Why quality inspection is so import to dropshipping?

The dropshipping mode decides that the seller do not have stock goods to sell online which means both the dropshipper and client could only made decision by the goods description and photos, unlike the traditional shopping on store, the clients look, touch and even try. If the goods quality cannot meet client expectation they will refund and leave negative reviews which is a disaster for the dropshipping business.

For example, if you dropship from Aliexpress, there has no quality control measures before shipping from China, which often caused paypal dispute, refund and compensation as well as negative reviews on the goods, it not only waste money but also waste energy and affect your sales.

How we quality control goods dropship from 1688 Taobao?

86Deal quality inspection service includes flaw checking, goods attributes checking and simply test to guarantee the goods in goods dropshipping condition.

To ensure goods quality 86Deal warehouse will open goods package to take photos on goods and packaging to confirm with dropshipper. We will check whether the goods has flaws or damage, then confirm if they are in the right size, color and quantity. For the electronic goods, we will test the switch to keep it in good condition.

Due to the quality inspection takes time, 86Deal charge QC fee for the dropshipping goods in our warehouse. And currently 86Deal warehouse only supports simply test on electronic goods just help you make sure it works before shipping from China. There’s no professional inspection service available for the goods performance test as well as goods test that are complicated.

86Deal QC works include:

Flaws checking. We will check if the products have flaws or broken during shipping before uploading the store inventory;

Color, size and quantity check. We will check if the product color, size, quantity to match the orders;

Remove supplier info. We can help you remove the supplier labels, packaging, ads if required.


The products will be repacked with plain packaging bags or customized packaging based on dropshipping requirements, then stick barcode to upload warehouse inventory to the store.