Why you need consolidate service for dropshipping business?

The shipping cost and user experience is one of the biggest concern for cross border eCommerce, lots of Aliexpress dropshipping sellers have multiple suppliers with multiple related goods selling on their shopify store, once clients ordered multiple goods from different suppliers they usually need to receive goods multiple times from different suppliers with extra shipping cost which caused very bad shopping experience.

Once we received goods from different goods from 1688 taobao sellers we will label and stock in the warehouse, then pick up them based on the order on the dropshipping site and consolidate into one package to ship to the clients directly.

Thus consolidation service is essential for 1688 taobao dropshipping business. 86Deal consolidation service will help dropshipper merge multiple goods from different suppliers into one package order, in addition, we will remove packaging and labels from different suppliers to save weight and volume which will not only save shipping cost but also unify the goods label as one supplier to build client trust on your dropshipping business.

In addition, 86Deal also offer label and branding packaging service before order consolidation. We could help clients remove the labels from different suppliers to unify them to convince buyers better. If you have private label for dropshipping business would be even better to marketing your store brand. Besides, you can also customize packaging as well as greeting cards to create unique brands image on your clients which begets a marketing identity and promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty.