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7 Frequently Asked Shipping Questioins For Shopify Sellers Dropshipping From China

The shipping issue is one of the headache for shopify seller dropshipping from China. Lost packages, damaged products, hidden costs. The goods shipping from China to your customers is a complicated process and there are many things that can go wrong. Even if your package arrives safely, you may face a new set of challenges, including hidden costs and out-of-control costs. Fortunately, for you and your customers, 86Deal has a solution for each step for the cross border dropshipping business. After all, as a shopify seller, you need to make sure that these products are delivered to your customers. To help you quickly solve your biggest problems and reduce customer complaints, we have collected the 7 frequently asked shipping questioins for Shopify sellers dropshipping from China and related strategies to help you solve them.

Question 1. How to dropship products from China to overseas countries?

Even if your business target is the local market, you still have the opportunity to sell the goods from China to worldwide countries via Shopify. It seems difficult to dropshipping with a global deal – like dealing with unfamiliar suppliers, airlines, as well as tariffs and taxes it might happen, so that you want to avoid a global dropshipping.

Although this may seem complicated, the international shipping rates depends on various factors, including package size, weight, country of departure, country of destination, insurance, etc. Most major courier companies offer online calculators to give you an idea of the cost dropshipping from China. Some dropshipping fulfillment agent websites also support calculating logistics costs. For example, 86deal can help shopify sellers calculate logistics costs and pick the most suitable one.

The tax calculator gives you a better understanding of final pricing and logistics costs. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises to your customers, you can add a reminder on your policy page to inform your customers that any international goods may be subject to local tariffs and taxes.

International freight also takes time to process. So the information on the package must be correct and easy to track.

Question 2. How to reduce damage for goods dropshipping from China?

For shopify sellers, sending parcel via China Post is not enough. Also need to consider how to safely ship your product especially they are fragile. Shipping requires you to follow specific packaging guidelines, as improper packaging can result in product damage.

The packaging requirements for international shipping are very different from the standard guidelines for parcels. While it\’s a good idea to confirm your shipping requirements with your carrier, here are some general guidelines to help your goods reach a good condition:

Use a suitable tray: The tray you use for shipping should be made of wood or plastic and can withstand the pressure of being dragged. The goods should not exceed the weight limit of their pallets.

Choose durable packaging: The box you transport the product should be strong enough to withstand the weight of a large pile of packages stacked on it. Use only a new, securely sealed carton filled with bubble paper to fill the space.

Make sure the goods is safe: Make sure there are no more goods piled up on the cargo and use load protectors to protect against damage from chains, belts or other pallets. Both are aspects that need to pay attention.

Question 3. How to save cost for goods dropshipping from China?

ePacket is one of the most popular courier in the cross border ecommerce as it is economical. As a shopify seller, it is important to control the shipping cost, especially the international shipping cost. If you don\’t know how to save the shipping cost, the good costs will be out of control, either eroding your profits or being passed on to your customers. There are some tips for you.

Compare other couriers with ePacket shipping from China: Along with the cross border business thrive in the recently years, there are many other small parcel courier services available for goods shipping from China to certain countries. The shipping rates and delivery speed is better than ePacket;

Comparing prices between order fulfillment agent: Each agent has a unique set of services and prices, so comparing prices is important to ensure you get the best deals. Go around and do your research until you find a service and price that matches your store\’s needs. If possible, use the packaging provided by the agents to save your cost. The packaging offered by many China agents is tailored to their specific requirements. If possible, it is easy to avoid unnecessary costs by using the packaging materials provided by your order fulfillment agent in China.

Investing in flat rate transportation: Some major postmen provide envelopes and packaging based on the distance between the package and the destination. If your business frequently delivers packages to specific locations, then flat rate shipping may be a more cost effective option for you dropshipping from China.

Question 4. How to select the best courier dropshipping from China?

Different clients may have different requirements on goods dropshipping from China. Have the goods delivered through ordinary channels? Shipping is a key part of keeping your balance and your customers satisfied. If you set your standard shipping rate too low, you run the risk of losing money. If you set your shipping rate too high, you may be able to scare away customers who are unwilling to pay extra.

Applying regular delivery service means you have to deal with the entire process – including packaging, postage and shipping labels – so you need to manually set a rate, guarantee costs to retain customers. There are many different ways to calculate how much shipping your business should charge, so you must try to find a way to suit your store. Since international shipping costs are largely based on goods shipping weight and distance, one way to find the right shipping rate is to determine the average weight of your goods (depending on the weight of your product and the products that customers typically order) combination).

You can add the weight of all your products together, then divide by the amount, take the average weight, and multiply by the average number of items in a sequence. Average Order Weight = (Total Product Weight / Product) x Average Order Size Once you have found your average order weight, you can inquiry the shipping cost from China to different countries worldwide.

This is just one of the algorithms. If you do not have an order yet, you can directly refer to the product weight. If you feel that these things are too hard, you can apply 86Deal order fulfillment service, we will in charge of the whole dropshipping order fulfillment process of your shopify store, then you do not have to worry about the dropshipping logistic issues.

Question 5. How to communicate with manufacturers and suppliers in China?

Communication is the key part for shopify sellers dropshipping from China. Due to the language obstacle asking for help from manufacturers and suppliers can seem scary – emailing or phone someone you have never seen before – but it\’s a key part of sourcing your product and making sure everything runs as planned.

If the Chinese supplier are not good at writing or speaking English it might affect the communication efficiency and sometimes cause huge loss for your dropshipping business. If you suffered the communication issues with Chinese manufacturers just find 86Deal as an agent to help you work on the dropshipping business.

Question 6. How to replace lost and damaged products dropshipping from China?

In the international shipping process, sometimes things happen completely beyond what you can control. Problems like damaged and lost products are the worst, so you need to think about how to deal with them quickly and efficiently to satisfy your clients. For shopify sellers dropshipping from China, buying transportation insurance is a great way to protect your business from lost and damaged goods. If you are transporting your product through courier service, then transportation insurance is usually relatively cheap, and once you send out the first package, you can feel at ease.

Transportation insurance is a small investment that saves you time, money, and frustration. Lost and damaged products are not just a problem for you as a shopify seller, but a very bad experience for your customers. In bad cases, a product may leave your customers waiting for days or weeks, which is not conducive to your long-term cooperation with customers. When things happen, you need to focus on providing the best customer service and getting customers back to your store.

Question 7. How to deal with inventory issues?

While most shopify sellers want their stores to become famous overnight, there may be some problems with selling more products than you might expect. Even if there is no sales out of control, your store will still encounter inventory problems. If you dropshipping from China directly, there might have ways to help you control the inventory issues.

For example, you can test the goods on shopify store by facebook ads, for the hot sale goods you can estimate sales and wholesale from China 1688 based on the daily sales to increase your profit, for the goods that has low convention rates you can retail from China Taobao or 1688 to lower down the inventory cost.

Dropshipping from China isnt easy for shopify sellers at the beginning, however, once you have solutions to your most common shipping problems should make things a bit easier. With these quick solutions, you can overcome the problems for goods dropshipping from China.

top 5 most profitable goods niches for shopify sellers dropshipping from China 1688 in 2019

With the rapid development of cross border e-commerce worldwide, more and more people are considering investing in dropshipping business which allows people to purchase products separately from wholesalers or suppliers and then ship the products directly to the end customer. In addition, the dropshippers need to focus on a reliable platform and make the right choices to make profits. In this article we will introduce the 5 most profitable goods niches for shopify sellers dropshipping from China 1688 in 2019, you can take as a reference if you are planning to dropshipping from China via shopify.

2019 most profitable niche market for shopify dropshipping

Top 1. Sporting goods 

According to Google Trends statistics, we can see that people\’s interest in sporting goods has increased significantly in the past three months, and it is also showing an upward trend in the future.


In addition, we believe that more and more people are concerned about their health, and most of them will exercise in the gym or outdoors. According to Statista, it\’s easy to see that the total number of members in the US fitness center or fitness club from 2000 to 2016 is increasing.

As more and more people go to the gym, sporting goods should be potential niche products for dropshipping in the future. Yoga pants and other sporting goods not only have a protective effect on the human body, but also have a unique design and beautiful appearance to attract customers. In addition, sporting goods come in a variety of categories, including sports equipment, sportswear, sports supplements and more. It is believed that sporting goods should be a potential niche product for dropshipping.


Top.2 Pet supplies

According to Google Trends data, people\’s interest in pets supplies niche has remained at a high level of 75 or more over the past 90 days. In addition, it shows an upward trend that may occur in 2019.


According to an annual study conducted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the cost of raising a medium-sized dog in the first year is more than $1,000 per year. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals divides these costs into two parts, a one-time pet fee and an annual pet fee. The high cost of pet fees each year is one of the main reasons why pet care has become a potential product niche in 2018. In addition, according to AVMA data, it is easy to understand that in the United States, more than 36% of people have dogs at home and 30.4% have cats. We can see that there are many people who feed their own pets and the annual cost of pets is very high. In summary, pets supplies niche should be a potential profitable niche market in 2019.

Top 3. Outdoor products

As we discussed above, we believe that many people have a strong sense of health and fitness. A common way people stay healthy is to go to the gym, and the other way is to go outdoors with family and friends like camping. Based on data from Google Trends, it is clear that camping search trends have increased over the past 90 days. Camping should be a popular way for people to hang out with friends and family outdoors.


Camping backpacks, camping lights, telescopes and other products can be sold on camping direct sales platforms. Obviously, before you start a dropshipping business, you can choose the type of product niche, you need to consider the products you really want to sell online. Entering the camping market is possible because camping as a huge market and high demand for people should be one of the most promising niche markets in 2019.

Top 4. Hair care products

With a quick glance at Google Trends reveals that hair care is one of the most common niches for people to start their own business. In addition, in 2019, high demand for hair care will last for a long time, or even longer.


We believe that when most people see the word \”hair care\”, the first thing that comes to mind is shampoo. Whether at home or in a beauty salon, people want to wash their hair for a number of reasons, such as oil, sweat, dust or pollen. Most people may have one or more shampoos because of the different types.

In addition, hair care products do not mean shampoo, it also includes hair conditioners, hair dyes, hair straighteners and so on. We can find that shampoos and other hair care products should be purchased repeatedly in daily life, which means that hair care can still be a hot spot for people to start a business, because people use it every day.

Top 5. Baby products

Google Trends shows that the search trend for baby products has increased dramatically in the 14 years since 2004. I believe parents are focused on product quality, including food and daily necessities, which means you need to work with a reliable logistics platform. In addition, it should be mentioned that the target customers in the baby products market are not babies, but parents and family members who buy baby groceries.


Most parents do not change after choosing a baby brand because it involves the health of the baby unless the product has quality problems.

Here are some common categories of baby goods:

a. Baby food;

b. Small accessories;

c. Baby clothing;

d. Baby diapers.

1688 Hot sale goods for shopify dropshipping

  • Sports clothing

People think that sportswear is very popular among customers, especially female customers, because most sportswear is comfortable to wear, they can not only wear it to the gym, but also wear at home. Yoga pants are one of the most popular sportswear on the market today. The picture below is one of the best-selling yoga pants in China. Because it is a wearable product for people doing yoga and other sports, its wide leg silhouette emphasizes comfort.

  • Pets products

The picture above is one of the best-selling pet beds in China 1688 cross border e-commerce market, and can be used by both dogs and cats. It is made of cotton and can be washed, so customers don\’t have to worry about quality.

In addition, the pet bed is not only the only one with higher sales, but also equipped with a leash for pet training. The picture below is an 8 meter long stretchable training leash for medium dogs. It has a 3 meter long belt and a 5 meter retractable rope, and a button that you can press to brake.

  • Campfire

It is believed that there are so many camping products that are necessary for people to camp or hike. I will show you one of the most basic and important examples, that is, the camping lights in China 1688. The camping lights I show here are powered by 3*AA batteries. When you climb a mountain or walk in the mountains, it is very light in the bag. It should be noted that there are many camping products in the current direct selling market, so the choice of unique camping products and unique design can make your dropshipping business profitable.

You are welcome to inquiry if you are shopify sellers and you are planning to dropshipping from China 1688 to make your business profitable in 2019.

How to select goods for shopify dropshipping|25 hotsale goods with thousands of reviews on Amazon

Selecting hotsale goods is really a headache for shopify sellers, sellers good at goods selection know practical selection method to find popular products, but the question is which products of which platforms are worthy of reference and still have good competitiveness and market potential in the next year? Will consumers buy these bestsellers? 

The key to the answer to this question is \”product reviews.\” A good product not only has a good performance in sales, but also has a good performance in terms of comments. Sales are the first weapon to attract customers\’ attention, and positive review is the ultimate weapon for sales convention. Therefore, a product can only have greater sales space and market potential if it meets these two indicators.  The following has compiled the top25 hotsale goods on Amazon (US station). Each product has thousands of positive reviews, which are very popular among consumers. Shopify sellers can use these products as a reference for the 2019 dropshipping goods selection. 

Baebody Retinol Moisture Cream

This face cream product has more than 3,400 reviews and the overall rating is four stars. In addition to retinol and other popular skin care ingredients this year, the highlight of this product is the user-friendly pressure pump design, as well as the product features for all skin moisturizing and brightening.


Ekogrips oven glove

This oven glove has more than 3,300 comments. The rating is as high as 4.4 stars. The reason why this product is popular with consumers is the safe material: no toxic chemicals such as BPA, but the Ekogrips silica gel approved by FDA, heat resistance up to 425 degrees. It can be used directly in an oven, boiling water, or dishwasher.


iPrimio Cat Litter

This best-selling product received a five-star rating from 3,872 consumers. The highlight of this product is the ergonomic design and the use of sturdy cast aluminum and non-stick coatings to help consumers clean the litter box faster and easier. In addition, the perfect size design can be stored directly in the litter box and does not scoop out excess clean litter.


CamKix Smartphone Camera Remote Controller

This product has 4017 reviews and a rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon. The product\’s selling point is the convenient voice-activated camera function, and the effective distance is within 30 feet, which is perfectly compatible with various devices to meet the needs of ordinary consumers for self-portrait or professional shooting.


Aroma Rice Cooker

This rice cooker has 3810 product reviews and a product rating of 4.3 stars. In addition to programming digital controls and six automatic functions, the large capacity of this rice cooker 20 cups of rice and the 15-hour appointment delay feature also attract many consumers.


Elizabeth Mott Cream

This cream has 1898 reviews on Amazon and has a rating of 4.5 stars. This product is specially designed for the needs of oily skin people to maintain their makeup without leaving makeup.


Care Me Electric Exfoliator

This four-star award-winning product has more than 1,900 comments on Amazon. This product perfectly satisfies the lack of time for the beauty of the foot, and the powerful motor can solve the problem of dead skin in just a few minutes. Up to 40 minutes of use time is also very practical.


Lock Laces Accessories

This shoelace accessory has 4.7 stars on Amazon and more than 1,600 comments. This patented product has sold more than 3 million pairs worldwide. The highlight is that the unique elastic structure perfectly fits the curve of the foot and converts the strap shoes directly into a pedal. This easy-to-wear product is also popular with arthritis patients, disabled elderly, autistic children and runners of all ages.


JOTO Waterproof Phone Case

This review of more than 24,000 4.4 star reviews is deeply loved by consumers. This product perfectly solves the pain points of outdoor or underwater photography users: the 6-inch large size meets almost all mobile phones, and it also supports the touch screen function of the mobile phone while being safe and waterproof.


Herstyle shampoo

With over 2,200 reviews, this 4.2-star acclaimed product contains Moroccan essential oil extracts that restore dryness to dry hair, better word of mouth and effects are the reasons for the popularity of the product.


Proraso Shaving Cream

This shaving cream has more than 2,000 reviews and has a product rating of 4.5 stars. In addition to the skin-protecting properties that these products offer, this natural product also brightens the complexion.


Sweet Home Bed Suit

The number of comments on this product is surprisingly more than 30,000, and the rating is 4.4 stars. The highlight of this popular product is the ultra-fine anti-wrinkle and anti-fading fabric, which also maintains a good price/performance ratio (selling less than $25).


Kona 360° BBQ Cleaning Brush

This product has more than 2,500 reviews and a product rating of 4.7 stars. The highlight of this grilling brush is the moderately sized and 360-degree rotatable handle, which improves cleaning speed and durability over conventional products.


Etekcity hanging digital luggage scale

More than 3,700 reviews for this 4.6 star review. This product meets the needs of travellers weighing baggage, with 110-pound capacity, high-precision readings and portability features that make it popular.


YAMIU Shoe Bag

This 4.8-star rated product has more than 1,500 reviews. Its highlights are lightweight heavy-duty nylon and custom-sealed zippers that keep the shoes clean and dry in gyms, wardrobes and more.


Lamora Beauty Eye Brush Set

This eye shadow brush scored 4.7 stars and has 5000+ comments. The highlight of this product is pure handcrafted and easy to use.


Thirty 48 Boat Socks

The number of comments on this pair of socks is over 2,000 and the product rating is up to 4.7 stars. In addition to the silicone non-slip design, this breathable material can also eliminate athlete\’s foot and other issues, meeting the needs of most consumers.


Tend Skin Solutions

This 4.3-star aftershave skin care has 2,378 product reviews and is the number one men\’s aftershave product. This product solves the pain points of men\’s accidental cuts, skin irritation, hair ingrowth, and redness of the skin.


OMOTION Desktop Phone Stand

The 4.9-star cellphone desktop stand has 3,654 product reviews, and its highlight is the perfect compatibility with all sizes of devices, including 10.1-inch tablets or heavier devices. In addition, the design of aluminum material and non-slip silicone pad makes it more practical.


Panda schedule planner

This schedule planner has a score of 4.4 stars and has 1162 comments. The highlight is the scientific time planning page, perfect for work, study or research.


Venture Pal Backpack

With a score of 4,483, this backpack with a score of 4.4 stars has earned a reputation for its high-quality tear-resistant, waterproof material and durable comfort. In addition, its use for a large capacity of up to a week is also a highlight.


Ikee Acrylic Storage Box

The storage box has over 5,700 reviews and a quality rating of 4.3 stars. Its selling point is that the storage space of different sizes perfectly meets the storage needs of a protective product or desktop debris.


RENPHO Handheld Massager

The 4.3-star handheld massager has 1221 comments, and its 3,600 massagers per minute are a good way to relax your muscles and relieve pain.


Still dont know how to select goods for shopify dropshipping? The above products are part of the most popular products on Amazon in 2018, it may give you some ideas.