, you can start your sales on these platforms without having to upload products repeatedly. On these platforms. This feature is very powerful, such as Facebook store, if you use Shopify, you can open the Facebook sales channel directly in the background, it is very easy.

Shopify currently compatible with the sales platforms:

Official introduction:

Social platform: Facebook, Pinterest, Facebook Messenger

Professional sales platform: Amazon, Wish, Ebay (coming soon)

Other platforms: Wanelo, BuzzFeed, Kik, Houzz, etc.

5 disadvantages of Shopify

1> Shopify transaction fee

I think the transaction fee is the most fatal flaw of Shopify. If you use Magento and Zencart as a website-building program, there is no transaction fee. The use of these 2 shopping carts is 100% free. In addition to the monthly package fee, Shopify will charge sellers for 0.5%-2% of the transaction fee, unless you use Shopify Payments for your payment method. In this case, all your transactions fees will be waived, but it is difficult to use Shopify Payment in many countries. The opening of Shopify Payment requires the US ID card and the US bank account corresponding to the ID card for verification. So for now, many dropshippers can\’t open Shopify Payment for the time being, which means that in addition to paying the monthly fee for each month, if you still have a transaction, you need to give another additional 0.5-%2% as Shopify transaction fees.

If you use the $29 monthly Shopify plan, and the monthly transaction amount is $3,000. The fee you have to pay for Shopify is: 29+3000*2%=29+60=89USD.

If you use the $79 monthly Shopify plan, the monthly transaction amount is $10,000. The fee you have to pay for Shopify is: 79+10000*1%=79+100=179USD

If you use the $179 monthly premium Shopify plan, the monthly transaction amount is $50,000. The fee you have to pay for Shopify is: 179+50000*0.5%=179+250=429USD

Obviously the fee looks a bit high, but we calculate our profit. If we assume 20% of our net profit, we can get a net profit of 10,000 dollars per month. This charge is also very transparent, and once you get your sales out every month, you can calculate your transaction fee. And you have a monthly sales of 50,000 US dollars, indicating that the number of website visits has also increased, and the corresponding resources are also used, such as broadband resources, and we spend 429 US dollars to ensure the stability and security of our website. And more importantly, you have a net profit of 10,000 dollars, after all, this money is worthwhile.

2> Shopify app fees

While Shopify offers you more than 1,400 apps to extend the functionality of your online store, many apps are not free and charge you a monthly fee. Obviously this may make your cost continue to increase. For example, integrating Cross Sell and Social Login into the Shopify store requires an additional 9.9+1.49=11.39USD per month.

Hurrify – Countdown Timer How does this app save you a lot of time and increase efficiency? This is a product page promotion countdown app that can give customers a sense of urgency. If you don\’t place an order, it may end soon. Before installing this app, some template such as ELLE also has the countdown function, but it has the drawback that you need to manually re-set after each promotion time, which costs a lot of time. For example, if I have 50 products to participate in this countdown promotion tomorrow, I have to manually click 50 times to modify the countdown, which is a waste of time. But after installing Hurrify, it only needs to be set once, it will last forever, and the efficiency will of course be increased by N times. Of course I am willing, and I am very happy to change my time with $6.99 per month.

Some apps will make your work easier and more efficient; some apps will make your site more professional, get more sales, get more traffic, get more email subscriptions, and apps perfect integration with Shopify, you don\’t have to worry about bugs at all, you can contact developers directly, and their response is very efficient. So you can focus on other important aspects of your business. If you are still worried about the APP fee, please remember that the APP is completely optional.

3>Shopify uses the Liquid language, and the professional development programmers are very few

The Liquid language is relatively small, unlike PHP, there are already many masters in the country, and there are many such mature courses. However, if you want to modify the Shopify store, or if you want to develop a specific function, you need to find an expert in Shopify. These include: website settings, template design, professional development, marketing, graphic design and other experts which increases the cost. Shopify Official Expert Service:

4> Shopify backup transfer

Although you may not thought of migrating Shopify yet, but that doesn\’t mean I will always use Shopify in the future, in case there is a better shopping cart program? If you really want to migrate the website, the only way you can do it now is to export the product in CSV format, then open a Shopify and re-import the product, but for the blog content, contact us, return policy and other pages, these pages will also It\’s hard to recover.

5> The wholesale function is basically not involved, and multi-language support is not very good

We have lots of friends now do B2B small wholesale, so they applied Shopify to do this small B2B, but it does not have this wholesale function, for example, they have to set the price ladder, Shopify needs to use APP, and it can be easily done in Mangeto. Implementation, because Magento itself comes with this feature.

For multi-language on the website, Shopify can only be solved by the App, such as langify.

In summary, do you think the 5 advantages of Shopify outweigh its 5 disadvantages? Undoubtedly, I personally think that the above mentioned shortcomings are not really unacceptable, and these shortcomings will only affect a small number of users. Before I met Shopify, I never thought about launching an online store so simple. This is good news for most cross-border e-commerce dropshippers who don’t understand the code and want to use a stand-alone store to try their hand. You can use Shopify to build a professional dropshipping website for $29 a month.

15 most frequently asked questions about Shopify dropshipping in 2019

Lots of shopify beginning inquiry 86Deal order fulfillment services, in order to help the new beginners know more about shopify dropshipping we collected the 15 most frequently asked questions about Shopify dropshipping in 2019.

Can I get enough traffics from Shopify?

Shopify is not a 2C platform, so there is no traffics. Shopify is the first B platform to serve in B2C or B2B mode. The “platform” here means that Shopify use its own products and ecology to help sellers connect and manage various services, tools, payment, logistics, templates, marketing channels, etc. in a one-stop SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. If you must say traffics, Shopify doesn\’t mean to give you traffic, it can help you more easily and directly touch all the traffic that is accessible to the world, rather than being limited to a platform like Amazon or eBay.

What\’s the advantages of Shopify dropshipping?

Different from Amazon and eBay operated like a big market displays the product information of many sellers on each page. Shopify can help sellers quickly and efficiently build a professional independent e-commerce website. Every Shopify website has an unique brand domain name chosen by the seller, and the clients has to click on the domain name to browse the products you are selling. It is better for branding your business in the long term running.

Platforms and independent store have their own advantages, and the two can be compliment of each other. The advantage of the platform is that they have off-the-shelf traffic resources, and third-party sellers can use platform traffic to achieve their sales goals. However, due to the rules of the platform, third-party sellers can\’t really grasp the customer data, and they can\’t establish close contact with customers. Although running Shopify requires a certain promotion ability to bring traffic to your website, it is compared with The platform is flexible, the flexibility of the stand-alone station is higher, and the processes and customer data that you can master and control are more complete. These processes and data can help you provide more personalized services to customers, enhance customer experience and premium ability. At the same time, establish a more distinct brand image and cultivate customer loyalty.

In essence, the platform and the independent station are just two different forms of sales channels for us, not the one-or-one relationship. On the contrary, the two have their own strengths and complement each other. In addition, according to my personal experience, Shopify independent station is the only way for platform sellers to transform their branded routes from pure sales products.

How to get traffics to Shopify store?

There are three essential differences between Shopify and the familiar 2C e-commerce platforms to get traffics. Therefore, after the website is online, you need to actively display your brand and merchandise to your potential customers through SEO, social networking, influencer promotion, video marketing, paid advertising and other marketing promotion methods.

Flexibly get traffics and ownership. When you Sell on the 2C platform, the traffic is obtained first by the platform, and belongs to the platform when it enters the platform. The platform formulates rules and traffic distribution mechanisms. Whether it is ranking, weight, who can sell (how much), who can\’t sell (how much), how to sell it, and who sells it, the platform has the final rights. Shopify\’s 2B model determines that we are helping the sellers to attract and manage traffics on the back end, in two ways: You can create your own e-commerce website very easily through Shopify, or through Shopify back-end one-stop shop. Link different traffic channels and manage marketing data no matter where you want to get traffics. These traffic goes to your independent website through your own marketing channel, which is 100% belongs to your own, free to control, unlimited, and can be repeated and touched at any time. This marketing flexibility and controllability is the first difference between the Shopify model and the 2C platform.

Customer experience controllability and ownership. That is how your brand and products are presented to customers, as well as the entire browsing experience and shopping process design. These things are all controlled by the platform on the 2C platform, such as what your store looks like, product information format, image specifications, the entire shopping cart to the payment process and so on. And the purpose of the platform design experience is not to highlight the brand of a third-party seller, but to give consumers the best choice, but also to find out what they want faster. This also determines why the merchants have to go and \”sell with\” death, constantly change the Listing, and even take the \”swipe\” action, because only these things are controllable to see. On the brand\’s own e-commerce website built by Shopify, the merchants decide how to best display their brands and products, and control the shopping process themselves, including the data of the entire browsing conversion process. Everything is done to better highlight its own characteristics in its own territory and to enhance sales transformation for the brand.

Customer ownership. The traffics of the 2C platform belongs to the platform, which is transformed into a customer, and the customer is also belongs to platform. It has nothing to do with the seller on the platform, but tells you to ship the goods by order. It is difficult for merchants to have direct interaction with customers and to obtain first-hand customer data. The most direct impact of this is demand analysis and customer retention. Businesses need to constantly try to judge \”customer needs\” through the \”platform demand\” prism, and also try to skip and jump out of the platform to attract customers to repurchase. These are the opposite of Shopify\’s model. Not only will we give you all the data and information, but even rely on Shopify\’s powerful machine learning algorithms to advise you on how to better analyze customer needs and collaborate with customers.

There are many ways to get traffics. Currently, the mainstream methods are Facebook, Google, influencer marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing, and so on. But it\’s not that any method of getting traffic is applicable and efficient for you. When we promote the website to get traffic, we should care about the quantity, but also pay attention to the quality. In other words, we must not only have traffic thinking, but also have user thinking: on the basis of fully understanding the products, do a good job of competitor analysis, summarize the characteristics and behavior habits of potential customers, and do a good portrait of your advertising audience. Then, there are plans to let your branded products or service advertisements appear to potential customers in the right content and in the right place at the right time.

The traffics acquisition is only the beginning, we must continue to improve the service capabilities to cultivate customer loyalty, such as focusing on the operational data of the website, and based on this data to continuously optimize the online shopping experience of the website; to control the quality of the product, Improve logistics service capabilities; respond to customer emails in a timely manner, and actively handle various issues of customer feedback.

How to get trending products for Shopify dropshipping?

As we said above, Shopify makes the dropshipping business more easier and more straightforward to touch all of the world\’s accessible traffic, rather than being limited to a single platform. So the question of \”What is the best selling product on a certain platform\” to Shopify here, must be expanded into \”What is the specific consumer demand of your target market or group?\” Because the world is too big, there will be demand everywhere, but to be practical To get the demand, you must find your specific goals and clearly understand what they want.

Another point to note is that on the 2C platform, customers are served directly by the platform. What the seller has to do is nothing more than three things: find the source of goods, go to the product, and pull the traffic. Your role can be understood as \”helping the platform to supply\”, so knowing \”what is best to sell on the platform\” is basically all the questions you have to ask. But Shopify\’s model determines that you are no longer working for the platform, but for your own business, to serve your customers honestly. At this time, \”what is best to sell\” is not enough, but also to figure out \”what kind of demand we can serve the best.\” For example, if I don\’t know about pet supplies myself, can I answer the customer\’s questions about my products very well? What Shopify has to do is to help you start faster and better serve your customers, no matter what you want to sell.

In addition to having the right to block the counterfeit and infringing products, Shopify does not have too many restrictions on the category, and there is no such thing as a good performance. In terms of data performance on the Black Friday of 2018, apparel and fashion products performed best, but it does not mean that Shopify is only suitable for such products. We have seen various success stories. However, the selection can not blindly follow the trend, the pursuit of heat. In addition to some basic selection methods, such as starting from the areas of interest, mining products, paying attention to competitors, paying attention to current trends, analyzing different platform data, existing suppliers\’ new products, etc., and selecting products from users demands.

Where\’s the hottest countries and areas for Shopify dropshipping?

Shopify sellers are located in 175 countries and regions around the world, and customers are also in every corner of the world. I can\’t talk about \”Which is the hottest country sold on Shopify?\” I suggest that you first ask yourself: \”Where do I want to sell? What do they need? Can I meet this need?\” At the same time, Shopify is doing two things in two years:

Strengthen support for different international markets, whether it is for local businesses or consumers; optimize our products and ecology to ensure that every business, no matter where in the world, can simply sell around the world.

At present, the main target market of most of sellers and friends who are familiar with us is the market of developed countries in Europe and America, and because they are relatively more familiar. But to be clear, the choice of the target market is closely related to your products and services. For example, if you want to promote the European power adapter in the United States, it is obvious that the market selection direction is wrong. It is recommended that you have sufficient understanding of your target market during the selection period. You can search for relevant content through Google, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit and other platforms to find out the answer. If your supplier has export business, you can directly ask them. Which countries or regions the products are mainly exported to, provide a decision-making reference for the selection of your main target market.

Can I still make profits via Shopify dropshipping in 2019?

I can\’t say that Shopify sellers can be 100% profitable in the dropshipping business, but because of the essential difference between the model and the 2C e-commerce platform, sellers can build their own independent store through Shopify, which is much more flexible and controllable. If you use it well, you can do more to improve conversion, profit margin and average customer price. On the 2C platform, the buyer\’s willingness to purchase is simple and clear, but your product is only one of the many results on the search page. The purchase behavior is mainly based on rational consumption, and the price comparison process is inevitable. Even the platform is also hopeful for the design of the shopping process. Active comparison, survival of the fittest. As more products and similar stores appear, businesses will inevitably feel that the platform is constantly pressing prices to lower down profits. On the contrary, on their own websites or independent marketing channels, the merchants themselves control the shopping process and experience, it is easier to show their unique brand and product value to potential customers, enhance brand awareness, and create purchasing intentions of emotional consumption. This is the best brand premium opportunity.

First of all, profit is closely related to your pricing, product cost, logistics cost, advertising cost, etc., but compared to Amazon\’s 15% sales commission, according to our own experience, Shopify\’s handling fee (Note: Shopify has no sales commission, only the deductible fee based on the subscription package) and the third party collection fee is about 7%-10% of the sales price. If you have the qualification to use Shopify Payment as the collection channel or upgrade to Shopify Plus\’s package can make this ratio even lower.

In addition, whether it is a low customer price or high customer price, we have seen a large number of Shopify sellers have been very successful, but the operating methods and strategies will be different. Shopify seller overall customer unit price does not have an accurate data, but can be estimated from the data given by the 2018 Black Five Shopify official data, the average customer price for the day is about 86.37 US dollars.

Finally, in the actual operation process, we can improve the conversion rate and customer unit price of our website through many optimization methods to improve sales and profits. For example, install and use the Review application to improve the potential customers\’ website through objective customer evaluation. The review has a positive impact on purchase decisions; installing the Shopify app, Frequently Bought Together, can add other related products or accessories to your product page for package sales, increasing customer experience and increasing sales; The fast-selling products with relatively low selling price and high repurchase rate can be stimulated by potential customers to add more products to the shopping cart by setting free mail with simple conditions, such as shopping for over 30 dollars. Use the email marketing application like Klaviyo, MailChimp to create an automated mail delivery mechanism that regularly pushes new products or related products to increase customer repurchase rates.

Does it have bonus period for independent store compared to Amazon eBay?

In the retail and e-commerce industries, regardless of the size of the brand or store, an official website (or mobile app) of its own is essential. The various e-commerce platforms that everyone is familiar with are actually their own brand websites.

Along with the rapid development of the technology, The 2B service and technology represented by Shopify is very fast and innovative, so that everyone can easily build a website and build their own independent sales channels. So everyone started to realize that they want to be their own website. In a certain sense, I don\’t think this is a blue ocean or a bonus period, but a standard compliment of the 2C platforms. In overseas markets, one of the biggest new trends in the past 3 years has been the rise of the DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) brand in the retail sector.

What is the DTC brand? Literally means a brand that directly faces consumers, but it can be understood as private labels. These brands have three main characteristics: 1. Do not enter any third-party platform or distribution channels, but directly interact with consumers through their online and offline official stores; 2. Provide a very unique shopping service experience. The entire marketing transformation process highlights the characteristics of the brand; 3. Control the entire data from browsing to after-sales and then optimize their brand experience, product design and marketing strategy based on this data. I won\’t introduce too much here, so you can find out for yourself.

Independent store are the only way for branding, which can help platform sellers to display their brands to customers with more vivid and full image, gain the trust of customers, improve their premium ability, and avoid falling into endless platform price wars, traffic stations, Brush a single fight. If you\’ve built a brand base through Amazon, AliExpress, or other third-party platforms, consider using Shopify to build your brand\’s official website as soon as possible, and direct high-conversion-based brand search traffic on search engines or social networks to your website. A transformation is formed to ensure that first-hand data is obtained to achieve customer retention.

Why should I choose Shopify for dropshipping?

In another way, what\’s the advantages of Shopify compared to its alternatives?

Firstly, Shopify was indeed an e-commerce website construction management tool in the early days of 2006. However, it successfully implemented the tool platform, not only its own products and functions, but also the second-to-one template for e-commerce companies. In the app store, we also launched a partner system, introducing service providers, developers and third-party software. With a complete development platform and API interface, it is very convenient to provide value to Shopify merchants and form a complete ecosystem.

Shopify is also a true leader in many important areas. For example, Shopify worked with Facebook to develop social e-commerce, and thus extended to official docking with platforms like Amazon, eBay, Google, etc., allowing merchants to easily pass the Shopify platform. One-stop management of different sales and marketing channels. In addition, Shopify betting on the mobile side ensures that today\’s Shopify has a top user experience for both the merchant (Shopify Mobile) and the merchant\’s customers (Website Mobile Optimization).

In addition, Shopify also contains a lot of other interesting things that you may not know much: for example, our mobile SDK can make it easy for merchants to implement e-commerce functions in mobile apps. Shopify for offline retail and flash A range of products and services, AR/VR merchandise display, Oberlo supply platform and more. We have positioned today\’s Shopify as a full-service commercial operating system for service providers, and merchants only need to enjoy these resources and services through their own subscription packages, which is simple and flexible.

Founded 13 years ago, Shopify has been listed in the US and Canada stock market, with a cumulative platform turnover of more than $100 billion. It is also one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in history. We serve more than 800,000 active businesses and include many of the best international brands. Over the years, accumulation and growth are inseparable from the trust and support of all merchants and partners for Shopify.

Many sellers started using Shopify because of its outstanding reputation, and it is not too much experience for the platform building platform outside Shopify. Based on the evaluations of friends around us and some of our own initial experiences, Shopify is relatively more suitable for e-commerce users than pure website site-building tools such as WordPress and Wix, compared with the open-source e-commerce system of Magento and Woocommerce. It is lighter in use. You don\’t need to know the code, you don\’t need to know the server, you don\’t need to hire a professional website builder. You only need to register the account on the Shopify website to complete the basic settings, you can start very quickly. I have heard about the experience of other sellers before. I feel that Shopify is not as flexible as my own website or open source system, but I found that too much flexibility can make my technical team \”do something\”, but it is not necessary at all. Compared with other cloud-based website building tools or platforms of the same type, Shopify has a better and more secure product experience, a more complete ecosystem of platforms, and a lot of active service providers and developers. Everyone goes to Google, YouTube or Facebook to find a lot of content about Shopify, which is comprehensive.

Does Shopify safe for dropshipping?

In response to this problem, I can only say that Shopify is proud of its security and reliability, and will not let our users have any need to worry about. Because it is a cloud hosting model, users do not need to pay attention to security vulnerabilities, patching, and upgrades on Shopify. Shops created by Shopify are factory-supplied with HTTPS/SSL encryption. Shopify also passed the international level of PCI DSS certification, ensuring that all online stores on the platform have top-level data security protection. In addition, the powerful machine learning algorithms of the Shopify platform provide merchants with real-time, accurate fraud protection. This is one of the important reasons why many international first-line brands trust Shopify.

Are the Shopify templates can be modified or not?

It can be modified very flexibly through the template editing function within certain limits. No technical background is required. If you have some technical support, you can directly edit the depth through the template code, or even try to develop your own custom template.

If the template used by the merchant is officially provided by Shopify (that is, the free template in the Shopify template store), everyone can contact Shopify customer service to make a request. If you have a customization requirement for any paid template, that is, a template provided by a third-party developer in the template store, you can also contact with third-party developers.

The template quality provided by Shopify is very high. We usually modify the template only for A/B testing. For example, if the Add to cart button is set to blue or gray, I may make a slight adjustment. This means that before you modify the template, you must think about why I want to modify it. Without data support or full grasp, it is not very recommended to do too much work, because it may not be meaningful to modify it. Don\’t fall into the bottomless pit that was modified for modification. If you must modify the template yourself, you must know that certain HTML/CSS includes Shopify\’s template editing language Liquid. You can also find a suitable and experienced Shopify service provider to help you. Remember to back up before modifying the template.

What if Shopify store has traffics but no sales?

There are two advices:

Optimize the shopping experience. Imagine if you are opening a physical store, even if you enter the store with a high traffic volume, the customer enters the store and finds that the decoration is ruined, the clerk loves to ignore it, the goods are uneven, and only the ones who are scared away . Some people have asked me “Why is Shopify low conversion rate?”, Shopify\’s value is to help you build and manage this store more easily and quickly, but what kind of customers come from the store, what kind of decoration, what kind of service quality, etc. The owner has the final say. Shopify\’s default shopping cart and payment page are actually the best choices that have been tested and improved over the past decade. It\’s hard to back this pot.

Split the conversion funnel. Still the same example, imagine when you are visiting a physical store, is it the first time you enter a store, pick up a dress or a pair of shoes and go straight to the checkout counter. There are many links between traffic (into the store) and conversion (paid). Google’s data marketing godfather Avinash Kaushik has a very effective advice: split your conversion funnel into different steps, find main conversions (like purchases) and secondary conversions (like email subscriptions), and optimize the first secondary conversion Start by stepping through the conversion rate of the entire funnel.

Based on personal experience, you can focus on the following two aspects:

Analyze traffic quality: Where does your website traffics come from? If the traffic quality is poor, there will be a lot of traffic but no conversion. For example, when doing Facebook advertising, if the advertising target is traffics, then Facebook will give you Websites bring a lot of traffic, but the quality of traffics is much worse than the traffic targeted for Conversions. What you need to do at this time is to optimize your traffic strategy, adjust your advertising goals, target your audience, and do more testing.

Check website settings: You can analyze the behavior of visitors by looking at the traffic data report of the website to see which stage of the sales funnel is abnormal. For example, if your site has a large number of Abandoned Checkouts, but there are no orders, you can basically judge that there is a problem with your website\’s payment settings. You can click to view the History of these abandoned orders and see why the customer gives up the payment. It is recommended that before the website is officially launched, it is necessary to simulate the customer\’s 2-3 orders on your website, and then discover the problems, and then do the marketing after completing the improvement.

In general, you need to understand the marketing funnel of independent station operations, and start from the problem in the marketing funnel to find the specific problem, and then solve the problem. If there is a flow of no orders, there may be a myriad of reasons, so you must first find out which part of the problem is wrong, and then solve it.

What the shipping policy of Shopify dropshipping?

The Shopify platform has no specific requirements for the seller\’s shipping delivery. It is also because the model is different from the 2C platform. What we care about is how to help the sellers to comply with the Shopify service agreement ( Good and simple delivery, managing warehousing logistics and more. You can go to our Help Center ( to learn more about how to set up and manage shipments through Shopify.

In addition, I would like to remind everyone that the delivery receipt experience is one of the most important evaluation criteria for a brand of service quality. Merchants should not only provide the best delivery options possible, but also ensure that the entire delivery process is transparent, punctual and trustworthy.

Shopify seller can provide different shipping options such as air mail, small parcels, express delivery etc., and choose the appropriate shipping mode according to customer needs. Shopify itself has no mandatory requirements for logistics. More than 15 days of logistics time will greatly affect the shopping experience and repurchase rate. In addition, it is not recommended to use the logistics form without the logistics number, because if there is no logistics number, the customer can not implement the real-time status of the product, which will bring us the seller. A lot of after-sales customer service issues.

If you are doing Shopify dropshipping, then you have no control over logistics, because the delivery is solved by your supplier, but it is not completely passive, because the dropshipping mode you suppliers can be arbitrarily chosen. We recommend that you choose suppliers that have strong supply chain strength and reliable logistics services.

Similarly, I have seen more than self-delivery from domestic delivery, such as DHL, FedEx. This kind of customer experience will be much better, but the cost is relatively high, ensuring that your customers are acceptable. Generally speaking, this mode is suitable for goods with high unit price, and customers with such consumption ability will have certain expectations for the logistics experience. If you already have an overseas warehouse, then the overseas warehouse shipment is of course a better choice. The logistics cost is lower and the arrival speed will be faster, which is definitely helpful for improving customer satisfaction.

What kind of Shopify apps should I choose for dropshipping?

This question depends on what the specific needs of the Shopify dropshipping business. Shopify\’s app store has a lot of information to help you understand what different apps can offer you. Of course, if you have any questions, you can contact the customer service staff to ask if there is any recommendation. In addition, there are many shopify app reviews available, so you can google to take a look.

To choosing an app you should make sure that the app you install is useful , and that the conversion to your site or an metric is improved after this feature is installed on your site, otherwise it is not necessary Install the app. At present, according to my experience, the most important factors affecting the speed of opening a website are the excessive installation of the application, which affects the loading speed of the website, so the unused applications must be uninstalled in time.

Second, look at the installation volume and merchant reviews in the app store. It is not recommended to use more bad reviews. Finally, it is not recommended to install any tools or software that are not found in the Shopify app store. There may be security risks or quality issues.

What should I do if the store has high customer complaint rate?

In a word: Improve customer service quality!

When you are doing the 2C platform, basically only need to focus on the delivery and complaints. There are often not many concepts and real attention to real customer service. When you run your own website, there are often problems such as unsatisfactory communication, unresponsiveness, and unclear management of expectations. Eventually, the customer’s complaints, returns, and refusal actions are not only damaging to the brand’s reputation, but also The merchant brings the risk that the account is blocked and the funds are frozen. I suggest that you first systematically understand what links the customer service includes, what you can provide, and how to optimize. In fact, it is often not as complicated as you think, and it is very simple to operate, but the reward is far greater than your imagination. After all, customer service satisfaction is the most important step in brand building. I am here to recommend a tutorial on improving the quality of customer service on the Shopify blog:

Compared with the platform, independent sore have no simple and clear policies and requirements. Some are just market supervision mechanisms and quality control measures composed of different companies with information, financial and logistics. The resolution of customer complaints depends largely on how the Shopify merchants have their own solutions. It is recommended to make a “return and exchange policy” and ensure customer recognition. Problems occur in strict accordance with the \”return and exchange policy\” that you have done. If our own problem is unreasonable customer complaint, we can solve it according to the actual situation. Most of the customer complaints will send us an email or send a message first, so the merchant\’s customer service capability plays a decisive role.

To give some specific examples: 1. If the price of your goods is not high, the quality of the goods may have to be returned, then I usually send the goods directly to the customer and say that I will resend a new one instead of a refund. . 2. If it is a small problem, then I will refund some of his sales as a comfort, if the other party accepts the approval. 3. If your product price is high and there is a quality problem with the product, then you can communicate with the customer to see if you can send some new parts in the past and let the customer replace it.

How do I learn to do Shopify dropshipping?

We suggest you try Shopify academy step by step and find related videos on Youtube. Of course, the most important thing is to keep trying and be patience. Shopify is a real entrepreneurial process that requires a variety of trial and error to find the path that is best for your dropshipping business.

How to dig best selling product in Shopify store

I believe how to dig the best selling product in Shopify store is the most frequently asked question by Shopify sellers. There are some suggestions for you as a reference if you are new to Shopify dropshipping business.

How to define best selling product in your shopify store?

So far, I have not totally understood the definition of what is the best selling product? What kind of product can be called the best selling product? But in the last few years Shopify experience, my friends shared with me their understanding of the best selling product or exploding product.

If the price of a product in the Shopify store is about 20~30 dollars, the daily order of this product is 25~30 pcs, and the product monthly sales are around 15000 usd. This product can be called the explosion product or best selling product. I think this criteria should be reasonable. It is also a quantitative standard for the explosion product. Otherwise, everyone is saying that every day, how do I suddenly have a single best selling product? How to create the best selling product in Shopify store? First of all, to clarify this concept of the best selling product.

Things that are not quantified are relatively imaginary and relatively floating. One of my friends sell mobile phone case around one hundred orders a day. Is this called an explosion product? Of course it is. In fact, there has another meaning of the best selling product: ultimate marketing on this product with a certain profit margin. Everyone has different understandings of the explosion product. The above is for reference only. Otherwise, if you look at the sales data in your shopify store there is no one product meet this criteria.

In fact, you can refer to the above data, simply to optimize. For example, if you think that the customer price is about 15 usd, and the product has 10 orders or so per day, this is called explosion product. A Shopify store must be launched first, and if you need certain profit margin, I think it is necessary to dig the best selling product in your store. In fact, the best selling product such as cheap mobile phone cases, data lines, etc., these are called traffic products, the concept is not the same as the explosion product. The traffic product is only responsible for attracting the customer, and it does not matter to make money with the traffic product. This is called traffic thinking.

In fact, everyone has different definitions of explosion products. Some people say that the explosion product does not have to make money. Some people say that the explosion must make money. The Shopify seller relies on this profit for the dropshipping business. My understanding on the best selling product is that it should be high exposure, high traffics and high orders, to have the \”three high\” characteristics, as for earning money, it really varies from person to person. Therefore, there is no profit problem involved here. As long as it meets the three high characteristics, it is called explosion product. You said that the sale of low-priced products don\’t make money, or even lose money. In a certain angle, you are taking the explosion product for traffics, the traffic is also very valuable in the eCommerce age.

how to dig the best selling product in Shopify store

Actually from the three high characteristics of the explosion product, let\’s talk about how to dig the best selling product? What are the tricks?

Start from the product perspective

In 2017, the most popular products for cross-border e-commerce are the Fingertip gyro. Here, we will list the characteristics of the explosions represented by this gadget, which can be targeted for reference. In fact, a simple review of the past years of explosion products, such as the balance car in 2016(believe that the average small seller can not afford, do not make reference), artifact selfie stick in 2015 , electronic cigarettes in 2014…. .. there is a simple summary:

Feature 1. Simple function

Fingertip gyro is a toy, I have also played some different kinds, to tell the truth, I don\’t like it, but from the consumer point of view, it is so hot in overseas countries, I feel that foreign children do not have this thing they will be embarrassed to go out. It is because the function is simple, as long as it is a child who can walk who can play well, of course, adults can also play, relying on the tools of relaxation and decompression.

Feature 2. Relatively high quality

One of the characteristics that must be specific to the best selling product is that quality does not require you to be particularly good, but relatively high quality. For example, the fingertip gyro, if you play it, it will not break, especially pure copper or iron one, the broken possibility is even smaller. The selfie sticks and e-cigarettes listed above all belong to the products with relatively good quality. Of course, the biggest problem of the balance car is that the accidental accident caused Amazon to completely remove the balance car.

Feature 3. Fast stylish and light weight

This must be the most important feature. In addition to its simple function and good quality, the next step is that this product is preferably small and relatively fashionable. When I promote selfie stick online I was hesitate for 2 weeks, but it sells around 100,000 monthly after promoted. Therefore, it is possible to find a small and fast fashion product for Shopify dropshipping.

Start from market perspective

Starting from the buyer side, grab a hot search product
keyword, so that it is very convenient to understand the market demand and know which products are popular on the market.

Trick 1. B2C Platform keyword search

The data on the B2C platform is the most important, but often many sellers want to know the data in many platforms. For example, the data of the AliExpress background is enough for everyone to refer to the product selection, of course you are familiar with the Aliexpress data, it is also very good to find product data on other platforms for your Shopify dropshipping.

Trick 2. Best selling product on other platforms

Once one product exploded on one platform, the other platforms will be also hot soon. This is the trend of cross-border e-commerce. So if any product is hot sale on a platform, I suggest you hurry up to sell on your Shopify store.

The 28 law on Shopify store

In the final summary, a Shopify store actually needs some explosion produts and traffic products. This involves the product layout of the Shopify store, and the best selling product is in line with the 28 law. That is to say, 20% of the products in a store actually contribute 80% of the sales. In any case, everyone must work hard to dig the best selling products in the Shopify store. It is the last word to put the performance up and profit.

How to select and test products for Shopify dropshipping

Often we will see some Shopify sellers introducing their products on Facebook with lots of comments. After listening to a lot of people, they will think that this is a \”good product\” for Shopify dropshipping. In such a specific space, with their own interest tags, it is easy to have such a feeling. There are indeed a lot of such scenes, and it is normal because of this situation, some Shopify sellers have fallen into the pits. how should we measure whether a product is a good or not for Shopify dropshipping? In cross-border dropshipping business, we often say 70% rely on product selection, 30% on marketing operation, and in social e-commerce, the product is also hardcore, so choosing a good product is also crucial. How to select product for Shopify dropshipping? The following are 5 tips for Shopify product selection.

How big potential market the product might have for dropshipping

Is there a big potential target market, and whether the future is growing? It is like how many healthcare products have been done in the past few years. Besides everyone’s life, healthier and more authentic green products are being demanded. There is also a great boost in the support of the country policy. In addition, for example, like the current pet products, it has gradually become an important part of everyone\’s family. We have seen that IKEA is also developing pet-based household products, which can be said to be very good in the future.

What is the profit margin of the product

It is in common sense that the product must be sold to make profit, of course except the public welfare. In the current e-commerce environment, high traffic costs, high operating costs, not enough profit margins, and ultimately to the demise, and in social e-commerce, there should be more profit space for the dropshipping business.

What kind of competitors available

The best thing about e-commerce products is that the price is transparent. If you search online, you can know the sales price. There is a chance to compare. This is the original sin of price war. Of course, we can do some differentiated products for dropshipping, but This is not something that every Shopify seller can make, so in a similar product, we can analyze the advantages we have, and then differentiate by advantage. There are lots of ways to analyze the competitors you may face.

What product resources do you have

Every Shopify seller has its own product advantages, especially those who are in the industry. Although the advantages of this industry have been broken by social networks, the time difference is also cost, so what is in your circle of friends? Resources, this also directly affects whether you can find good products.

I went to a lot of factories last year. When many factory owners were chatting with me, I asked them how they developed new products and how they were introduced to the market. Many of them would say that they would give samples to big shopify clients in cooperation, and then promote based on the feedback, that is, their friends in the circle will take priority over other people to learn about new products, which is the advantage of resources.

Product patent property and policy risks

The products are very good for selling and it has very big market, like a big blue sea with big prospects, however, no sellers can sell, you can put on sale, but the biggest problem is the patent issue, this problem is obvious in cross-border e-commerce, or I sold it a lot before I was demolished, but I might messing up my entire store eventually. There are also some products that are policy supervision products, that is, there are certain application scopes, regional restrictions, etc. These products are not a good product if they are not authorized.

Does it mean you can make profits once you found some good products for shopify dropshipping? Of course no, you should do the prouct test in your Shopify store. How to test hot sale product in Shopify store via Facebook ads?

Select test product

Firstly, select 9 products to be tested from your Shopify store (if it is not enough products, at least select 4), meet the following conditions:

Different products, but must belong to the same niche, e.g. sneakers;

Although the products belong to the same niche, they must have obvious differences. For example, the same color of the same paragraph will not work, there is no essential difference;


Create campaign with convention as the goal

Create campaign target at conversion to optimize shopping events or add-on events based on your Pixels intensity (if Pixels are mature, you can ad directly).


Choose a broad audience to create 3 ad groups

One of the conditions for testing \”hot sale goods\” is that a large number of people are interested in the product, and of course, a certain population base must be guaranteed during the test. The more detailed and smaller the audience, the more likely it is to be biased when testing products. Because the first is not the more restrictive conditions, the more accurate the audience is, the second product has not been selected, it is difficult to conduct targeted analysis, and there is no need to spend too much time doing nothing. So the best way to do this is to use niche-related interest words to define a relatively large audience (1-50M), which not only ensures that the audience has a certain interest in the product, but also collects a large number of people\’s \”feedback\” and finds The real \”hot sale\” products. Create 3 ad groups, all using the same audience. (If the budget allows, add a few more ad groups).


Why use the same ad groups?

Because the Facebook audience is the audience pockets, even if it is the same audience positioning, it may touch different traffic pools, which is completely different people. If only one ad group is used, the assigned traffic pool is limited and the results of the test will be affected.

Exclude low value traffic

If there are no special restrictions on your sales market, select the world directly in the selected region, then exclude some low-value groups, such as Africa, Asia, Central America, or only the first world countries / Nordic and English countries. Because people in low-value areas often have a high probability of clicking on the ad, but the purchase conversion is very poor, so the test can also be appropriate to delete some countries.

Set budget

Set a budget of 10-20 USD for each ad group. For such a large audience, this is already a small test budget, and will not exceed 60 usd per day.

Assign ads

Product testing definitely needs to make a single product ad. If you choose 9 products according to the recommendation, it is 9 ads. In the 3 ad groups you just created, these 9 ads are assigned in each ad group. This is also to ensure that the variables are unique and that each ad group is assigned the same product.

Find hot sale products

After advertising for a period of time, you can find the best-selling products based on ROAS and the cost of a single purchase. For example, product 3 and product 5 are in good condition. Next, you can select product 3 and product 5 separately to create a new campaign, and then use these two products to test other variables – audience, interest words, materials. and many more. Finally you will find the hot sale product in your Shopify store.

When the new Shopify store has just been launched, or when a large number of new products have just been launched in the new quarter, we have to choose several goods to test the market. In fact, even if the budget is tight, you can fully conduct effective product testing to help you quickly find the best-selling products in the Shopify store.

Everything you have to know about Shopify dropshipping

Along with the popularity of shopify, many people who want to start a business quickly will choose the following set of modes to start dropshipping:


Among them, Shopify used to quickly build a dropshipping store, you can buy plugins and themes to install a store instantly. Aliexpress is the platform to buy and sell goods to earn the profit margin, Oberlo is the plugin to import goods info from Aliexpress to Shopify store, Facebook used to get traffic quickly. In this process, the important thing is not the problem of building a store. As long as the product is selected, there has enough profit margin of the product, and the marketing cost is deducted, then the rest is yours.

What is Dropshipping?

There are actually three different roles in a transaction :




The mode is very simple. The retailer gets the goods from the suppliers and sells them to the customers through certain channels. This is our very common selling mode. Whether you are have store on eBay, Amazon, or AliExpress, you follow this pattern. Dropshipping actually follows this pattern, but this process is more easy, the retailers

Don\’t need to get goods personally

No stock at the beginning

There is not a large amount of capital investment (main cost is the traffic cost)

No customer representives

Do not need to pack and ship goods personally

You may wonder what are the procedures of Shopify dropshipping?

Firstly, the retailer will put the product information provided by suppliers supporting dropshipping service on its website;

Secondly, the buyer goes to the retailer\’s website to place an order, and the retailer sends the buyer\’s order information, as well as the ordering cost and shipping cost to the supplier supporting dropshipping service.

Thirdly, The retailer earns the price difference after the buyer\’s payment – the supplier\’s payment – shipping.

You can see in the first phrase, Retailers often use Shopify to build a store to put their products online, (you can of course use other websites to sell them, we will talk about this later) In the second phrase, The retailer sends the buyer\’s order information to the supplier. This is the model of buying and selling (usually using oblero), in the third phrase, what the retailer earns is the difference price between the product price he bought and sold. The following picture is a good explanation of the entire process of dropshipping.


What\’s the advantages of dropshipping compared to traditional business?

If you start a traditonal business you may need start investment for the goods, for example, you need invest $5000 to start a store, and $2000 of them for goods import from Alibaba or Aliexpress, you also need to pay the store rent and human salary etc. There\’s no much more money on store promotion. Moreover, you can not sell all the goods in short time, if you selected wrong products, they may unsalable, then it will became your stock and you will fill the pressure soon.

While dropshipping doesn\’t have this problem, in the Dropshipping business model, the seller successfully transferred the inventory risk to the supplier, and also outsourced the packaged delivery of the order to the supplier, and only needs to focus on the operation and promotion of the Shopify store. In this way there is no inventory, you don\’t handle shipping, packaging, you just need to put time on marketing, get more traffic, or you can have more time to test the product. In this process, it means that more budget can be invested in advertising. The same startup cost can be promoted by at least 80% in the Dropshipping mode.

So from this point of view, the advantages of dropshipping are obvious! When we promote a certain product, if you do not issue a single order for a week or a small number of orders, you will directly change the product. If you have a lot of stock, it\’s not that easy.

What\’s oberlo?

First of all, oblero is a plugin, and must be linked with Shopify and AliExpress to take effect. In other words, oberlo can only be used in shopify, other channels, such as wordpress, magento, and so on, are not used. With oberlo, you can import the products you want directly from AliExpress. You don\’t need to edit the picture manually, you don\’t need to write a title, description, etc. You only need to install the plugin in shopify, and then import the products from AliExpress into your shopify shop with one click, which is very convenient.

When you start Shopify dropshipping, you can

Install the Oberlo plugin in the background of your Shopify store;
At the same time, you can install the Oberlo plugin on the Chrome browser.
Open the AliExpress product page and add the required products to Oberlo;
Set price rules in Oberlo, modify product information, and import them into Shopify in batches;

The Shopify product import procedure is very easy with Oberlo plugin. So what function does obrero have?

1> Easily import products;


With Oberlo you don\’t need to upload products one by one in the Shopify background. You only need to install the Oberlo plugin in Chrome, then open Aliexpress, and you can get AliExpress from a few clicks or directly from Oberlo Supply, a quality supplier product library certified by Oberlo. Your Shopify website imports thousands of products that support dropshipping.

2> Automatic order delivery

After promoting your website through Facebook Ads, etc. Then you get the order, just click on Order Product in the Oberlo background and confirm that Oberlo will automatically send the order information to the corresponding supplier of Oberlo Supply, or directly to the corresponding supplier of AliExpress. Place an order there and let Oberlo Supply or AliExpress send the goods directly to the customer.

3> Automatic product inventory and price updates

The Oberlo system automatically tracks inventory information and product price information from suppliers on Oberlo Supply and AliExpress, and pricing the products you sell at Shopify based on the pricing rules you set in the Oberlo back office. If the supplier inventory is 0, your website products will be automatically removed;

When the supplier adjusts the price, Oberlo automatically adjusts the sales price of the corresponding product on your website according to the rules you set. For example, if the supplier sells for $5, you set the price of the sales price of your own website product to be three times the supplier price, and force the addition of two decimal places to .97. Then, your product is priced at $15.97. When the supplier adjusts the price to $8, the price of the corresponding product on your website is automatically adjusted to $24.97.

In addition to the above three functions, Oberlo can also:

Freely edit the information of your imported products, product titles, product descriptions, product images, make it more attractive to users and increase conversion rate;

Order transportation status tracking, real-time understanding of your order shipping delivery status;

 Support setting sub-accounts, team-based division of labor to operate Dropshipping business;

 Count your sales and expenses, and clearly understand the profitability;

 It can filter and screen AliExpress products according to whether it supports E-mail shipment, improve the selection and product introduction efficiency;

 Support the wish list function, add the favorite products to the Wish list, and then publish to Shopify later;

 Support the shipment of products from Oberlo to AliExpress or Oberlo Supply;

 Support the same product to switch to different suppliers.

Oberlo FAQs:

Can Oberlo be used with Shopify only?

Yes. Oberlo is deeply integrated into Shopify, a stand-alone platform. To use Oberlo, you must first register for Shopify. Currently, Oberlo does not support any stand-alone stations or station platforms other than Shopify, and build programs.

Can I use Oberlo to import products from instead of

No. Currently, Oberlo only supports importing products from your Oberlo Supply Marketplace (a Oberlo certified supplier) and AliExpress to your Shopify store.

Can I use the supplier\’s product image directly on the Shopify store via Oberlo?

Yes you can. However, we recommend that you optimize the image of the supplier before uploading it to your website, such as removing the logo, watermark, brand name, etc. of the supplier on the image. We recommend that you upload your product image to your website.

Can I modify the Shopify store name?

Yes, you can modify your store name at any time. Log in to the background and modify your Shopify account information in Setting – General – Store Detail. Note that the Username you applied for when you registered shopify cannot be modified, that is, the link address of cannot be modified.

How many products can be imported on my Shopify store?

Most successful Oberlo users will focus their time on a few products. We recommend a website with a number of products of 10-200 and products. This way the user\’s attention is not too distracting, and you can quickly find the product you need. But if you need it, you can use Oberlo\’s most advanced Pro version, which can cost up to 30,000 products per month for $79.9.

Can I do dropshipping without oblero?

Of course you can! Oblero is just a tool that can easily let you import products from AliExpress, track information, logistics, etc. You can do it without oblero, but the information, you have to track it yourself.

Can I get goods from 1688 to do dropshipping?

of course you can! Please remember, don\’t always think about the oblero tool. If you compare it, think that the price of AliExpress is more expensive than 1688. If you want to get the goods from 1688 to do dropshipping, then you should not entangle this oblero tool. In addition, I have to tell you that oblero and AliExpress are the perfect combination, but if you have a better source of supply, you do not have to be limited to this area. To put it bluntly, what you are doing is to buy and sell the goods. Have you discovered that when you are really doing shopify dropshipping, you are actually doing a non-distribution model. Many people have been entangled in the tool of oblero. They like this tool too much. Except for shopify, other platforms cannot be used.

But I said, the vast majority of people, what they are doing is not the mode of distribution, you want to do better, in fact, you are doing vertical products. Then the vertical product is not the distribution mode, so from this point of view, it does not matter that you do not use the tool of oberlo. Because you are doing refined products, all your considerations are how to make the biggest profit in buying and selling, not for a tool. This is a lot of new dropshipping startups often encountered.

Oberlo\’s Starter Plan is free to use and does not charge any fees. If you use Oberlo to process more than 50 orders a month, you will need to upgrade to Basic Plan, which costs $29.9 a month.

Why many people use Facebook to attract traffics for Shopify store?

In fact, it should be specifically using facbeook ads to get traffics, you can use shopify to quickly build a store, use AliExpress to make product prices (general profit is 15% to 50%), and then use facebook ads to quickly test products. So in the first two stages, you don\’t have to spend too much time, so the effect of testing products directly with ads is faster, so you are less likely to hear people who do dropshipping rely on seo to get traffic. You are more likely to use the ads of facebook to get traffics.

The dropshipping principle is quickly test the product, quickly find the profit point for the product, this is a charm point of dropshipping! So, I think in the dropshipping model, the most important thing is your ability to choose product and your ability to get traffic. These two points are the most important!

How to use Facebook ads promote Shopify store

In the current Internet society, traffic is really lacking for eCommerce business. So no matter how good our shopify store design is, how good the product is, we don\’t promote it, and people can\’t see us, therefore, active marketing becomes necessary. If you are doing Shopify cross-border e-commerce, Facebook is a hurdle that can\’t be circumvented. Here we will share some tips how to use Facebook ads to promote Shopify store.

Follow Facebook advertising rules

You must follow FB\’s advertising rules. Facebook launched page rating function. If your page rating is very low, then you can not pass to ads check. Therefore, it has been found that low page rating Shopify stores are difficult to survive on FB in the future.


All Facebook advertising content is being checked before published. Don\’t waste time and money on content that people won\’t accept. Generally speaking, the review time is 24 hours, but in many cases it will not be 24 hours…

Here are some ads that Facebook won\’t accept:

Before xx, after xx pictures

For example, I am selling diet pills. I send some photos of customers before losing weight and after losing weight. This is not allowed.

Ads contains financial information

Ads contains time restriction information

For example, I want to maintain the heat of my own post for a while, so I deliberately create a suspense, and then say, after a few days, check my label to see the answer, this will not pass the ads check.



Typo, too many grammatical errors

Adult supplies/services

Weapons, arms and explosive things

Sensitive or misleading information

If a user complains about your ad, even if it is in the early stages of the ad, it will be re-examined or even removed. I suggest that you carefully review their advertising policies before doing Facebook ads.

Use Facebook ads to tell a story

Even a short ad can tell a little story. Everyone loves to listen to stories regardless of their age, and the story can help us remember things. So, telling a story around a product can deepen people\’s impression of this product.

One of the best stories to tell how to overcome a variety of difficulties in order to succeed. Many movies and TV shows are actually such subjects, but people who watch them are happy. Therefore, Facebook advertising can also be used in this way. If a product is promoted, it can be said that the hero is successful in relying on this product.

Of course, advertising will have exaggerated elements, but don\’t be too exaggerated. Let\’s take a look at the excellent representative of shopify in our industry, phonebibi Address:

Maybe after you open the address, you will be shocked by the price above, how can the goods price be so high? The important point here is that many of the descriptions on this website really seem to be writing stories. I like it a lot. Through the story, it is very sensational, so users are easily attracted. And this kind of story is really in line with many scenes that users usually encounter. So telling a story is really necessary.

Facebook ads content should be attractive

Many people do Facebook ads very simply, put the product in a background, take a video, or take a photo, but the result is that the advertising costs have been spent, but did not attract much attention . To draw more attention, it is necessary to create drama.

Provide coupon on Facebook ads

Yes, if you offer discount for clients to save money. The user will not likely to miss it. If your product is better, and there are discounts, others will stop to see your ads, and even the chances of entering your store will increase greatly.

Establish authority via Facebook ads

Facebook prefers reviews and interaction rates, and in fact the comment area is a great place to build authority and credibility. If a user asks a question, answer it. Remember, to be professional, after all, is our own product, must be authoritative. When we interact with these users, we are also building our own brand image.

Of course, negative comments are certainly there, and negative comments are not necessarily bad. Just like when we are visiting Amazon, if you see a store, all the reviews are praises and no bad reviews, or even a middle review, I always feel less credible. Because it is really impossible, what products are good for everyone? There must be people who have opinions. Of course, the bad reviews we want to leave are more pertinent, but like those without brains, the direct delete them.

Try Facebook video ads

The Facebook algorithm is actually friendly to the video content, relative to the text content. And not only is the Facebook platform more like video, but Facebook users also like it.

The data shows that more than half of the users watch videos on Facebook every day. So the chances that they will stop watching the video will be correspondingly larger.

Create a Facebook page to post ads

To create a Facebook fan community, we\’ll take the time to create a Facebook page and post.

And the content doesn\’t have to be long, we can share something that others have written, and in short, what you think your audience might like. In addition to the article, we can also share some videos, meme, photos and so on.

Ad Facebook contest

On Facebook, it’s still necessary to engage in activities.


Whether it is our store or a specific product, it is a good idea to start a competition. We can set a game to win, you can give a free product, which can stimulate user participation. We offer them free prizes, they give me free exposure, no matter which social platform, Facebook or Instagram, this is a very good marketing method.

Facebook ads should maintain relevance

We distribute Facebook to be relevant to our audience. because:

If the ad is relevant to the audience, the return on investment will be relatively higher.

Advertisements will receive fewer complaints

Can be approved (Facebook advertising policy: all content contained in the ad, including text, images, or other media, must be relevant to the audience)

Landing page is consistent with Facebook ads

The landing page we link to must be consistent with the content of the ad. In fact, this is not just this. I have said it in many places before. In any case, the landing page must be related to the previous content.

But this point, really many people have not noticed, thinking that to be a Facebook ad, just do the material well, I do not know the current fb will also review your ad landing page.

For example, if your advertisement sells women\’s clothes, but the landing page of your link becomes a real estate page, that\’s totally waste money.

User reviews can be facebook ads

If your shopify store has a lot of praise, you can fully display the praise of these users as the text information of the advertisement.

If there is really no comment, then make a fake comment (LOL)

Everyone likes to see the feelings and recommendations of other users, not just how good a business is when you say your product.

But what if you are promoting new products? What if there is no comment? We can send other people\’s products and let others evaluate them. That is to measure, many brands are doing this now, whether it is a big brand or a small brand.

Share content other than sales

Not all ads are always saying \”Come on! Come to buy!\”

That\’s why we are going to vomit when heard some advertisement now.

But now in this society, such advertisements with too much purpose are really tired. Therefore, we can occasionally send content that is not so strong in advertising. Can promote an event, or share some brand stories and so on.

From short ads to long ads remarketing


Facebook generally does not lengthen ads, only short ads. Most of the ads are within 15-30 seconds. Therefore, if there is too much text information in a picture, the review will not pass. Although Facebook can\’t directly advertise, but you can put a link, we can put a long advertisement link from Facebook to the ad page.

We just send a short ad on Facebook, then add a \”See more\” at the end to learn more links.

This page, everyone is best not to make a hard and wide, made soft and wide. Then add a call-to-action button, so as long as the user believes us, you can click on the purchase. So, if the product you are doing needs to be explained, or if you need to provide more information, but this information can not be fully put into Facebook ads, you can choose this method. Moreover, the landing page of this link does not have to be text information, but can also be presented in video form.

Interruption ads

It’s the same as the advertisement when we watched TV. We watched TV well and suddenly there was an advertisement. This is an interrupted advertisement.

This is also the way Facebook ads use it. That is, it is possible that a user is watching his friend\’s post, but our ad will suddenly appear in front of him. It was to interrupt him and to attract him under the premise of interrupting him. But this kind of interruption without warning requires us to guide him step by step by our products, so it is very important to guide him to visit our store.

In other words, in this case, our advertising is not to be a shopping guide, our advertising needs to be more affable and more convincing. The best way to do this is to provide a solution to the problem. For example, \”I always forget to bring a key?…\”

If an ad doesn\’t have a call-to-action button, it doesn\’t matter how good the content is. This call-to-action button can be either \”Learn more\” or \”shop now\”. In short, the simpler the road that the user buys, the simpler the steps that can be simplified. Because every step of the step, the possibility of losing customers is a little bigger.

If the call-to-action button for our ads is for users to go to Google for our store, there will be some users who choose to give up, yes, it’s so lazy. So these call-to-action buttons are to get straight to the point and go directly to our advertising page or our website.

Design a muting ad video

Many users are actually muted when using Facebook, such as me. So our video should let them understand the content even when it is muted, and even add subtitles.

For example, in our video, two people stood in a clear dialogue, no other scenes, and no subtitles. What if the other person is muted? (Do not design such a boring video) Sound and dialogue can really add a lot to the video, but even without sound, our video is good. Data shows that 85% of Facebook users are silent to watch videos.

Ads track users who have visited our site

Many people doing Facebook ads may directly track some new users, people who have not covered them before. This is really important, you are doing it right. However, it is more efficient to track directly those users who have been in contact with us before, because they have already had an impression of our brand, and even many of them have already seen our products, so they are likely to buy them.

So how do we set this up?

Step 1. Enter the Facebook Advertising Management Center


Step 2. Select settings, Pixels


Step 3, select Create Custom Audience


Step 4, Select All website visitors


Record Facebook ads data

Advertising must not only be done with the eyes closed, we have to monitor these data regularly. The monitoring data is in the Facebook Advertising Management Center I just talked above.

Step 1, Select create custom conversions


Step 2, Choose what you want to track in the category


There are many types here, as well as drop-downs, including entering payment information in our store, or adding a shopping cart, adding a wishlist, etc. can be recorded. This part is the function of Facebook remarketing. This function will play a particularly important role in the conversion of our website if we can use it.

You have to build a funnel in the re-marketing stage, sometimes don\’t make money from a product. This kind of play is done by many people, directly introduced to the landing page, and then the user enters the LP, or Buy page etc.

This style of Facebook ads is still very basic. You have to build a funnel and sell it with other products. No matter whether the user clicks to buy or not sell, no matter what button he clicks (except for exit), you can benefit from it.

The above are some tips about how to use Facebook ads promote Shopify store, you will be succeeded in Shopify dropshipping business once you know how to take advantage of Facebook ads to attract target customers.