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China Post Airmail ePacket E-ems which is the best way dropshipping from China

The shipping cost is absolutely one of the biggest concern when dropship from China as the shipping cost doesn\’t cheap. Small business especially the beginners who drop ship from China prefer the cheapest way for goods shipping from China to keep their goods price more competitive. Among all the courier service shipping from China, China post airmail, ePacket and E-ems are the most popular dropshipping delivery courier widely used in the cross border eCommerce business. Which is the best way for goods dropshipping from China among China post airmail, ePacket and E-ems?

Advantages and disadvantages of China post airmail for goods dropshipping from China


Low shipping rates. China post is the cheapest way for goods dropshipping from China, the shipping rates is low and first weight is 50 g, continue weight is 1 g;

Worldwide delivery. China post airmail takes advantage of the post office worldwide to deliver goods, as long as there has a post office near you, the package can be delivered.

multiple dropshipping platform supported. China post airmail currently support Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Wish as well as many dropshipping platforms, small business could import and export orders freely.


Slow delivery. The cons of China post airmail for dropshipping is that the goods delivery usually takes more than 1 month, sometimes it may take around 3 months.

Unstable. Since the delivery takes too long time, the package lost rates is higher than other courier service.

No compensation. You cannot get compensation once the package lost.

In addition, there are also weight volume restrictions for China post airmail dropshipping from China.

Advantages and disadvantages of ePacket for goods dropshipping from China


Affordable. ePacket is designed for cross border dropshipping business. It starts with 50 g then continue with 1 g, the shipping cost as low as 0.02 yuan/g to 0.09 yuan/g based on different countries;

Faster delivery. Compare to China post airmail, ePacket delivery is faster, it usually takes 10 to 20 working days delivery worldwide;

Can be tracked. Like EMS and other courier service, ePacket also have tracking number to track the goods delivery status.

In addition, ePacket can be perfectly integrated with eBay, Wish and Aliexpress platforms, easy to operate.


Country restriction. Currently ePacket only supports goods dropship from China to USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore and other 29 countries, which means it doesn\’t available all countries in the world.

Thus if you want to dropship with ePacket from 1688 and Taobao you should check whether your clients country under ePacket delivery range, also you can select your target clients based on ePacket delivery countries as they are the most active countries dropship from China.

Except the country restriction, there are also weight volume restrictions of ePacket. You may check carefully then confirm goods volume weight before dropshipping.

Advantages and disadvantages of E-ems for goods dropshipping from China

Similar to ePacket, E-ems is also designed for cross border eCommerce shipping from China, but it focuses on heavy weight with large volume goods, it\’s a kind of supplement of ePacket.


Fast delivery. Compare to China post airmail and ePacket, E-ems is the fastest way for goods dropship from China, it usually takes 5 to 10 working days for goods ship worldwide.

Larger weight and volume. Unlike the 2 kg weight restriction of ePacket and China post airmail, E-ems supports 20 kg to 50 kg goods shipping from China with bigger volume.

Besides, it is relatively stable and safe due to its fast delivery compared to China post airmail and ePacket. It also can be integrated with Wish, Shopify and eBay, Aliexpress platforms.


Country restriction. E-ems only supports dropship from China to 18 countries include USA, Canada, UK, Spain, India, Taiwan etc.

High cost. Compared to China post airmail and ePacket, the shipping rates of E-ems is high.

When you choose E-ems dropship from China, you should check its delivery countries and shipping rates to evaluate the dropshipping cost.

After you compared the pros and cons of China post airmail, ePacket and E-ems, you may know the best way for goods dropship from China.

What‘s the best air mail small package service can be used dropshipping from China

The air mail is the most commonly ways for small goods dropshipping from China as it is economical way for goods shipping from China, thus it is widely used by Aliexpress, Amazon, Shopify, Wish and eBay sellers. Lots of dropshippers may wonder how many air mail service available and What‘s the best air mail small package service can be used dropshipping from China.

What is airmail small package?

The airmail small package refers to package weight is less than 2kg, the sum of length, width and height of the package are less than 90 cm and the longest side is less than 60 cm.  The international small parcels are divided into two kinds: ordinary air mail (non-registered) and registered (Registered Air Mail). The former has a lower rate, and China Post does not provide tracking and inquiry services. The latter has a slightly higher rate and can provide online tracking and inquiry services. The electronic products, jewelry accessories, clothing, and crafts that are sold by Aliexpress eBay sellers can be shipped in this way.

At present, the common international small parcel shipping channels are: China Post parcels, Singapore postal parcels, and Hong Kong Post parcels. Among them, the Hongkong Post small package service is the most popular as which is the most stable and the after-sale inquiry is standardized, but the price is high. The price of China Post\’s small parcels is relatively low, but the delivery time is not stable, and the length of post-sale inquiries takes long time and there is basically no compensation for lost package.

China post air mail dropshipping

China Post small parcel service is an international postal parcel service released by China Post and belongs to the category of China Post\’s air parcels. It is an economical international express mail service project. It consists of two services, China Post Registration and normall airmail service.

China post air mail shipping rates

(1)China Post small packages are billed on a piece-by-piece basis. When charging, the world countries are divided into 3 billing areas. Different agents have different discounts and registration fees/processing fees;

(2) The small parcel usually will not generate tariffs or customs clearance fees, but it may generate import tariffs when importing in destination countries, depending on the provisions of the customs tax laws of each country.

China post air mail delivery time

(1) The processing time of the postal parcel agency is different. You can ask when it will be delivered to the China Post Office. The registered postal parcels of China Post can be queried online on the same day.

(2) The specific postal time of China Post parcels must be decided according to the postal processing speeds of various countries and customs clearance. The reference time is as follows:

● 5 to 10 working days to China neighboring countries in Asia;

● 7 to 15 days in major countries in Europe and America;

● 7~30 days in other regions and countries.

But based on our experience it is usually taking longer time.

How to tracking China Post small parcel service?

(1) You can track via China Post official website;

(2) One month after the parcel was sent out, if the customer still hasn\’t received it, the customer can submit the inquiry request to China Post. At the same time, it needs to fill in the post office inquiry form. The post office in China will normally reply in 3-6 months. China Post ordinary parcel does not provide inquiries.

China Post airmail package volume weight restriction

(1) China Post airmail package weight restrition: parcels weight limit weight to 2 kg;

(2) China Post Packet Size Limit:
• Non-cylindrical goods: length + width + height ≤ 90 cm, longest side length ≤ 60 cm, length ≥ 14 cm, width ≥ 9 cm;
• Cylindrical goods: 2* diameter + length ≤ 104 cm, length ≤ 90 cm, 2* diameter + length ≥ 17 cm, length ≥ 10 cm.

Compensation and insurance of China Post airmail package service

(1) The post office shall evaluate the value of the compensation goods according to the declared value, maximum compensation is 311 RMB, the registration fee will not be refunded, and the final compensation amount shall be based on the post office compensation standard;

(2) The post office shall pay 2 or 3 times of the freight shipping fee. The register fee will not be refunded. The final compensation amount shall be based on the post office compensation standard;

3) If the parcel is confirmed as detained by the Customs, the shipping and registration fee will not be refunded.

HongKong Post small package service

The Hongkong Post small package service is an airmail product designed by Hongkong Post for small goods dropshipping from China. It is another international small parcelshipping solution provides for e-commerce sellers. The Hongkong Post packet contains two types of service products, registered mail and postal mail. It is particularly suitable for online sellers to post light weight and small volume items. At present, there are many eBay and Aliexpress sellers in mainland China choose to ship goods from China through Hongkong Post small parcel service.

Advantages of HongKong Post small package service

(1) Affordable. Compared with other courier service (such as EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.), the small package shipping rates has an absolute price advantage;

(2) Fast delivery, low packet loss rates. The packages will be sent to the Hongkong Post Airport Airmail Center without extra forwarding steps, which not only saving delivery time and also reducing the rate of packet loss. The processing time of Hongkong Post parcels only takes 1-3 days, which is far better than China Post registered parcels;

(3) Convenient. Hongkong Post small parcels can deliver products to customers in almost any country or region in the world. As long as there are post offices, they can be delivered, which greatly expands the market space for foreign trade sellers;

(4) The shipping rates is globally uniform, no first weight and continue weight, which greatly simplifies the freight accounting and cost control;

(5) Security. You can inquire about the posting records, the postal status of the tracking mail and the compensation via email. The recipient is required to sign and confirm parcel which is more secure.

HongKong Post air mail shipping rates

You can check the shipping rates on and confirm with agent in China;

Hong Kong postal parcels will not generate tariffs or customs clearance fees, but they may have import duties when they are imported from destination countries, depending on the customs tax regulations of each country.

Volume and weight restriction of HongKong Post Airmail service

weight restriction:
Small parcel weight limit 2 kg, printing goods weight limit 5 kg;

Volume restriction:
Non-cylindrical goods: length + width + height ≤ 90 cm, unilateral length ≤ 60 cm, length ≥ 14 cm, width ≥ 9 cm;

Cylindrical goods: 2* diameter + length ≤ 104 cm, length ≤ 90 cm, 2* diameter + length ≥ 17 cm, length ≥ 10 cm.

Compensation of HongKong Post Airmail service 

(1) You will not be able to obtain compensation for the postal package lost. For example, in Italy, Nigeria and other countries, the packet loss rate is very high. So just use registration or express delivery instead;

(2) HongKong Post Airmail service compensation is according to the declared value of goods, but the maximum value not more than 320HKD, shipping fee will be returned instead of the registration fees;

(3) Hongkong Post parcels temporarily do not provide insurance services.

Singapore Post airmail service

Singapore Post Parcel Service is a global postal parcel service operated by Singapore Post. It includes registration mail and parcel mail. Both Singapore Post and Hong Kong small package service are for small items that can be sent to various postal locations around the world.

Advantages of Singapore Post airmail service

(1) Reasonable price. Compared with other courier service (such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.), the small package service has absolute price advantages;

(2) Courier advantages. Direct flights from Shenzhen to Singapore, and then from Singapore to multiple countries around the world, no need customs clearance in Singapore;

(3) Security. The international parcel service provided by Singapore Post is a world-renowned quality product. It takes only 10 to 18 working days for the normal transit time to arrive in most countries, and low shipping rates, fast and safe.

Shipping rates of Singapore Post airmail service

Postal mail: 100 yuan/kg+2 yuan/piece (processing fee)
Registered mail: 120 yuan/kg+2 yuan/piece (processing fee) +12 yuan/piece (registered fee)

Tariffs, clearance fees, etc.

Singapore postal parcels will not generate tariffs or customs clearance fees, but they may be subject to import tariffs when they are imported from destination countries, depending on the customs tax regulations of each country.

Singapore Post airmail tracking 

The register mail can be tracked on Singapore Post official website while the postal mail cannot being tracked;

If you need to inquire about registered packages, please submit the query request to the agent. The Singapore Post Office usually responds in 2 weeks – 3 months; postal mail does not provide inquiries.

What\’s the advantages of small package service for dropshipping?

It mainly has 3 advantages for airmail service dropshipping from China:

Delivery worldwide. The small parcel service can be sent to almost all countries and regions in the world where there is a post office near you.

Low cost. Compared to other courier services (such as EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.), the small parcel service has an absolute low price advantage. Using this method of delivery can minimize costs and increase price competitiveness.

Simplicity. Air mail service are convenient to hand over, and the shipping rates are uniform globally, without the first and continue weight, which greatly simplifies freight accounting and cost control.





e-ems weight volume restrictions

[[\”Country\”,\”Weight restriction (kg)\”,\”Length restriction (m)\”,\”Length+horizontal perimeter\”],[\”United States\”,\”50\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”],[\”India\”,\”35\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”],[\”South Africa\”,\”30\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”],[\”Russia\”,\”30\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”],[\”Brazil\”,\”30\”,\”1.05\”,\”2\”],[\”Taiwan\”,\”40\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”],[\”Hong Kong\”,\”30\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”],[\”Australia\”,\”20\”,\”1.05\”,\”2\”],[\”Japan\”,\”30\”,\”1.8\”,\”3\”],[\”South Korea\”,\”30\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”],[\”Singapore\”,\”40\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”],[\”England\”,\”30\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”],[\”France\”,\”30\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”],[\”Spain\”,\”20\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”],[\”Netherlands\”,\”30\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”],[\”Canada\”,\”30\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”],[\”Ukraine\”,\”20\”,\”1.05\”,\”2\”],[\”Belarus\”,\”20\”,\”1.5\”,\”3\”]]

shipping rates of e-ems

[[\”Country\”,\”First weight 50g (Yuan)\”,\”Continue weight 50g (Yuan)\”,\”Delivery time\”],[\”United States\”,\”108\”,\”3.5\”,\”5-7 days\”],[\”India\”,\”80\”,\”3\”,\”7 -10 days\”],[\”South Africa\”,\”100\”,\”3\”,\”7-10 days\”],[\”Brazil\”,\”115\”,\”4\”,\”7-10 days\”],[\”Russia\”,\”60\”,\”4\”,\”7-10 days\”],[\”Taiwan\”,\”16\”,\”1\”,\”2 – 4 days\”],[\”Hong Kong\”,\”48\”,\”0.5\”,\”7-10 days\”],[\”Australia\”,\”69\”,\”3\”,\”5 – 7 days\”],[\”Japan\”,\”35\”,\”2\”,\”2 – 4 days\”],[\”South Korea\”,\”35\”,\”2\”,\”2 – 4 days\”],[\”Singapore\”,\”70\”,\”2\”,\”2 – 4 days\”],[\”UK\”,\”70\”,\”2\”,\”5- 7 days\”],[\”France\”,\”105\”,\”2\”,\”5- 7 days\”],[\”Spain\”,\”85 \”,\”3\”,\”5- 7 days\”],[\”Netherlands\”,\”91\”,\”2\”,\”5- 7 days\”],[\”Canada\”,\”105\”,\”3\”,\”5- 7 days\”],[\”Ukraine\”,\”120\”,\”3\”,\”7- 10 days\”],[\”Belarus\”,\”120\”,\”3\”,\”7- 10 days\”],[\”New Zeland\”,\”45\”,\”2.5\”,\”6-8 days\”],[\”Argentina\”,\”90\”,\”3\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Indonesia\”,\”70\”,\”1.2\”,\”3-7 days\”],[\”Philipines\”,\”75\”,\”1.2\”,\”3-7 days\”],[\”Pakistan\”,\”60\”,\”2\”,\”3-7 days\”],[\”Thailand\”,\”70\”,\”1.2\”,\”3-7 days\”],[\”Vietnam\”,\”60\”,\”1.2\”,\”3-7 days\”],[\”Malaysia\”,\”50\”,\”2\”,\”3-7 days\”],[\”Sri lanka\”,\”75\”,\”1.2\”,\”3-7 days\”],[\”Israel \”,\”105\”,\”3\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Saudi Arabic\”,\”90\”,\”2\”,\”7 – 20 days\”],[\”Kazakhstan\”,\”130\”,\”2\”,\”7-20 days\”],[\”Uzbekistan\”,\”85\”,\”2\”,\”7-20 days\”],[\”Mexico\”,\”100\”,\”3\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Oman\”,\”85\”,\”2\”,\”7-20 days\”],[\”United Arab Emirates\”,\”120\”,\”2\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Italy\”,\”130\”,\”2.5\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Germany\”,\”90\”,\”2.5\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Belgium\”,\”105\”,\”2\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Ireland\”,\”130\”,\”2.5\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Denmark \”,\”140\”,\”2.5\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Bulgaria\”,\”90\”,\”2\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Czech Republic\”,\”90\”,\”2.5\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Finland\”,\”130\”,\”2.5\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Greece\”,\”130\”,\”2.5\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Hungary\”,\”130\”,\”2.5\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Poland\”,\”100\”,\”2.5\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Portugal\”,\”100\”,\”2.5\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Sweden\”,\”160\”,\”2\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Switzerland\”,\”160\”,\”2\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Norway\”,\”160\”,\”2.5\”,\”7-15 days\”],[\”Croatia\”,\”90\”,\”2.5\”,\”7-15 days\”]]

Epacket shipping rates

[[\”Country\”,\”Package register fee\”,\”Shipping rates\”,\”First weight restriction\”,\”Delivery time\”],[\”South Korea\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.04 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”5 to 7 days\”],[\”Malaysia\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.04 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”5 to 7 days\”],[\”Singapore\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.04 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”5 to 7 days\”],[\”Greece\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Austria\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Belgium\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Switzerland\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Denmark\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Hungary\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Italy\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Luxembourg\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Netherlands\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Poland\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Turkey\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Finland\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.065 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Ireland\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.065 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Portugal\”,\”19 yuan\”,\”0.065 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Mexico\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.085 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”10 to 15 days\”],[\”Sweden\”,\”19 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”United States\”,\”15 yuan\”,\”0.065 yuan/g\”,\”50g\”,\”10 to 15 days\”],[\”Russia\”,\”17 yuan\”,\”0.055 yuan/g\”,\”50g\”,\”10 to 15 days\”],[\”Japan\”,\”15 yuan\”,\”0.04 yuan/g\”,\”50g\”,\”5 to 10 days\”],[\”New Zealand\”,\”9 yuan \”,\”0.07 yuan/g\”,\”50g\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Brazil\”,\”25 yuan\”,\”0.08 yuan/g\”,\”50g\”,\”10 to 15 days\”],[\”Canada\”,\”19 yuan\”,\”0.065 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”10 to 15 days\”],[\”England\”,\”25yuan\”,\”0.045 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Germany\”,\”19 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”France\”,\”19 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Norway\”,\”19 yuan\”,\”0.065 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Spain\”,\”14 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 12 days\”],[\”Australia\”,\”19 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Hong Kong\”,\”17 yuan\”,\”0.03 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”5 to 7 days\”],[\”Israel\”,\”17 yuan\”,\”0.06 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Saudi Arabic\”,\”26 yuan\”,\”0.05 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”7 to 15 days\”],[\”Thailand\”,\”14 yuan\”,\”0.045 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”5 to 7 days\”],[\”Vietnam\”,\”12 yuan\”,\”0.045 yuan/g\”,\”No\”,\”5 to 7 days\”],[\”Ukraine\”,\”8 yuan\”,\”0.075 yuan/g\”,\”10g\”,\”7 to 15 days\”],[\”Kazakhstan\”,\”8 yuan\”,\”0.07 yuan/g\”,\”50g\”,\”7 to 10 days\”],[\”Indonesia\”,\”14 yuan\”,\”0.045 yuan/g\”,\”50g\”,\”7 to 10 days\”]]